Journal of Professor Timothy Eliot : Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

August 13,

3 AM

Hoping world will find out one day, how we battled the Vamwolves. The archenemies joined hands and blood. They developed resistance to sun and silver.

They never thought Emily – one of them would betray them. Together we discovered their weakness in brass. But only the last knob in my desk remains.

8 AM

Emily shared the biggest secret to save humanity. We are about to invoke Devil’s Vortex to pull all of them to hell. Doubt if we would survive.

8 PM

It worked – all gone. We will go soon. Emily revealed that she will finally reunite with her father.


Written for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by ever gracious Rochelle. The rest of the Fictioneers are here -

Its been a crazily hectic weekend. My apologies to all those who liked and commented for not replying to them on time !

Home Sweet Home : Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright-Björn Rudberg

“So far away, are you sure you want the same old one?”
“Yup, it’s too much of work to put up the interior again. “
“But, why on this steep slope?”
“The hill will keep away prying eyes from earth.”
“We are alone here – so why the roads?”
“So that our kids can name it on us.”
“Isn’t it supposed to go up from the road level?”
“I thought, it’s you who love upside down cakes!”

Without further argument, Buzz lowers the box on the ledge and presses the remote button. Their three-storied cliff house comes up on the hill-side of Kepler-186f.


Written for “Friday Fictioneer’s Weekly Challenge” hosted by Rochelle !

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The Game Human’s Play : Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT- Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

PHOTO PROMPT- Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Evelyn was still swiping through pictures on her tab with a content smile. The Langkawi beaches are captivating. On the other side Benji was busy on his PSP, fighting enemy missiles, casting casual glances through the window. It’s a long flight from Amsterdam to Kualalmpur. Hendrik decides to catch a nap till the stewardess comes with next round of refreshment.

“Dad, the missile is gonna hit us.”

“Benji, don’t get over excited with your game”

“No Dad – it’s real”

May day – May day! MH17 is hit – Going down”- pilot’s voice echoed twice in the ATC speakers – followed by static.


Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle !

I guess the inspiration to my this weeks story is obvious. The rest of the Fictioneers are here:

Hot Spice : Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford


The city was up in arms against the hot sauce factory. The smell of hot spices hung heavy over the town and burned the eyes and lungs, specially the kids.

“Councilors – please do something – we know they can’t buy you”

The council met closed-door and came out unanimous – “Shur-Ah-Chuh Sauce will make the city world-famous. They will filter the air in 15 days.”

The night before as the Council members’ had dinner together, they found the secret of Chinese “Shur-Ah-Chuh” sauce on city’s famous Jamaican Cow Cod Soup. Never in life would they spend a penny on Viagra.


This week, I chose to move to a different zone. Tried something new. To better understand the premises you might find these two links useful -

Jamaican Cow Cod Soup

Huff Post News

This was for Friday Fictioneers hosted by ever gracious – Rochelle. Have a look at other great stories through the froggy link below:



Tweedledee : Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Adam Ickes

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Adam Ickes

“I told you not to badger Tweedledee.”

“But Susy – he was chewing off Grampa’s candy weeds!”

“And so you decided to catch him by the horn?”

“Noooooo..– I tried to pull him back by his tail – but he turned…”

“Thank God you ran fast – Tweedledee can surely chase the hell out of you.”

“Yeah I thought Grampa’s store room up the stairs would be safe.”


I smelled you from outside fella! They don’t call me master ram for nothing. I know my head is stuck till Grampa comes to rescue –till then I have enough Candy Weed to chew!


Am back after a week off.. back to my familiar groove of enjoying Friday Fictioneer’s with merry gang of fictioneers. Thanks to our host Rochelle, we have an excellent prompt from fellow fictioneer “Adam Ickes“.

you can catch the rest of the stories from the froggy link below:

The Rising : Friday Fictioneers – 27 June 14

Copyright-Madison Woods

Copyright-Madison Woods

A worried Mr. Trembletrip asks his wife “Where is that troublemaker Snippy? Time to pack and move”

“Oh dear!  Must be with his friends. But why move?”

“Those two-leggers are too close; their dragon-houses are heating up the forest. Too much smoke – too little water.”

“But where will we go?”

“Dunno! The council is arranging the migration.”

“Can’t we call the Sentinel Trees?”

“How? We lost the ‘Horn of Life’ long back.”


Hiding high on one of the sleeping sentinel trees, Snippy steps back and trips on something shaped like an old horn.


The forest echoes with a booming sound. The Sentinel Trees starts stretching their limbs after centuries of sleep.


Written for Friday Fictioneers – hosted by the great Rochelle. One more rerun that I haven’t tried on the first run.

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Broken Firewall : Friday Fictioneers

Copyright -Mary Shipman

Copyright -Mary Shipman

At this rate, it’s just a few days job for Mr. Tsrqponm; to break the firewall separating us from Dimension 5. Tearing fabric of time, this best known criminal brain of 5th dimension, can place all the disasters that have, or are about to happen; at any point of time- one after another, or all together.

Only hope is, if Juno can hack back through that firewall in time.

Frustrated Juno types alphabets – M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T …

A thin smile appears. Juno could see the inventory of Dimension 5 through the holes in the firewall.

The smile broadens as her nemesis breaks through the wall. He hits a few small black holes – Dimension 5 imploded in itself.


Our “Friday Fictioneer” host Rochelle is taking a much deserved break. Though its a repeat prompt from couple of years back, I haven’t written on this one earlier.

And I have taken the liberty of going back to genre am not seeing around for last couple of weeks.

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Smile : Friday Fictioneers

Copyright-Ted Strutz

Copyright-Ted Strutz

“Honey – when are you getting free from your chamber tonight?”

“I have got two more souls sitting outside for me to relieve them from pain.”

“Don’t waste a second after that, I have a surprise for you.”

“You never stop surprising me sugar – do you?”

“How can I not think of the most important person in my life?”

“Even after these five years I do wonder why such a gorgeous and famous news anchor fell in love with me.”

“It was you who made me smile;  no one knew I had a smile before I came to you.”


A different mood this week. Thanks once again to our fabulous host Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers once again!


Cup of Tea : Friday Fictioneers

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

I know they all will die. No matter how many times I marry, no matter how many times I try, house of Kobayashi will not last after me. The “Cup of Tea” will remain untouched and unloved. I outlive all of them as I outlived my beloved Kiku. I even outlived my father’s house along with the whole of Kashiwabara village.

After searching whole of Nippon for love, I sit alone in this barn. While I see them come and go under the silent candles, they will find my remains in my five feet of snow.

I hate them;
The butterflies find their flowers
At will.


Reurning to Friday Fictioneers after taking a break last week I find our wonderful host Rochelle posting a photo-prompt that instantly connects me to my love for Haiku. And what is a better connect than my favorite Haiku master “Issa”. This one is dedicated to him, his life and work

Born as Kobayashi Nobuyuki, Issa is my favorite Haiku master among the Haiku Master quartet. The simple pen name “Issa” roughly meaning “Cup of Tea” wandered through his life in search of love. His haiku poems keep me spellbound as well as with wrenching heart. Some of his greatest works came from his pain –
After returning to his native village and getting some of his inheritance from his stepmother -

“the closer I get
to my village, the more pain…
wild roses”

He wrote after both his first and second born died in a very tender age -

“This dewdrop world –
Is a dewdrop world,
And yet, and yet . . .”

After death of a third child -

“Outliving them,
Outliving them all,-
Ah, the cold!”

and his beloved wife Kiku –

“if only she were here
for me to nag…
tonight’s moon!”

Another, translated by Peter Beilenson with Harry Behn, reads:

“Everything I touch
with tenderness, alas,
pricks like a bramble.”

… and last but not the least if you love Haiku – you may like to visit my poetry blog at – “Rain Starved Clouds”

Jumping the Fence : Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Erin Leary

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Erin Leary

“Fences are to keep you safe, don’t jump them”

“But Dad – how do I learn about what’s on the other side?”

“You need to learn the rules son”

“But what’s more important – rules or ‘to learn’?”

“Too many questions – we’ll be late. Lot of work before we can eat; your sisters may go hungry to bed again.”

He did jump the fence. Sitting by the fireplace he reads the letter.

“Dear Dad,

Am sorry, but I had to jump the fence. And I found the pines with golden acorns. Sending my first haul with Huck, while I stand guard. Get the village folk, there’s plenty for all. No one will go hungry to bed again.

You son”


This 100 word Flash Fiction written for Friday Fictioneers challenge dated 23 May 2014. It’s a weekly challenge organized by Rochelle Wisoff.

I missed FF for 2 weeks  – and missed them bad. Was shunting between cities to take care of ailing mom; finally she is out of hospital and recovering at home !

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First Fire : Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Renee Heath

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Renee Heath


“Did he say how to light?”

“You are the witch, you should know”

“But I tried and tried; even waved my fingers like the wicked witch of the west.”

“Maybe you are trying too hard”

“May be you are right.” Lizzy closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and blew on the candle.

“You did it! You are now a fully capable Witch!”

“Let’s try it again.” Lizzy clapped, grinning ear to ear.

As the kids practiced, downstairs Mrs. Windwhisper was tying a bandage around her husband’s thumb.

“Was it absolutely essential? Flipping the fire-coin through the roof to light your daughter’s  first candle?”


This 100 word Flash Fiction written for Friday Fictioneers challenge dated 2 May 2014. It’s a weekly challenge organized by Rochelle Wisoff.

Initially I thought of posting a poem. But it was written quite sometime back – and a bit longer than 100 word – if you wish you may read it here

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City of Gold : Friday Fictioneers

Copyright – Björn Rudberg

Copyright – Björn Rudberg

The run-down bar in the St. Petersburg is nearly deserted, apart from some late night music enthusiasts.

“You play well lad”, Vladimir quips keeping his lute down.

“Nothing compared to what you played just now” the guy replies. “Whose composition?

“Would you believe if I said it’s mine?”

“Why not, you can mint money with it. With my lyrics – we name it ‘City of Gold’!”

“Don’t be silly. Nobody knows Vladimir Vavilov. And Vladimir doesn’t need money. Music is enough to fill my tummy. If you really want to make money with this – you tell them its “Сanzona by Francesco da Milano”.


And that was the name world came to know the composition – “City of Gold”. It was an instant hit. But Vladimir never reaped the popularity. He was consumed by cancer of pancreas a month before it was released. Like most of his composition he attributed this composition to Italian great de Milano.  The composition again garnered popularity after the rock band Aquarium released it in 1987. It was only in 2000 when the world came to know about Vladimir and his compositions – “City of Gold”.


This 100 word Flash Fiction written for Friday Fictioneers challenge dated 25 April 2014. It’s a weekly challenge organized by Rochelle Wisoff.

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Pineapple Man : Friday Fictioneers 18 April 2014

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

“Ken,  I don’t like mom always telling us to grow up,” little Bo quips sitting on the sofa beside her elder brother.  “I would rather watch Pineapple man cartoons with you.”

I know Bo, but sooner or later, like all grownups, we have to become serious and-” Ken’s explanation is cut short by Bo’s scream.  With the diver helmet still on Pineapple man steps out of the TV.

Ken and Bo huddle in the corner trying to cover themselves up.

The Hawaiian legend Pineapple man walks toward the kids, raises his hand and says -

“It’s a trap – never grow up!”


This week was a bit held up in work and life – sorry for not reading as many stories as I usually do! Hopefully this week I will amend. And yeah – Happy Good Friday and Easter to all my readers. It’s also “New Year” in this part of the world !

100 word Flash Fiction written for Friday Fictioneers challenge dated 18 April 2014. It’s a weekly challenge organized by Rochelle Wisoff.

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Victory : Friday Fictioneers – 11 April 2014


copyright – DLovering


Something is churning inside Miguel’s stomach. He is not sure if it is tension or hunger. He looks up at his baby sister in papi’s arms. Even she it seems is holding back her tears. Papi has not gone to work for nearly a month now, like most others in small town of Novelda. Yet they have all gathered in the town square for the only thing that gives them hope.

Will they – only time can tell; only a few minutes more.

“Gooooooooaaaal” – the tv commentator’s voice ruptured the entire crowd in the town square. Spain is world cup winner!


Spain won the world cup in July 2010 against the backdrop of growing economical and political unrest in most of it’s provinces, and football was definitely one thing that keeps them together.

100 word Flash Fiction written for Friday Fictioneers challenge dated 11 April 2014. It’s a weekly challenge organized by Rochelle Wisoff.

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Leading Lady : Friday Fictioneers – 4 April 2014

copyright-Kent Bonham


Getting late for awards; best actress for her blockbuster murder mystery. Amelia wonders why Stuart called her to dark “Studio 9”. This is where they shot Stuart’s murder scene. She still gets the chill. Her heart barely managed the shock that time.

Startled she turns in horror to see Stuart lurching back; as he collapses on her arms, she sees the knife. Heart pounding louder than carnival drums, she opens her mouth to scream!

The lights switches on – “April Fool”, the entire crew shouts.


It’s been one year since, the entire crew met on the studio floor to remember Amelia on her first death anniversary.


100 word Flash Fiction written for Friday Fictioneers challenge dated 4 April 2014. It’s a weekly challenge organized by Rochelle Wisoff.

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Sao Feng’s Treasure : Friday Fictioneers – 28 March 2014

Copyright-John Nixon

“Perfect Josh, hold it still.”

“Pete, you were right!” Sean screamed. “Two mirrored staffs in the mangrove; Jack Sparrow’s map was right; they point there on sea.”

“Sao Feng’s treasure” Josh could barely hold his excitement. “Dive Pete, find what’s below! We have beaten ‘Curse of Calypso’.”

“Yup! All alive and about to be rich”, Pete screamed and ran to take the dive.

After an agonizing wait – Pete came up, Sao Feng’s gold dagger in his fist.

“Sean, where’s Josh?”

“Dunno Pete, my eyes were fixed on the pointer. Josh was behind!” Sean’s voice trembled.

Calypso? Or 2 shares are better than…


100 word Flash Fiction written for Friday Fictioneers challenge dated 28 March 2014. It’s a weekly challenge organized by Rochelle Wisoff.

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Mystery Lift : Friday Fictioneers : 21 March 2014

Copyright -Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Copyright -Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The staircase around lift cage seems locked in time. A calendar on its wall had just one sheet – “AgAust 1953”, the month and year his Vernian grandfather disappeared.

The calendar – at first it seemed a misspelled month – or is it?

And why just opposite to those two ornamental pieces on the lift-cage?

“Silver” and “Gold”, that’s Ag and Au on the periodic table? Ag-Au-St?

He pulled the golden amulet – didn’t budge.

A pull on the silver ring, and it folded down around the golden amulet.

A ring announced the arrival of an unseen lift– two levers inside marked “Charlie’s Chocolate Factory” & “Center of Earth”.


100 word Flash Fiction written for Friday Fictioneers challenge dated 21 March 2014. It’s a weekly challenge organized by Rochelle Wisoff.

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Friday Fictioneers 14 March 2014 : Green Pollution

copyright – Adam Ickes

“Dad, I am scared! There is so much green.”

“Don’t worry son, I am with you. Just stick to the fenced path.”

“But those creepers are climbing on the path – there see-“

“Stick to the middle sonny. Just a few more Hematite for dinner and we are done.”

“Dad, how did it get so green?”

“It’s those earthlings; since they came, they have spread these greens all over our planet. Few red pyramids are all that’s red left in our red planet. If anything goes wrong – you know where to go. We can still see the red pyramid from here.”


100 word Flash Fiction written for Friday Fictioneers challenge dated 14 March 2014. It’s a weekly challenge organized by Rochelle Wisoff. This weeks challenge posed a difficulty in understanding the image. What looked like a red pyramid when the image is small came out to be the top of the canopy when seen in full size. But I decided to stick to the image that appeared to me on first look.

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Disappearing Gold : Friday Fictioneers!

FF:7th march – Copyright – Danny Bowman

Twenty more cauldrons of gold coins got delivered today. McWhiskey counted them, added to his tally and told Paikei and Tazingo to put them in the vault.

The world gold market was spooked. The prices skyrocketed, as gold from the safest vaults kept on disappearing. Only clue was a ten feet wide patch of loose earth replacing the strongest of floors.

McWhiskey rose to his watch tower and peered with satisfaction to the new extended vault that has taken shape of a mini hill. The leprechaun gold vault guarded by trolls looked safe from his watch tower next to it.


Written for the Friday Fictioneer’s Challenge – get the details at Rochelle’s blog !

In the Haystack : Friday Fictioneers!

Copyright -Sandra Crook

Professor Bhaskar was shouting on his wife – “Famous scientist Aryabhatta found the truth of the twelve famous Shiva temples in India. The dome-shaped idols were God’s power generators, kept dormant by an invisible connecting fiber plasma cable. He replaced a decayed connector about to break, unleashing twelve mini Suns on earth.

The connector having life of 1.5 millennia is about to break in a day, and I had the replacement he left on my table. And yes that is why I am leaving tomorrow.”

“You mean the needle inside the glass bottle? I dropped it while using it in the balcony; that tractor carrying the haystacks was passing below. “


Written for Friday Fictioneers! Challange 28 February 2014

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