Six Scoop Cone : Friday Fictioneers 24 July 2015

PHOTO PROMPT © Dee Lovering PHOTO PROMPT © Dee Lovering

“Joe the Snow”-s ice cream cart bell woke me up.
Just 11 AM.
I slept late last-night at 7.
I could do with a six scoop cone.
But that involves getting out of bed, the jacket, a hike of 20 yards across the park and lots of snow!
How I wish Joe could come to my window to take my order.
The only stuff within reach is the bed-side table, with a clock, match-box, candle, and a glass of water.

Ten minutes and six tries later, people in the park were dowsing the fire on the window curtain. There they are, Bob – the balloon man, two park rangers, a beggar, and “Joe”.

I can beat Garfield hands down any day.

There were 2 plots fighting in my head – one inspired by Rochelle’s weather story the other Garfield. I guess even untiring Rochelle is no match for Garfield. He won and so this is this week’s FF.

For cue of Friday Fictioneers hop on to Rochelle’s den. The rest of the fictions are at the blue froggy link below. 

28 responses to “Six Scoop Cone : Friday Fictioneers 24 July 2015

  1. Anything for icecream 😀 Except perhaps getting out of bed on such a day. 😉 Garfield bows down to your greatness, oh Horus. :mrgreen:


  2. I think non of us would be a mach for Garfield. 😀 Great story!


  3. Interesting take on sloth, but, unfortunately, the Garfield reference escapes me.


  4. LOL. Well crafted story!


  5. Ice Cream…. In the Snow… Hmmmmmm 🙂 Gr8 one


  6. I had to read twice to catch what happened here. What a lazy bloke! I hope that curtain fire was worth it. Thanks for the laugh.



  7. If a six-scoop ice cream cone won’t motivate this character, what will? Oh yeah, a fire… 😉


  8. I’d just reach out of the window, grab a handful of snow and slap a spoonful of jam on it – six times!

    Rosey Pinkerton’s blog


  9. Boy, even I’m not that lazy! The ice cream sounds great.


  10. LOL, that was fun. Great take.


  11. I hope the ice-cream was worth the fire 🙂


  12. I loved reading this. Icecream and Garfield … Quite a creative take on prompt


  13. Ah, a commitment to lazy I can can aspire to… if I could be bothered aspiring.

    Nice work, I chuckled.


  14. Now that’s ingenuity for you. Fun idea. I hope the six scoops were worth the fuss.


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