Back once again, after a long hiatus. To a space which started in 2005 with “My Space” and is witness to so many of my transformations; so many highs and lows! So many memories stored in it. So many used to frequent this place. I guess most them are not around anymore. Many of you came to know me personally and hence I was no longer able to share my secrets here. And I miss it!

And the same happened with other platforms too. Facebook has all my relatives and Twitter has my business contacts. I sincerely hope I can be what I am here again. To share my innermost thoughts, my tears and my dreams. A place which will know me as I am and not judge me. A place where I can once again be the 15 year old that I always am. A place where I can proclaim my love for Magic. Where I can ask and get Hugs without thinking who I am giving or getting it from.

And no I have nothing who are around me in the physical world; but they have so many insecurities themselves that there is hardly any space for mine. All who are around looks up to me to be responsible, loving and caring! but the 15 year old needs hugs and cuddle too. The shoulder bearer needs a shoulder too! The Horus needs to soar without the string around its talon. The Rebel needs to shatter all the shackles.

This place has given me redemption – this place has given me the best love I ever imagined possible. This place has the magic to bring to life all that good in my life. Hoping to find the Phoenix to rise once again!

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