Bindaas Best & Really Rottens, year 1 Volume 4

So its time for another round of BBRR – “Bindaas Best &
Really Rotten”. I thought with one of the biggest sporting event of the world I
will be witnessing a flood of new flicks to feast on. But nopes, I am a bit
disappointed. There was not only a drought of new ones, but even the ones that
came were pretty disappointing. However will be listing them as they are. And
again, these are the ones that I liked or hated, so…

Bindaas Best

  1. Adidas
    – “Impossible is Nothing”

The one and only one that really kicked
me. Jose(pronounced ‘Hosae’) +10 – impossible is nothing. Just a twist in the
usual tag line, but the visual and concept – made me go ga ga. The laugh with
the call of “Beckenbauer”, the young beck jogging in to give a look of
disbelief! The argument of the goal or no goal and then icing on the cake the
call from mother for Jose and the game ending – “impossible is nothing”. How
close it is to the childhood fantasies we had… “Marvelouse”

  1. Dettol
    – Cricket Field, Football recovery

For quite some time now, each
Dettol advert has touched me, so did these two. Though the cricket field one is
the more aired one, I liked the football recovery from the water tank too. The
look of the children after achieving the feat on the cricket field and the
victory smile when the ball is rescued, both makes you smile with pride.

  1. Limca

Still the winner in the soft drink
adverts by an arms length. None of the other ones has put as good impression as
this one. So fresh and the tune so chirpy that you feel like humming it. And
may be the wet, rainy effect does the trick on me; however I like it and like
it very much.

  1. Fiat

I think I somehow have missed this
one earlier. It cam quite some time back, but being aired again recently. So I
thought about making amend to my mistake. It’s the one with the harrowed petrol
pump guy midst of no-where trying to sell gas to the Palio drivers, and they
asking for everything from direction to the loo, but petrol. Finally one asks
for petrol, and says “Do Rupayeka Dena!” – for his lighter. Good one!

I should mention about the recent
Ford Fiesta advert  – “Train se jayenge
– Go Fida”. Abhi has his killer attitude, and the advert is snappy; lots of
people complains that there is only Abhi and no product in the advert – yet I
liked it.

  1. Coca
    Cola – Amir Khan

Well, though not as much as the
Limca one and neither as much as the lot that cam earlier from Amir, this one
is one of the better ones. At least from the soft drinks group. So it stays – that’s

  1. Mrs.

Ooooooh! Ok, once more – oooooooh!
I just cant stop; like it or not, I love the manes of the females of my
species, and the connections it creates are all close to my heart. So –

That’s it – no more in the Bindaas
group this time. Lemme know if I have missed any!

Really Rotten

  1. Pepsi

Nice concept – bakwas treatment.
The marketing concept might be cool and fetch some mileage for Pepsi, but the
creative department must have been on a holiday trip to chaibasa or murambawa
(I know chaibasa, don’t ask me where Murambawa is!). Apart from Priyanka’s
hair, you only have to subject your self to torture!

  1. Tea
    Board of India

Again a nice concept, but what are
these? In some of the flicks, I am sure people would like to be a coffee
drinker instead. Tea board should be cautious or they would be doing some free
advertisement for the coffee sellers. I like my tea, so am fairly disappointed.

  1. Sprite

Yuckie! Again I love Sprite (drink
most of all the Soft Drinks) – and don’t care if Sania wears the nose ring
because she hasn’t got a wedding ring yet. Again I remember those wonderful
sprite ads that made me like it… where are those creative teams?

  1. Fastrack
    – Library

Well I still liked the first one
for the uniqueness of the treatment. But this one is “Zzimply Zzilly”. The
attempt of guys using the books for air is far far below than the “yess sir”.

  1. Indica
    V2 – Diesel

Did you see this one? The one which
starts with the man going for fishing! When this one started I sat up to watch
it, expecting something really fab; and then a shattering anticlimax. Just hope
that the it disappears as fast as it shows that it moves.

  1. Cream

Most of the celebrity adverts fall
flat on their face; but a lift from the Kwality Walls advert? I was wondering
what happened here? Even the recent overtly suggestive Corneto advert is better
than this one.

  1. Clinic
    All Clear – Ice Cool

They may be the hottest pain on the
big screen, but they can not create the magic on the small screen for Clinic
All Clear. Hair turning into ice? Last time I saw it was in Titanic, when
da-Caprio dies and sunk. Oh yes its also a regular scene with Johnny Bravo
though – John Abraham hopes to be Johnny Bravo?

  1. 7 up

I hope Fido doesn’t commit suicide
watching himself with the dumbo babe of bollywood. I fully agree that the curvy
bottle of 7 Up is much better than the dumb damsel – but can we have this one
off the air ASAP? I feel sad for Fido!

Other mentions –

Very few other mentions this time too. Well I saw the recent
Moto Slim advert with Abhi. Again, its too much to have Abhi’s charm on the
small screen, but at least they have scored better than the Fiesta advert with
Abhi. But, then it still can not compete with the top Bindaas ones.


14 responses to “Bindaas Best & Really Rottens, year 1 Volume 4

  1. *lots of people complains that there is only Abhi and no product in the adver – LOL
    *don’t care if Sania wears the nose ring because she hasn’t got a wedding ring yet- lol again :p Hmmm here i don understand, wen Sania is not interested in acting then y on earth is she into advertisementz:p..oki wateva..
    *m dropping in here after ages i guess :p.. hope ur doing gr8..
    Cyaaa 🙂


  2. its here finally! lol
    havent seen dettol ad haven\’t seen cream bell
    today i saw amitabh\’s everyready new ad…where the short guy turns into a tall guy..made no sense why in the world are they wastin celebrities..its irritating to see the likes of amitabh being TOTALLY wasted among such horrible concepts…right nw i cant remember any but yea as usual am gonna drop in between ads and give my loud opinion 😀


  3. psst..abhi in ANY ad is toooo amazing..
    even if they show him just standing somewhere its more than enough to satisfy us females 😀


  4. Just like to mention a few personal favorites , the Surf sibling duo ,and Anand Rathi .And yes ,I have to agree with Bitter sweet ,you just have to put abahishek any where for the females to be satisfied .
    Thanks for your additions to my space . Ive always been appreciative of your insight.Yes ,I do think being busy is a refuge from facing uncomfortable questions about one self and avoiding the murkier areas we like to brush under the carpet . 


  5. Heylooooossssss…!
    Long time no see,I know and I\’m sorry for not having stopped by earlier,its just that theres sum prob with the comp and spaces get an error each time Iopen them. My space was giving me problemstoo but urs especially used to close down each time i tried to acces it, abhi to i am on jalal\’s laptop ,so its ok.
    Hmmm…ya ur right,and i KNEW i would get that sort of a reaction on what i wrote on men 😛 like DUH! but its just sumthings I\’e learnt,maybe my experiences with \’em werent so gud after all 😛 but of course i don form an opinion with just 2-3 experiences,they\’re just sum things i learnt abt a FEW of men:D
    Anyways,your bindaas list and really rotten was fun to read again,tea drinking wala ad is dumb,i agree with most exept the fast track wala…the whole "fans "concept made me laff,personally i wud\’ve replaced that one with Mrs. Marino wala:P but u like the babes…oops sorri,i mean manes,what can i say…
    Hopefully he will keep this laptop and i shal cont visiting,till then keep writing…
    Take care,will definitelydrop by again.:)


  6. hahahahh brilliant!


  7. hmmm u know what horus its not easy to have life dependent of hopes an dreams…
    Or maybe im becoming a control freak…hmph i dont know..
    u know..i always preach acceptance but i guess its not tht easy…the bloody world is so\’s expected to be in a particular way…why does everyone want a person to fit into that stupid imagined category..its ridiculous and am having a tough time dealing with it..I cant be like the normal girls is not my fault..i have different choices/ideas and it so difficult for people around me to accept that?
    lOL I dunno about the menfolk but aby baby is  like a dreaammm for us 😀


  8. jus saw the adidas wala ad last nite whle watching the WC…simply amazing mus say!!! but have u seen the prequel to that ad….in the same context, wer teh 2 kids are choosing players for their respective teams…thus summoning Zidane, Kaka, Beckham n d likes….very well executed!!!
    n have u seen teh n Anand Rathi ads…gud ones…
    n lol..i agree wid u on 7 Up…Fido mus hav wanted to commit suicide!!
    jus today i read in the nps…that vegetal prices (in mumbai at least) have risen by 50%…coz the rain gods refuse to show up….n the article adjacent to it says that 50 outward bound flights from mumbai have been cancelled due to the rains!! i mean…WOW!!!


  9. :)) BBRR … a wonderful read da … as usual.  


  10. lol….realised u jus \’celebrated\’ ur bday sumtiem recently…hope u had a nice day! i hope u dont get older every bday as the rest of the ppl do…m i rite???
    (amusing that it coincided wid my entry;)…)


  11. hi horus,how are you doing? nice write up and have now understood what BBRR is :-)!!!like the ads you have mentioned barring the aamir khan coke ad..!he has done better!! and the7up ad,well no words, poor fido!!ditto for sprite,sania has an expressionless face!!the indica ad starts well,calm serene enviornment,nice song,man cucing happily looking forward to some fishing..picnic basket included…settles down….whoosh comes the car?or an environment disaster?…
    read your poems,they were wonderful especially the \’24 carat gold\’!  very touching….!you do write well,words just flow…
    take care and happiness always


  12. I was just talking to a friend today about how this season really hasnt seen any good ads. Especially the Indica ad…such a BIG let down…I mean wat?? The car brings a Tsunami?? Y would anyone buy it then. But then this friend said that you know, companies then block slots across all channels and bombard viewers, so brand recall happens just by virtue of frequency. Very sad that ya…
    Limca tops my list of great ads this year, so does that Dettol thing, my kids will be like tht! About Amir..well, I\’d dedicated an entry to that one. And I like the Titan ads with him as well..Quite cool and earnest they are..Not pretentious at all…The Motorola AB ad is fuckall ya…A friend produced it and I know how much he cried to gain creative control…Which makes me think..whats this stupid war between agencies and producers! The product fully suffers just to suffice egos. And junta falls prey to lame communication.
    Anyway, fully agree with the phy-do thing. They should be shot.


  13. Arcopol Chaudhuri

    I wonder how come you missed the Mentos ads once again. And what about the Air Tel B/W ad..the spine chilling one..used to give me gooseflesh. Both these ads are worth a mention.
    Now about the worst ones..I have some nominations…Parker pens…Steel is in..yuck!
    Another sad one is Amity. 40,000 campuses. 400,000 acres. Acres? Hello? Am I a farmer who\’s bothered by acres? Show me something that benefits me… 😛
    PS: Even I share love for that Limca ad…its just so refreshing..
    Feels good to be on Spaces again..although I\’m blogging on Blogspot.


  14. me the bubly gal

    Hmm..that was a cool read.
    Keep up the BBRR Olympiads 😉


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