Bindaas Best, Really Rottens, Yr1:Vol2

So here it comes, the next volume of my Advert List. As you friends know these aremy choices and my preferences.

Bindaas Best

  1. Naukri – Hari Sadu

One of the best Naukri ads. Though most are good, but u just can stop laughing once u have seen this one. I am sure people having such Boss would always remember the name Hari Sadu if not anything else.


  1. Femina

Audrey Mayben, Sheetal Malhar and Megha Kawale – should I say more. The story of aspirations – ‘can do’ attitude. Zimply Zuperb!!


  1. Parle Crackjack – Back to school

Main tiffin nahi lati thi, Zaroorat hi nahi thi! – three friends remembering the good old days of school and the girl revealing that she was the tiffin chor –

“Parle Krackjack. Duniya ka pehla sweet and salty biscuit. 1972 se aaj tak, aapka favourite.” – and my favorite ad


  1. Alto

Just cant get enough of the tune. It really takes you off!


  1. Kit kat – kissing the bride

I guess everyone has seen this one where the main character takes benefit of the hoopla to kiss the ‘bride to be’ in the restaurant. Love the ad just for the ingenious opportunism


  1. Daag Achchhe heyn

Though it’s a lift from Persil (check but the treatment and indianization is cool. Has lots of feel good factor.


  1. Aditya Birla Group

The one with four people at four parts in the world awakened by the man in water. Then the water, Sand, Fire and Leaves come together to show the internationalization of Aditya Birla group. The visual appeal is too good to resist.


  1. Fevicol – Rajasthani Mothers baby control

The newest entry of the Fevicol’s pet theme of sticking everything together. The Rajasthani mother uses the drum of Fevicol to make her child sit tight. Ingenious as always. But saying that, aren’t they getting a bit cliché? A bit predictable altogether?


  1. Titan Wall Street

As always Amir scores on a TVC. Brilliant concept and verrry well executed. The second part, where the candidate asks “Sir, mera kaam kya hey?” and Amir responds with the clicks of stapler – zzzzuperb!


  1.  Nescafe Three in One

Three friends, living together, starting a day. One of the newest adverts – feeling good about it.


Really Rottens


  1. Parle Digestive Marie – Anti Marie Bureau

Bad bad move. Starting it with some hint of excitement, then what they do? Oh my god!! Kajol falling flat in this one too!


  1. Lux Celebration – Kareena’s Chocolate lick

I know females believe in lot of crazy stuff when it comes to their beauty, but are they so dumb to fall for this one? Chocolates? And that too not inside ur mouth but on body? What a waste? Or do they let the males lick it off her? Shahid – will u let us? But first will I be interested – nooo, not from Kareena.


  1. Airtel – Sharukh flicks

The "Naaji" ones! Anyone who has heard the initially released Radio version, where all the flicks are with two Surds, will vouch how better those ones are. We all know King Khan loves to overact – but this much? Sharukh once again falls flat on TVCs.


  1. Pepsi Café Chino

The punch line is “Kick of cola, with kiss of coffee”; to show the kick of cola, Priyanka Chopra actually has to kick the male model? How dumb a visualizer can be? I think the leading ladies of Bollywood are falling flat like ninepins.


  1. Tata Indicom true paid

What is this? No I mean what the hell is this? May be they are scoring with their target market – but by acting like idiots? Anyways I think the less I say about this one – the better


  1. Maha Munch

The leading lady falling flat – another example; nothing much than a “Bhand” is what Rani looks like in this one

19 responses to “Bindaas Best, Really Rottens, Yr1:Vol2

  1. Dude,where's my space? true..but my all time favourit ad has to be the times of india ad…mirajkar and the hockey has SUch a nice sweet feeling about it… damned cute! love the list..and yes..I WAS wondering abt the lux chocolate….hmmmm…Wonder whose bright idea THAT was..


  2. hehe, the pepsi one is pretty funny.
    thanks for the visit and the comment. come back anytime.
    hugs that last,


  3. hey I miss watching Ads on Indian tele scene… do you know of any site where I can see them… wud b cool to see uploaded version. I actually did google it… but looks like somethings even google doesnt have!!


  4. Arcopol Chaudhuri

    Hey there..finally glad to find a space (not the usual website) with some interesting insights on ads. I quite go by your selection and trust me, it is such a joy to see Aamir in those Titan ads. He looks soooooooo handsome. And ya, neither would I like Kareena\’s…..chocolate. (Uff…you filthy thing!) Hehe…great space. I\’ll be visiting.Cheers!


  5. The LIST ROCKS!!
    about kareena and chocolates…issh what a waste…imagine going to so much trouble….so that the guy can lick it off…..
    I would much rather prefer to smear it on the guy…for me to lick it off..LOL


  6. Dipu / Dips,
    Dont know how to tell you! Couldnt comment on your space. So if you come back, try they do put on details of those adverts. But only screenshots, and the copy – some bad alternative I must say…still !


  7. The list is simply great….The naukri ad is my favorite out of all recent ads ….its smart and cool
    The kareena chocolate ad is simply eekkkkks….dirty ugly……its looks quite repulsive …exactly opposite to the feeling it ws supposed to evoke.
    Enjoyed this a lot.
    Mone hochhe tomar bachhara besh shashone thakbe…..hai re bechara der ko hobe…ke jaane! just joking….on a serious note …this is a senstive issue and parents need to think carefully and sensibly on this.


  8. Yup i made pushed me!
    you should make one too mr. horus–its not easy to wonder about yourself and actually pen it down! 😀
    err yes some questions can be silly eg: tata indicom kyun??!! (lol am sorry i know its a bad one but i couldn\’t help it!) just hate that ad!
    haven\’t seen the femina ad…and i HATE srk\’s airtel ad
    can\’t remember any more that u ca add to the list…will come back if i remember ohh have u seen the kotak mahindra coffee ad?
    and yeah i love absolutely LOVE hari sadu ad! its toooo funny!
    err yeah am trying to study (sincerity aint coming easily 😀 )
    think there\’s an overdose of celeb ads..pappu pass ho gaya was nice apart rom that can\’t remember too many good celeb ads of recent times!


  9. sentimental… one is more so than us…but sensetive to privacy…and to remember…that some questions are better left unasked??…can you name anyone else other than a bengali….
    who will walk up to a complete stranger and much did your laptop cost?
    or walk up to an unknown girl and ask..why are you not married yet?
    or are you married ?
    but I still love ourselves..inspite of all our peculiaritis…
    we as people remain true to our heart…and are ruled by heart.


  10. sentimental… one is more so than us…but sensetive to privacy…and to remember…that some questions are better left unasked??…can you name anyone else other than a bengali….
    who will walk up to a complete stranger and much did your laptop cost?
    or walk up to an unknown girl and ask..why are you not married yet?
    or are you married ?
    but I still love ourselves..inspite of all our peculiaritis…
    we as people remain true to our heart…and are ruled by heart.


  11. Arcopol Chaudhuri

    Hey thanx for visiting keep visiting..I\’ll b here too. Btw…after reading your blog last night, all I did today in class during those free minutes was discuss about chocolate soaps and say S-A-D-U with S for shameless…A for arrogant… hehehe…
    Btw…some girls were up for the idea for soaping their bodies with Kareena\’s cream..umm….err…chocolate soap. And some girls were like…\’How can you soap your body with something that\’s waiting to be eaten????!!\’

    Weird. I guess. Just like Lux. Naa idhar ka..naa udhar ka.
    PS: Update karo gajodhar bhaiya!! 😉


  12. I\’m going to agree a 100% with the really rottens this time but a few in bindaas best I do not like…
    Rani looks nothing but fatter after having eate all those munches,Tata Indicom and Kajol,both have lost it for doing such cheapskate ads,Maha MArie…wth is that abt?!!:O
    In the Bindaas Best,I dont quite like the Kit kat ad and the Daag Ache hain Ad,Other than that The Femina ad is AWESUM,The biscuits ad is touching too and The Naukri ad deserves to be #1…
    H for Hitler,A for arrogant…hilarious.
    Take care:)


  13. so i did skim the borders of romaniticism huh??
    aaah good list…do enlighten us more… i totally agree with you on all counts…i somehow looove the nescafe really feel good after watching it right???
    and its time they get rid of that mdh masal ads…lol and speak nothing of those paan ads…yeeeesh


  14. heyy did u see the pizza hut javed jaffrey ad..i thought it was funny!
    that guy is talented


  15. my favourite is also Hari Sadu,and  the Femina ad.The femina ad., has given me some ideas , maybe soon u would see it in one of my blogs in future .Your space is good .Rama Ananth


  16. totally agree wih u on this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the naukri ad..tops the list…..


  17. Hi,
    It does look like ur quite an ad buff, just like I am. Maybe you could drop in and take a look at my blog on Advertising & Communication ( that I update almost everyday. Hope you like some ads here. have a great day. Cheers!


  18. Absofukkinlutely true. And wats uncany is that I had a project on advertising in the new year and I listed these very same ones…Only that I added the HT TVCs to the really rotten and the HT print ones to the \’bindaas best\’ very very strikin images those..Managed to capture Mumbai fabulously. Oh and din add the nescafe one..the messaging is in place yes, but jus din do anything for me…And thought the girl in the balcony angle was too forced/pretentious…And yes..The ultimate rotten ad is the shaahid kapoor clinic allclear one….lets shoot those bastards i tell u…


  19. Oh..and I wont comment on the femina ad..I\’d worked on those creative (yes i\’m showing off) But glad tht u like…


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