To Be Young Again

Like so many others I too dream of being young again! Not to do things differently (well some of them I might, but thats not the main reason), but to experience those rushes again! The “Rush” of having girl look at you approvingly. “Rush” of seeing that girl board the bus again, whose name you never knew. The “Rush” of seeing that one girl in the group you liked look and smile at you! The “Rush” of getting smeared with colors and wish of Happy Holi by a beauty in the neighborhood you never thought could come to you.

Yes, its mostly about Love that I want to re-live again. Not that I am not getting love right now; in fact getting pure unadulterated version of it, but still those “firsts” never seize to haunt you. The first kiss, the first rainy walk under single umbrella, the first bike ride together and first movie holding hands.. All of those and many more had that young Adrenalin rushing. I doubt I can have it at this age. I can still trek 20 km or climb the Skandagiri again at this age, but those dopamine induced surge of serotonin and oxytocin have very little change of coming back.

I guess one needs to find out what one can do that has a flavor or rebellion, taboo-breaking activity that doesn’t threat to break the conformist risk-averse faithful to wife life that the age is comfortable with.

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