Bindaas Best & Really Rottens, year 1 Volume 3

So it was a long time since I updated. As I said, I was working hard; working hard both at work and at home to find some time to catch the adverts on TV. Real tough yaar, given that most of the time that I am at home I am either sleeping or trying to keep it liveable. Anyways, finally its done, the third edition of BBRR


Bindaas Best



  1. State Bank Debit Card

This is the one where the ex pocket is shown laboring his day and night for a dry piece of bread. Much debated, but the idea is a real marvel; keeps u guessing and guessing till the last line. An execution and finish that all agencies should feel proud of.


  1. Hutch – don’t shoot / ringtones


Another feather in the Hutches crown. The public service messages not only make it mark, but will always be remembered for its wit. I agree they might not be for the general public, but are suddenly treats for all thinking minds. At times I wondered which is better the face of the kid or the ad itself.


  1. Wheel

Rang – kaun rakhe rang hindusthan ka rang – a riot of colors! A virtual spring fest of India. Visual appeal, mixed with the flavor of nationalism – a heady mix I must say. I saw another similar one – and was waiting to catch it again! I think  it was for LIC, but never found it again. It was the only one which could have given a fight to this one.


  1. Voltas AC

Again a heady mix of emotion and simplicity. India the common factor. Can you ignore such a simple yet bright face? Is their a possible replacement? What I also liked is the control of the emotion that’s put into it.


  1. Limca

In the hordes of soft drinks ads, once ad stands tall. No swipe at others, no hip jerks and no sickly whistling. Its pure idea and mindful visualization. It not only fresh but makes u fresh too…


  1. Nirodh

“Amma kahat rehil, tohar muskan bahut khilaniya hey”… if one has not seen it, I feel one should. This is one ad that touched my heart. If – only if, we men folk could show such compassion, everytime, all of us.


  1. Mrs. Marino

Love of hair – I can connect to that. Emotions behind them too! The old man taking care of his wife, and the guy flirting with hairs on the next chair in the meeting room – somehow I could connect; maybe some more of us can do that too.


  1. Safola gold

Samosaaaaaa… samosaaaaa! Butter chicken – butterchicken; excercising while cursing all the good foods – and instant attention grabber. And keeps me stuck on till the very end; liked the concept… may be because I like all those food too!


  1. Fevicol – Rajasthani Mothers baby control

Still there – still liking it; as we all like the Fevicol ads and salute O&M team for their ideas.


  1. Times Now

Again excellent use of surprise and shock…each comment makes you wonder, if you have not already seen the advert. And culminating it with the “I just scaled Mount Everest” by a old lady – one really needs to feel the experience. Just one question, do we always need to feel all the news that way?




Really Rotten

  1. Pepsi TV

People are still not sure whether Pepsi is really coming out with a channel, or not, I waited for it. But I guess they should reveal it quick, I am tired of watching the bums only. Can we actually see what is this all about?


  1. Coke – Aish

I guess even couple of my female class mates from college can do a better whistling than this. Its dubbing after all isn’t it, so couldn’t we had a better version. And as some of my fellow spacey mentioned, even if we had a few handsome hunks, may be some of our female members cud have also enjoyed it?


  1. Compaq Pressario

I mean what is this? I read about it on the paper, and then was trying to catch it on the channels – but King Khan proved once more, however successful he might be on big screen, when it comes to adverts, Shahrukh never fails to dish out a pathetic sample.


  1. 7 up

I love the drink and I used to love Fido, right from the very beginning when he appeared on screen. But Fido, you too have fallen, this one is not acceptable at no standard from you.


  1. Fructis Long n Strong

Well I always have a long tresses, and I agree the team did a good job with its texture too, but what the hell? Pulling off the railing? The hair not only looks awfully artificial with its straight cut at the bottom, but the question I had is what happened then? I mean she tore out the part of the railing and continued her walk? With the part of the railing still hanging? She didn’t take it off? Is it her secret of long hair – to weigh it down?


  1. Aveo

Was it the Rani Mukherjee effect? Well Saif’s solo ads are not that bad? Or are they planning for a joint movie? So there was a compulsion of appearing together?


Other mentions –


There are a few other mentions. Though I didn’t feel they are the class which can make their way to the top or the bottom, I liked their ideas. Some like the Orbits’s “Man is a social animal” and “its still working” or the Happydents – “eeshmaile – Heee ha ha” quite corny; and some like the Indica V2 Xeta, inspite of having a good idea didn’t get off the ground. And of course there are Reliance’s newest one – “Chowbey – tera phone” I like the smile on the face of Chowbey.


Oh BTW, I found one TV program, that I like watching. AXN, Wednusday, 10 PM, worlds most amazing adverts. Though I agree that some I miss because of the language barriers, but still there are quite a few that’s zzzzimply amazing!!




A late update: Just saw exclusive preview of Pepsi TV ad (

Also I missed "Chota nawab ka salana kartab" – Asian Paints – exterior emulsion…

32 responses to “Bindaas Best & Really Rottens, year 1 Volume 3

  1. agree with you for the one\’s i have noticed … under BBs … wheel & limca and under RRs … Pepsi TV, 7 up & Aveo
    shall keep eyes open for the others mentioned
    good compilation da … keep it up


  2. sigh, i never seem to have time for tv anymore. of course i have to be up with 3 kids in 4 hours so i obviously am not always using my time wisely, lol. usually im not this bad, i think i am just overtired.
    have a great day!
    i linked ya, finally ahve my lists back, yay!
    hugs, michy


  3. i thot the times now ad sucked cos it failed to highlight the product. though the concept was good . hate the in your face -have sex – have -icecream- ad for kwality walls.also the ad for durex extratime – remnds me i m not having sex.


  4. its heree..ok the indica ad SUCKED…that u gotta be dumb line cheeee
    hmmm which limca ad ru talking about…haven\’t seen voltas ac ad too..
    yup i was informed about the show im gonna watch it for sure. thanks for the reminder on ur post 😀
    list looks good…i guess there are some more really bad ones that can be added (strangely i cant remember them lol)..i really like nirodh ad and the wheel ad too..but the hutch ad takes the cake.
    ohh have u seen that ad–that one sugar free…kanta bai mere liye tai chi class chali jao…i like that ad!!


  5. i love this list of yours…for the fact i love watching ads and disecting them too…although these days i hardly get to watch the tube..sigh..
    tht limca ad is fresh isnt it?? in this scorching heat it made me want to just go out and get one for myself… but i was too comfortable at home to actually do tht…;p
    annnnnnd i love those corny ads…lol the orbit one and the happy dent one lol the whole accent and the looser characters…awesome…hehehehe
    sigh they hve pulled fido dido into the world of barely clothed females too…i mean his trademark when he first came out …way back when i was in the 4th grade… was this smart aleck character…unlike normal ppl and totally cooooolllll…..but now…yeeeeeesh….
    good one horus!!!


  6. DeGrinningGranny

    from the "best list" seen just 2..limca and mrs marino…i for sure luv the limca ad…even though i hate the drink..but the ad! amazin..! mrs. marino\’s jingle/music i
    still cant get over that surf ad ..or some detergent ad..the lil dude kickin the mud for the gurl! lol choooo chweeet! luv it!
    and the rotten ones i hav seen(see i hardly get ne indian channels here..watever r there..r the rotten ones..even the channels..other thn the news and the music channels) so seen the rotten ads..and cuz of that..i hav just stopped watchin i hat shahrukh khan ads! i mean..they just dont make ne sense to me! not at all…i dunno wat the hell is this pepsi tv..and even if it is..m not really bothered! cple of bums as u mentioned r gonna b the anchors m sure! n how boring is that??
    P.S cuz one of my frnds cant understand my handwritin at many ppl told me they cant i thot..its not gud!! as simple as that :o)


  7. excellent list dost…
    "Amma kahat rehil, tohar muskan bahut khilaniya hey" ….lol…cant stop laughin… i have just said this line to a few gals here and made them all laughin… u knw when u can bring a naughty wali smile on aglas face… it actually makes me feels so cool…
    anywyas no prob…u can catch us some other time for tht parasailing event..i went there and i really enjoyed it…


  8. DeGrinningGranny

    no no no horus..i certainly dont agree wid the 1st part of yr comment!! ofcourse its yr thinkin..n thats hwy u started bloggin!
    thats wat the article is  talkin abt…acceptin the person as it is! no ifs n buts!! but if u wont accept u as u yrself r..nobody will!!
    hope u understud wat i meant here!
    my cold\’s gone…no fever either..just woke up a week\’s holiday..home alone! country is for a week..


  9. A good critique of the good, bad and the ugly of the ad -mad world. Anyone who is not familiar with the latest ads doing the rounds will be compelled to keep himself or herself after reading your analysis.
    Indian ads have come a long way, some like the Pepsi ad (Kareena and Priyanka Chopra) leave one feeling uncomfortable at the way they kick the guy in the face, while some like th Hutch ads make their statement well.
    Good observations…must forward to the ad companies!


  10. Head Held High

    I liked this. You missed one though- the pidlite advert. Is that even an advert? I just can\’t stand that one ad or whatever it is. And it seems to sense that I don\’t like it, because whenever I put the idiot box on that stupid ad jumps out at me -on almost every friggin\’ channel. Never before have I wanted to scream like a tortured banshee , wave my hands up and down and throw the t.v outta the window.
    Like the happy dent ad the best.
    Btw, I tried the whole burnt potatoes thing. I added a scoop of cheese to it . Brilliant stuff.:) THanks for the suggestion.


  11. how i hate dat aveo ad. i wish they added some sci fi. tech wizardy. adobe after effects. a briiliant soundrack and bakground score. and just one line of copy. not this.


  12. Hmmm i am out of sorts lately not exactly busy….i hope the bees were not too dissapointed… i must make it up to them by providing air conditioned honey chambers..wht do you think??
    i need a break!!…no pun intended,,,:p


  13. heheh.. nice list..
    i love da nirodh ad and da hutch one as well.
    but my fav is fevicol.. rajasthan ad


  14. Lol.awesomeness.


  15. 1-step-at-a-time

    if we are talking about water being the reason why a river exists, it\’s like how you need to be alive to have a life. And while you maybe alive, and there maybe water in the river, it is the substance of your life, or the contents of the water that can change everything.
    that\’s what i believe.
    and yes, you do decide everything in your life. the way you want to live it. the way you want to face situations and win in life. those are choices you make. i believe that everything IS in our hands. when we really truly want to believe this, life sows us the way. and we dont need to take our lives at all. and no, there is no bravery in taking your life. none at all.


  16. awwww….you think i would be an emergency??? cooolllllll…:)
    i feel better already!!!
    the cocnuts can roll around by themselves..too much hve they bothered me with their disgusting sent on disgusting homo sapiens heads…!!


  17. thought i should get back better armed . So these are my favorites –
    LIFEBOUY AD.(NEW)-the little kid is the cos .
    SAMSUNG A.C-loving couples always steal my vote
    IMPERIAL BLUE-men will be men
    NESCAFE CLASSIC-reach out. hmmm.
    CYBERSHOT DIGICAM-the hairstyle one
    ASIAN PAINTS-chote nawab
    GREEN ION LG FRIDGE-has abhishek .ooff.
    HP PAVILON-i like it not sure y.
    AMUL-swad india ka.
    -FAIR &HANDSOME-in age of diminishing gender walls this one sucks.
    –THUMSUP-its just bad with /out akshay
    –JUC UP–with rithik . no comments.
    -CLINIC PLUS SHAMPOO-kid too paka.
    –FRESH GOLD JUICE–wat kinda tagline is that
    –DERMICOOL–previou one was better.


  18. hehe, those ads annoy me. the rotten ones. especially the compaq
    and, hmm.. i tried the closing eyes thing.. i always see two contradictory answers.. :S
    and certainly don\’t get enough  money for shopping 😦
    hehe. thanks though. i liked the comment.:]


  19. Helooo Horus!!!
    Super list…..hate all the ones in ur hate list!!! They really do suck!
    One more ad i recently saw and loved was Airtel….the power of human expression…..where theyshow bits of history…….very good indeed!
    It is sad but true, tht my most favoritest actor…Shahruk Khan is getting into all ads craapy! Sheeh, i wonder wht he\’s doing it!? : S
    Limca wala as is so super fresh!
    Some times i wish to get one of those \’comfortable\’ jobs….food critique, movie reviewer, proof reader, analysing advertisemsnts, travel show host… all the funstuff anf get paid for it!!! I think i will write a blog abt job descriptions sumtime….hmm
    So hows u doing?


  20. Perfect analysis… the Nirodh and Hutch campaing are very good and Pepsi and Coke is a complete washout… Nice 🙂
    Cheers 🙂


  21. didu did u did u did u seee the new airtel ad!!!!!!
    its awesome its awesome its awesommmmeeee
    one raised finger can break a billion hearts, one voice can move a million hearts..etc etc
    awesome awesome


  22. ps: feroze khan kissing fardeen in tht horrid ad is tooo much!!


  23. hey. left a song at aranyapahi s den . dint have the enthu to write it all over. porey bolis kemon.


  24. I hate Aish\’s coke ad and then the Khan duo one too…  Limca is fresh & airtel alws touches a chord.. My eternal favorites remain fevicol ones
    so Indra how have you been??
    So long Horus
    take care


  25. there are more like tht out there??
    your absolutely right…why hve a name?? why have any boundaries…??
     why… i hve no idea…. and i wish there were none… cuz sometimes you might like someone immensely for a day…and it doesnt hve to be wrong…. why a time period even??
    i dont know the you??


  26. yes i know bout living in a moment…. and the closest i came to tht was 12 hours…
    you have sought?? you\’re lucky…i have sought but i hve always turned away from the deliverance at the last minute…maybe i am a coward…. afraid to take the plunge…afraid i might not be able to swim away when i get tired…afraid i may drown….and i dont want to drown…i just want to savour the cool of the water and once refreshed i want to leave….happy and relaxed…
    you know wht i mean?? but rarely do you find a river or sea…tht wont take revenge if you leave…. and thts why these days its better to just admire from afar…


  27. who needs good looking boys, when there\’s ash?


  28. " tohar muskan badi khilariya hai" … still laughin…lol…


  29. Just keeping a promise, my friend. And thanks for all the poetry. Always welcome.


  30. not to be aware that i dint send sms to one bong ,i ensured that i did nt send any to anyone.
    BTW- if i calculate right 7 days has passed since this post.


  31. i dunno horus..reaching out is fine, but reaching out to a new person each time is kinda confusing, cuz u cant expect the same ppl to be there each time. doesn\’t mean tht im dependent on only one person or something, its just…Confusing. child is confused.
    Rabbit\’s msg : me thinks sups is not confused, just a bit scared thats it, she\’s growing up eh horus, what dya think? and yep the faster she adapts the better it is for her isn\’t it? Now she knows that its the transition that matters, and how one copes with it.


  32. Dude,where's my space?

    Yeah I agre with most of them..but COMEON!!! HORUS! You can\’t POSSIBLY have approved of the  VOLTAS ad!!!! I mean INdia ka dil ,India ka AC  Puhleaaase!
    And that silly affected little gal giggling dumbly saying korea ka nahi  wiggling her thumb..bleeaaachhh!!
    Patrotism is brilliant but theres got to be another reason to buy a voltas AC
    I mean like I read somewhere..was that ad released or did it escape?;p


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