Ancient Chemistry : Friday Fictioneers 8May 2015

PHOTO PROMPT – © Madison Woods

PHOTO PROMPT – © Madison Woods

Iron – copper – gold – brass, all in order. Weights of individual elements triple checked. The mixture in the vessel carefully prepared under full moon light. Ramon prays silently and turns the faucet.

After three centuries, his ancestor’s secret is about to come to life.

The next few seconds felt like hours. And then the first drop came out. Drops after drops slowly started filling up the tub kept below; the shining, glowing liquid slowly gelling into a golden solid.

Hidden from his view, the liquid punctured the tub and dripped on the earth below, eating it, creating an ever-increasing void.

The ancient alchemists must be smiling from heaven.


Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle. This week the battle of genre for the story i won by fantasy, defeating humor and sci-fi !

Rest of the fictions are here:

25 responses to “Ancient Chemistry : Friday Fictioneers 8May 2015

  1. Is that an “everything has to be paid for” clause?
    Interesting idea.


  2. The making of gold.. I feel a connection to the (in)famous China Syndrome actually…


  3. Are you sure those ancient alchemists are smiling from ‘heaven’? Nicely done story!


  4. I wonder if the ancient alchemists foresaw the destruction the fulfillment of their work might bring. A golden void…not good.


  5. Sounds like he opened up a real Pandora’s box.


  6. Misplaced joy watching the gold come out.


  7. This doesn’t bode well for Ramon. That’s exciting and imaginative, great story.


  8. Those ancient alchemists are pretty smart! How can I get in touch with them?


  9. Francesca Smith

    A very imaginative take on the prompt. That void sounds like something one would like to avoid.


  10. very nice! Nothing is ever free, I think Ramon is aabout to figure that out


  11. Interesting take on the prompt. Like it!


  12. I like your take on this prompt. Nicely written.


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