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Oath of The Vayuputras

The Oath of the Vayuputras (Shiva Trilogy, #3)The Oath of the Vayuputras by Amish Tripathi

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Was waiting for it for months – but am sad to say Amish lost his speed. At time it seemed he was too much interested in making the ends of the puzzle meet. And at times it tended becoming a movie script with details of each costume than the action unfolding.

Yet it was definitely easy read – takes the trilogy to a justified end and has the flavor of Amish and Shiva connection.

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Light Heart

Was a tad over busy this week; hardly got time to come on my own space, leavce alone to fellow spacers. A few might be angry, and felt a few might do with with some lighter stuff. At least I was freaking on them on saturday. Also wanted to keep someone a bit more light, knowing it will be doing good to the gloomy mood. So just a bit of sharing thats all –


Ek baar Santa Gangubai ke ghar jaata hai aur darwaza knock karta hai.
Gangubai: Kaun ?

Santa: Main !

Gangubai: Main kaun?

Santa: Tu Gangubai



Santa & Banta were going with their friend on one scooter & a traffic cop tried to stop them.
Santa said: Sorry bhaji, already 3 baithe hain bilkul bhi jagah nahin hai



Santa was getting bitten by mosquitoes the whole night. He got irritated… drank poison & said, Ab kaato saalon, sab maroge!



Santa breaks an egg to make an omelet. He finds the egg empty. Gets frustrated & says: Aaj kal murguian bhi abortion karati hain



Banta ped pe chada to upar baithey Bandar ne poocha: Upar kyon aaya?

Banta: Apple khane.

Bandar: Yeh to aam ka ped hai.

Banta: Pata hai, Apple saath laya hoon.



Q: How do you recognize Santa’s son, Pappu, in School?

A: He is the one who erases the books when the teacher erases the board.


Petrol ke rate badhne par Santa bola: "Menu koi farak nahin penda. Pehle bhi 100 ka bharwata tha ab bhi 100 ka bharwata hoon."