Add Addendum…

Yesterday evening I was just thinking that I have missed the Master Card advert campaign, “There are some things money cant buy…”; all of their adverts focused on some sort of relationship, I really love all of them.


Just them I swathe newest edition of the SBI campaign on services offered by SBI, “bet lara tha…har gaya…” The one with pappad belna was kinda OK, but this one where guy was forced to wax his leges… good one yaar ! I thought I must include this one on my list. More so because it held the suspense till the end, why the guy was shrieking while trying to engage into a conversation with the pretty face sitting next… cool one

10 responses to “Add Addendum…

  1. oye!!..ya man i totally agree the SBI adds are sexed!!…I mean they seem to grab ones attention..even if u really don care abt home loans….and car loans….I LIKE!..thanks for visiting my peace empathy


  2. ya i too like that master card ad……"nathak sayaa dushman duniya"……………..kinda nice……………..take care my friend n thanks for your ovely comments……………………….God Bless..PS: i have just posted some good pic on God Knows…check it out


  3. Yes yesterday I thought the same thing that u had excluded these two ads…some telepathy btw rainmates here!Yes its not silly -those hidden tears nor their reasons.I indulge in the same routine. yup! such reasons & causes tug at my heart too…cheers to happy hidden tears !icy


  4. It was pretty obv. But then again being a member of the female species I\’m more exposed to such predictable shrieks emanated by first time waxers lol..


  5. Yeah mastercard ads-really nice!sEEM to have missed the SBI i\’ll be hunting for it while channel surfing! Nice list u have up there..though i don\’t think jiyo sar utha ke- doesnt match up to the previous amir khan coke ads! His Innova ad is much better..i think!Living in cal..i\’ve been to bong weddings and yes i Love bong food (only the veg part of it) its totallly yum..Ahh reminded u of ur own wedding?U seem to love ads..are u into advertising?


  6. Oh just read…ur from cal itself! 🙂


  7. Alright Mr. India. haha..though must be in soo many places.Yeah i\’ve seen the ads..didn\’t appeal to me That much as the old coke ads did..- they were a class apart…my fav ad is probably the Tata ad where this kid who is forbidden to meet his neighbour-girl..plants a tree and climbs it as a grown up boy to meet her..


  8. Me too like master card :)i din see SBI tho 😦


  9. Hmmm well if u talk bout EQ then cadbury-the old win hands down! like asian paints chintu ad too! also loved the old "jalebi\’ ad- forgot the product some oil i guess


  10. Gud subject..! the sbi new one wid name chage also a bit diff. i like tht one also… of Tide or some detergent… DAAG ACHCHE HAIN NA…" Maara- Bol sorry…" kids r cute in tht one too….. i want to compliment abt the collection of fotos on ur space… they are amazing….!well m new entrant on blogs… going thru stuff of diff bloggers


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