The Rising : Friday Fictioneers – 27 June 14

Copyright-Madison Woods

Copyright-Madison Woods

A worried Mr. Trembletrip asks his wife “Where is that troublemaker Snippy? Time to pack and move”

“Oh dear!  Must be with his friends. But why move?”

“Those two-leggers are too close; their dragon-houses are heating up the forest. Too much smoke – too little water.”

“But where will we go?”

“Dunno! The council is arranging the migration.”

“Can’t we call the Sentinel Trees?”

“How? We lost the ‘Horn of Life’ long back.”


Hiding high on one of the sleeping sentinel trees, Snippy steps back and trips on something shaped like an old horn.


The forest echoes with a booming sound. The Sentinel Trees starts stretching their limbs after centuries of sleep.


Written for Friday Fictioneers – hosted by the great Rochelle. One more rerun that I haven’t tried on the first run.

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18 responses to “The Rising : Friday Fictioneers – 27 June 14

  1. This will be sooooooooooooooooo good if it becomes true. Great story Indrajit.


  2. mankind is destoying nature ..


  3. A lucky trip from Snippy and a bit of Ent-feel to your story. Good imagination, Horus.



  4. Yay! Snippy to the rescue! Good story, Horus.


  5. Dear Horus, Great story, the Sentinel Trees see ahead and Snippy saved the day. I love the part that the ‘Horn of Life’ was lost. Excellent! Nan 🙂


  6. And on the trees would roam again.


  7. Indrajit, Well written. I’m glad Snippy found the Horn of Life. Looks like now all will be well. Good story 🙂 —Susan


  8. I love the blase attitude these guys have (well, time to move *shrug*) — although there seems to be so much high drama about to happen.


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