New Kitchen Garden : Friday Fictioneers 12 June 2015


Half asleep, I picked up the ringing phone; the international number told me it was brother.

“Good evening brother”
“Guess it’s good morning for you; so how do you like the new place.”
“Problem is food –vegetables are alien here; the one I know are difficult to get!”
“Have a kitchen garden – plant them”
“What about spices?”
“Plant them too”
“And then grind-n-mix?”
“Or genetically modify – make then give powdered and mixed spices”
“It’s difficult to get meat too!”
“You can always invent a Meat-Plant”
“With chicken fruit and mincemeat pods?”
“Yeah! And remember to have a pond”
“To water the plants?”
“No silly – for the Fish-Plants”
“Guess you are too sleepy bro – go to sleep”


For a guy who loves to cook – there a too many memories linked to kitchens; some very fond, some even outright romantic! Looking at the prompt, I was sure to write a romantic story – or pick one of my old poems. It took a couple of hours to shake it off and go to a totally different genre!

Written for Friday Fictioneers managed by our gracious host Rochelle!

Rest of the fictions are at the froggy link –

23 responses to “New Kitchen Garden : Friday Fictioneers 12 June 2015

  1. Hehehe! 😀 Nice way to let him know you are sleepy.


  2. Delicious, and no added salted needed.


  3. Ha – sounds like the brothers get along well when half-asleep.


  4. I really think it would be possible to plant a chicken tree… is it a Freudian slip that the brother is a bother in the first sentence?


  5. Caerlynn Nash

    If you can’t find what you want, make it, or grow it, or… Unique response to the prompt. The boys are very inventive for being barely awake.


  6. Very different – good job.


  7. I’m a vegetarian and this gives me pause to think about the kinds of veggies I’m eating! Neat story.

    By the way, in the last line of the 1st paragraph, do mean “brother” or “bother?” I only ask because I had a typo in my submission that someone pointed out and I was happy they did.


  8. Interesting, I thought bother was on purpose, and sleepy responses meant bored, but maybe I read the post wrong. Boy I’ve done that before. Loved your take on it though. Enjoying all the different responses to the same photo! Such fun!


    • Thanks Yolanda – this is partly real; We brothers often used to have nonsensical discussion such as these! but yes your perspective can be apt too for the situation!


  9. He sounds more high than sleepy 🙂


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