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Bhuley Bisre Geet

Bhuley Bisre geet at BBRRIndia – Thats "Bindaas Best & Really Rottens" !

BBRR is Back

Hi Folks!!

Its BBRR times once more. After deliberating and procrastinating for quite some times, finally I have put together the BBRR in a way I always wanted. Take some time out and have a look. And let those bouquets and brickbats rain freely.. waiting to see all of you there..


Bindaas Best & Really Rottens, year 1 Volume 4

So its time for another round of BBRR – “Bindaas Best &
Really Rotten”. I thought with one of the biggest sporting event of the world I
will be witnessing a flood of new flicks to feast on. But nopes, I am a bit
disappointed. There was not only a drought of new ones, but even the ones that
came were pretty disappointing. However will be listing them as they are. And
again, these are the ones that I liked or hated, so…

Bindaas Best

  1. Adidas
    – “Impossible is Nothing”

The one and only one that really kicked
me. Jose(pronounced ‘Hosae’) +10 – impossible is nothing. Just a twist in the
usual tag line, but the visual and concept – made me go ga ga. The laugh with
the call of “Beckenbauer”, the young beck jogging in to give a look of
disbelief! The argument of the goal or no goal and then icing on the cake the
call from mother for Jose and the game ending – “impossible is nothing”. How
close it is to the childhood fantasies we had… “Marvelouse”

  1. Dettol
    – Cricket Field, Football recovery

For quite some time now, each
Dettol advert has touched me, so did these two. Though the cricket field one is
the more aired one, I liked the football recovery from the water tank too. The
look of the children after achieving the feat on the cricket field and the
victory smile when the ball is rescued, both makes you smile with pride.

  1. Limca

Still the winner in the soft drink
adverts by an arms length. None of the other ones has put as good impression as
this one. So fresh and the tune so chirpy that you feel like humming it. And
may be the wet, rainy effect does the trick on me; however I like it and like
it very much.

  1. Fiat

I think I somehow have missed this
one earlier. It cam quite some time back, but being aired again recently. So I
thought about making amend to my mistake. It’s the one with the harrowed petrol
pump guy midst of no-where trying to sell gas to the Palio drivers, and they
asking for everything from direction to the loo, but petrol. Finally one asks
for petrol, and says “Do Rupayeka Dena!” – for his lighter. Good one!

I should mention about the recent
Ford Fiesta advert  – “Train se jayenge
– Go Fida”. Abhi has his killer attitude, and the advert is snappy; lots of
people complains that there is only Abhi and no product in the advert – yet I
liked it.

  1. Coca
    Cola – Amir Khan

Well, though not as much as the
Limca one and neither as much as the lot that cam earlier from Amir, this one
is one of the better ones. At least from the soft drinks group. So it stays – that’s

  1. Mrs.

Ooooooh! Ok, once more – oooooooh!
I just cant stop; like it or not, I love the manes of the females of my
species, and the connections it creates are all close to my heart. So –

That’s it – no more in the Bindaas
group this time. Lemme know if I have missed any!

Really Rotten

  1. Pepsi

Nice concept – bakwas treatment.
The marketing concept might be cool and fetch some mileage for Pepsi, but the
creative department must have been on a holiday trip to chaibasa or murambawa
(I know chaibasa, don’t ask me where Murambawa is!). Apart from Priyanka’s
hair, you only have to subject your self to torture!

  1. Tea
    Board of India

Again a nice concept, but what are
these? In some of the flicks, I am sure people would like to be a coffee
drinker instead. Tea board should be cautious or they would be doing some free
advertisement for the coffee sellers. I like my tea, so am fairly disappointed.

  1. Sprite

Yuckie! Again I love Sprite (drink
most of all the Soft Drinks) – and don’t care if Sania wears the nose ring
because she hasn’t got a wedding ring yet. Again I remember those wonderful
sprite ads that made me like it… where are those creative teams?

  1. Fastrack
    – Library

Well I still liked the first one
for the uniqueness of the treatment. But this one is “Zzimply Zzilly”. The
attempt of guys using the books for air is far far below than the “yess sir”.

  1. Indica
    V2 – Diesel

Did you see this one? The one which
starts with the man going for fishing! When this one started I sat up to watch
it, expecting something really fab; and then a shattering anticlimax. Just hope
that the it disappears as fast as it shows that it moves.

  1. Cream

Most of the celebrity adverts fall
flat on their face; but a lift from the Kwality Walls advert? I was wondering
what happened here? Even the recent overtly suggestive Corneto advert is better
than this one.

  1. Clinic
    All Clear – Ice Cool

They may be the hottest pain on the
big screen, but they can not create the magic on the small screen for Clinic
All Clear. Hair turning into ice? Last time I saw it was in Titanic, when
da-Caprio dies and sunk. Oh yes its also a regular scene with Johnny Bravo
though – John Abraham hopes to be Johnny Bravo?

  1. 7 up

I hope Fido doesn’t commit suicide
watching himself with the dumbo babe of bollywood. I fully agree that the curvy
bottle of 7 Up is much better than the dumb damsel – but can we have this one
off the air ASAP? I feel sad for Fido!

Other mentions –

Very few other mentions this time too. Well I saw the recent
Moto Slim advert with Abhi. Again, its too much to have Abhi’s charm on the
small screen, but at least they have scored better than the Fiesta advert with
Abhi. But, then it still can not compete with the top Bindaas ones.


Bindaas Best & Really Rottens, year 1 Volume 3

So it was a long time since I updated. As I said, I was working hard; working hard both at work and at home to find some time to catch the adverts on TV. Real tough yaar, given that most of the time that I am at home I am either sleeping or trying to keep it liveable. Anyways, finally its done, the third edition of BBRR


Bindaas Best



  1. State Bank Debit Card

This is the one where the ex pocket is shown laboring his day and night for a dry piece of bread. Much debated, but the idea is a real marvel; keeps u guessing and guessing till the last line. An execution and finish that all agencies should feel proud of.


  1. Hutch – don’t shoot / ringtones


Another feather in the Hutches crown. The public service messages not only make it mark, but will always be remembered for its wit. I agree they might not be for the general public, but are suddenly treats for all thinking minds. At times I wondered which is better the face of the kid or the ad itself.


  1. Wheel

Rang – kaun rakhe rang hindusthan ka rang – a riot of colors! A virtual spring fest of India. Visual appeal, mixed with the flavor of nationalism – a heady mix I must say. I saw another similar one – and was waiting to catch it again! I think  it was for LIC, but never found it again. It was the only one which could have given a fight to this one.


  1. Voltas AC

Again a heady mix of emotion and simplicity. India the common factor. Can you ignore such a simple yet bright face? Is their a possible replacement? What I also liked is the control of the emotion that’s put into it.


  1. Limca

In the hordes of soft drinks ads, once ad stands tall. No swipe at others, no hip jerks and no sickly whistling. Its pure idea and mindful visualization. It not only fresh but makes u fresh too…


  1. Nirodh

“Amma kahat rehil, tohar muskan bahut khilaniya hey”… if one has not seen it, I feel one should. This is one ad that touched my heart. If – only if, we men folk could show such compassion, everytime, all of us.


  1. Mrs. Marino

Love of hair – I can connect to that. Emotions behind them too! The old man taking care of his wife, and the guy flirting with hairs on the next chair in the meeting room – somehow I could connect; maybe some more of us can do that too.


  1. Safola gold

Samosaaaaaa… samosaaaaa! Butter chicken – butterchicken; excercising while cursing all the good foods – and instant attention grabber. And keeps me stuck on till the very end; liked the concept… may be because I like all those food too!


  1. Fevicol – Rajasthani Mothers baby control

Still there – still liking it; as we all like the Fevicol ads and salute O&M team for their ideas.


  1. Times Now

Again excellent use of surprise and shock…each comment makes you wonder, if you have not already seen the advert. And culminating it with the “I just scaled Mount Everest” by a old lady – one really needs to feel the experience. Just one question, do we always need to feel all the news that way?




Really Rotten

  1. Pepsi TV

People are still not sure whether Pepsi is really coming out with a channel, or not, I waited for it. But I guess they should reveal it quick, I am tired of watching the bums only. Can we actually see what is this all about?


  1. Coke – Aish

I guess even couple of my female class mates from college can do a better whistling than this. Its dubbing after all isn’t it, so couldn’t we had a better version. And as some of my fellow spacey mentioned, even if we had a few handsome hunks, may be some of our female members cud have also enjoyed it?


  1. Compaq Pressario

I mean what is this? I read about it on the paper, and then was trying to catch it on the channels – but King Khan proved once more, however successful he might be on big screen, when it comes to adverts, Shahrukh never fails to dish out a pathetic sample.


  1. 7 up

I love the drink and I used to love Fido, right from the very beginning when he appeared on screen. But Fido, you too have fallen, this one is not acceptable at no standard from you.


  1. Fructis Long n Strong

Well I always have a long tresses, and I agree the team did a good job with its texture too, but what the hell? Pulling off the railing? The hair not only looks awfully artificial with its straight cut at the bottom, but the question I had is what happened then? I mean she tore out the part of the railing and continued her walk? With the part of the railing still hanging? She didn’t take it off? Is it her secret of long hair – to weigh it down?


  1. Aveo

Was it the Rani Mukherjee effect? Well Saif’s solo ads are not that bad? Or are they planning for a joint movie? So there was a compulsion of appearing together?


Other mentions –


There are a few other mentions. Though I didn’t feel they are the class which can make their way to the top or the bottom, I liked their ideas. Some like the Orbits’s “Man is a social animal” and “its still working” or the Happydents – “eeshmaile – Heee ha ha” quite corny; and some like the Indica V2 Xeta, inspite of having a good idea didn’t get off the ground. And of course there are Reliance’s newest one – “Chowbey – tera phone” I like the smile on the face of Chowbey.


Oh BTW, I found one TV program, that I like watching. AXN, Wednusday, 10 PM, worlds most amazing adverts. Though I agree that some I miss because of the language barriers, but still there are quite a few that’s zzzzimply amazing!!




A late update: Just saw exclusive preview of Pepsi TV ad (

Also I missed "Chota nawab ka salana kartab" – Asian Paints – exterior emulsion…

Bindaas Best, Really Rottens, Yr1:Vol2

So here it comes, the next volume of my Advert List. As you friends know these aremy choices and my preferences.

Bindaas Best

  1. Naukri – Hari Sadu

One of the best Naukri ads. Though most are good, but u just can stop laughing once u have seen this one. I am sure people having such Boss would always remember the name Hari Sadu if not anything else.


  1. Femina

Audrey Mayben, Sheetal Malhar and Megha Kawale – should I say more. The story of aspirations – ‘can do’ attitude. Zimply Zuperb!!


  1. Parle Crackjack – Back to school

Main tiffin nahi lati thi, Zaroorat hi nahi thi! – three friends remembering the good old days of school and the girl revealing that she was the tiffin chor –

“Parle Krackjack. Duniya ka pehla sweet and salty biscuit. 1972 se aaj tak, aapka favourite.” – and my favorite ad


  1. Alto

Just cant get enough of the tune. It really takes you off!


  1. Kit kat – kissing the bride

I guess everyone has seen this one where the main character takes benefit of the hoopla to kiss the ‘bride to be’ in the restaurant. Love the ad just for the ingenious opportunism


  1. Daag Achchhe heyn

Though it’s a lift from Persil (check but the treatment and indianization is cool. Has lots of feel good factor.


  1. Aditya Birla Group

The one with four people at four parts in the world awakened by the man in water. Then the water, Sand, Fire and Leaves come together to show the internationalization of Aditya Birla group. The visual appeal is too good to resist.


  1. Fevicol – Rajasthani Mothers baby control

The newest entry of the Fevicol’s pet theme of sticking everything together. The Rajasthani mother uses the drum of Fevicol to make her child sit tight. Ingenious as always. But saying that, aren’t they getting a bit cliché? A bit predictable altogether?


  1. Titan Wall Street

As always Amir scores on a TVC. Brilliant concept and verrry well executed. The second part, where the candidate asks “Sir, mera kaam kya hey?” and Amir responds with the clicks of stapler – zzzzuperb!


  1.  Nescafe Three in One

Three friends, living together, starting a day. One of the newest adverts – feeling good about it.


Really Rottens


  1. Parle Digestive Marie – Anti Marie Bureau

Bad bad move. Starting it with some hint of excitement, then what they do? Oh my god!! Kajol falling flat in this one too!


  1. Lux Celebration – Kareena’s Chocolate lick

I know females believe in lot of crazy stuff when it comes to their beauty, but are they so dumb to fall for this one? Chocolates? And that too not inside ur mouth but on body? What a waste? Or do they let the males lick it off her? Shahid – will u let us? But first will I be interested – nooo, not from Kareena.


  1. Airtel – Sharukh flicks

The "Naaji" ones! Anyone who has heard the initially released Radio version, where all the flicks are with two Surds, will vouch how better those ones are. We all know King Khan loves to overact – but this much? Sharukh once again falls flat on TVCs.


  1. Pepsi Café Chino

The punch line is “Kick of cola, with kiss of coffee”; to show the kick of cola, Priyanka Chopra actually has to kick the male model? How dumb a visualizer can be? I think the leading ladies of Bollywood are falling flat like ninepins.


  1. Tata Indicom true paid

What is this? No I mean what the hell is this? May be they are scoring with their target market – but by acting like idiots? Anyways I think the less I say about this one – the better


  1. Maha Munch

The leading lady falling flat – another example; nothing much than a “Bhand” is what Rani looks like in this one

Add Addendum…

Yesterday evening I was just thinking that I have missed the Master Card advert campaign, “There are some things money cant buy…”; all of their adverts focused on some sort of relationship, I really love all of them.


Just them I swathe newest edition of the SBI campaign on services offered by SBI, “bet lara tha…har gaya…” The one with pappad belna was kinda OK, but this one where guy was forced to wax his leges… good one yaar ! I thought I must include this one on my list. More so because it held the suspense till the end, why the guy was shrieking while trying to engage into a conversation with the pretty face sitting next… cool one

Bindaas Bests and Really Rottens

I think it’s the awakening of the child within. T much of crap and emotion has flown on these pages. Needs to breath a bit now; so I decided to talk about one of my favorite pass times- looking at Television commercials. Over the ages they have vastly matured, and we have come far from the ages of Vicco Vajradanti and Nirma ads to the ones we see today. However its not that all f them are lookable. But still, there are so many good one that I feel there should be a dedicated channel for adverts only. And by god, if someone can come up with that, I am sure its going to be one of the most successful one. Tons f viewers from audience like me, and lots of money as there will be no money spent to get content, all advertisers will pay for themselves.


So fuel the idea a bit more I will start listing the bests and rottens from now onward. This is my list, my favorites, based on my likings. All readers are welcome to comment, and remind me about the one that I forget or tell me about the new ones that I have missed.


So here it goes…. Year 1, Vol. 1  of “Bindaas Bests & Really Rottens”


Bindaas Bests


  1. Alto –“Nakhre Dikhati Bunde..”

The haunting voice of Shobha Mudgal, and the face of the model, and f course the rain and its praise… “boondo me jane kya hey”!!


  1. Prudential ICICI – “Kandhe ko dijiye Pru ICICI ka …”

Most of ICICI ads are excellent, this one is no exception


  1. Coke – “Piyo sar uthake”

Aamir has once again beaten Sharukh in ads. The new coke ad is miles ahead of the pitiful Pepsi ad. All the sequence in the “Sar Uthta hey..” are supey.


  1. Asian Paints

Superb storyline, the amazing kids (I really love the little girl – adorable) and the finish – “chintu, woh subah se kya cutting shutting kiye ja raha hey!!”


  1. Hutch Chhota Recharge

Irfan Khan at his best. The delivery that’s masterpiece and the with a theme “Zara Hutch Key!!”


  1. Airtel – "Dil ki baat kehke to dekho…"

The Airtel adverts of this Genre always look good, and this one is no different. The opening sequence with the two innocent children faces seals the show.


  1. Lifebuoy – “Koi Dar Nahin”

Ads like this should be brainwashed into young minds, only they can teach us lessons.



Really Rottens


  1. Whisper – “Mey Kuch kahoon?”

Pleeeease kuchh mat kaho! And why always it has to be Priya?


  1. Fair and Handsome

I accept that the retro males have this stupid desire to look fair, but this? Isn’t it insulting? Now I guess the males will feel how insulting it is t look at all those fairness cream adverts.


  1. Harpic – “Apne kabhi harpic try kiya”

I think many of us must have cursed Aman Verma (now replaced) for bringing someone dirty toilet right into our living room.


  1. Babool – with Vivek Oberoi

What the hell is that?


  1. Kotak – “If money grew n trees…”

This one is Shilps favourite (??!!). But I agree though started well it has a few rotten concepts we all know.


The list can go on, and will go on…