Switch : Friday Fictioneers 10 July 2015

PHOTO PROMPT © Stephen Baum

PHOTO PROMPT © Stephen Baum

Lucy took a deep breath and closed her eyes, slipping into a trance.

Soon it was that familiar feeling, sound of a hundred footsteps, muffled screams in the dark tunnel. Clutching her father’s hand with all her might, she turns her head, eyes frantically searching for a face.

“Dad, she is lost, we must go back!”

“Come-on child, you wanna live, or die like your weakling mother?”

Father’s sweaty hand was slowly slipping out of her clutch as they emerged from the tunnel.

Watching the gradually falling BP, from the corner of his eyes Dr. Pummel noticed the ‘switch’.

“What’s your name?”

“Lucas, of course”

In his concluding report doctor wrote ‘severe DID’.


With all the tours and work pressure, I was in pain, not being able to write my FF or read any other’s. So made sure I wrote this week. DID  or Dissociative Identity Disorder is one of the most controversial psychiatric disorders. Two very famous cases can be found here. Currently working on a character for my next fiction based on a Hindu mythological personality that can be a classical example of DID.

Written for Friday Fictioneers – where our gracious fellow fictioneer gives us a reason to feel good by expressing ourselves. Rest of the fictions at the link below:

20 responses to “Switch : Friday Fictioneers 10 July 2015

  1. Hmm. Wonder what triggers the switch. High pressure situations perhaps? Read that there’s no surety on how to treat it either. Must be tough on the father, that. Interesting take on the picture. Also looking forward to the mythological take on DID. Will keep an eye out 🙂

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason


    • I guess triggers are also quite elusive – the subconscious and unconscious are still enigma to us. Though it is believed the the primary trigger could be some traumatic experience in the childhood when the mind is quite susceptible.

      Thanks for your comment Vinay – the longer one might take a bit of time… but stay tuned 🙂


  2. The thought of switching like that sounds scary to me.. and a very rare condition I guess…


  3. Fascinating take on the prompt.


  4. Dear Indrajit,

    Unique take on the prompt and a fascinating snippet on DID. Well done.




  5. Yes, unique take on the prompt!


  6. That’s very different – I like it.


  7. It’s a condition I know little about. What interesting insight.

    Rosey Pinkerton’s blog


  8. A nice take. Though I am not sure how it works


  9. Nice. Look forward to reading your take on the Hindu Myhtological character.


  10. An interesting take on the prompt. DID is something I know nothing about so thank you for the information. 🙂


  11. Oh, very intriguing, and that could lead to a lot more story. Great take, and good to see you back. 🙂


  12. Very interesting piece now that I know what DID is. Good job!


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