Bindaas Bests and Really Rottens

I think it’s the awakening of the child within. T much of crap and emotion has flown on these pages. Needs to breath a bit now; so I decided to talk about one of my favorite pass times- looking at Television commercials. Over the ages they have vastly matured, and we have come far from the ages of Vicco Vajradanti and Nirma ads to the ones we see today. However its not that all f them are lookable. But still, there are so many good one that I feel there should be a dedicated channel for adverts only. And by god, if someone can come up with that, I am sure its going to be one of the most successful one. Tons f viewers from audience like me, and lots of money as there will be no money spent to get content, all advertisers will pay for themselves.


So fuel the idea a bit more I will start listing the bests and rottens from now onward. This is my list, my favorites, based on my likings. All readers are welcome to comment, and remind me about the one that I forget or tell me about the new ones that I have missed.


So here it goes…. Year 1, Vol. 1  of “Bindaas Bests & Really Rottens”


Bindaas Bests


  1. Alto –“Nakhre Dikhati Bunde..”

The haunting voice of Shobha Mudgal, and the face of the model, and f course the rain and its praise… “boondo me jane kya hey”!!


  1. Prudential ICICI – “Kandhe ko dijiye Pru ICICI ka …”

Most of ICICI ads are excellent, this one is no exception


  1. Coke – “Piyo sar uthake”

Aamir has once again beaten Sharukh in ads. The new coke ad is miles ahead of the pitiful Pepsi ad. All the sequence in the “Sar Uthta hey..” are supey.


  1. Asian Paints

Superb storyline, the amazing kids (I really love the little girl – adorable) and the finish – “chintu, woh subah se kya cutting shutting kiye ja raha hey!!”


  1. Hutch Chhota Recharge

Irfan Khan at his best. The delivery that’s masterpiece and the with a theme “Zara Hutch Key!!”


  1. Airtel – "Dil ki baat kehke to dekho…"

The Airtel adverts of this Genre always look good, and this one is no different. The opening sequence with the two innocent children faces seals the show.


  1. Lifebuoy – “Koi Dar Nahin”

Ads like this should be brainwashed into young minds, only they can teach us lessons.



Really Rottens


  1. Whisper – “Mey Kuch kahoon?”

Pleeeease kuchh mat kaho! And why always it has to be Priya?


  1. Fair and Handsome

I accept that the retro males have this stupid desire to look fair, but this? Isn’t it insulting? Now I guess the males will feel how insulting it is t look at all those fairness cream adverts.


  1. Harpic – “Apne kabhi harpic try kiya”

I think many of us must have cursed Aman Verma (now replaced) for bringing someone dirty toilet right into our living room.


  1. Babool – with Vivek Oberoi

What the hell is that?


  1. Kotak – “If money grew n trees…”

This one is Shilps favourite (??!!). But I agree though started well it has a few rotten concepts we all know.


The list can go on, and will go on…

9 responses to “Bindaas Bests and Really Rottens

  1. Well of these I love Airtel the best and as Aamir happens to be a darling so I love coke too ; he surely makes a better statement than Shah Khan any day…But I like Kotak too; really!Yes sir advertising has really come of age and I have always loved watching them since childhood. In fact as a child I doted on them more than the TV programs. Well some ads are surely intelligent.Take careRainmate


  2. Lol………. :0)I really liked ur ad reviews…!I really like irfan\’s hutch ad too…hes very talented..!Altho i like d Kotak ad "if money grew on trees" ad too!Anyhu…thanks for stopping by (after quite a long time :)! )and I agree memories can do blunders and wonders both..altho in my case the former seems to b workin more!


  3. specific reason..was just askin..caoavi..


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  5. hey…thts nice stuff….well ur space rox…keep it up…thnx for da comment…..keep it up…n whn u postin nxt??


  6. lolour fav topic of discussion :)I really the coke concept. Speaks volumes with jes 1 statement.And i still hate kotak ad..grrrr


  7. i really like*


  8. Than you…and yes I m a very contended person;sometimes ppl go as far as telling me that I hv mastered the Art of Living…*I m embarassed telling you this*.As for name icy well just like the feel of glacial ice;its pristine quality..then I aint like ice at all ( m a warm person) but sometimes my glances become real icy when I m perturbed over something and words I cant say no more…hope u understand what I mean…I myself dont…haha.cheers & take careNidhi aka icy aka rainmate


  9. a very fresh blog..different fron all the usual "life sucks" rants.. and all that..god..why cant i ever come out of this self depreciating mode and get to some serious bit of writing..than the usual rants i do at spaces??A.


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