Broken Firewall : Friday Fictioneers

Copyright -Mary Shipman

Copyright -Mary Shipman

At this rate, it’s just a few days job for Mr. Tsrqponm; to break the firewall separating us from Dimension 5. Tearing fabric of time, this best known criminal brain of 5th dimension, can place all the disasters that have, or are about to happen; at any point of time- one after another, or all together.

Only hope is, if Juno can hack back through that firewall in time.

Frustrated Juno types alphabets – M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T …

A thin smile appears. Juno could see the inventory of Dimension 5 through the holes in the firewall.

The smile broadens as her nemesis breaks through the wall. He hits a few small black holes – Dimension 5 imploded in itself.


Our “Friday Fictioneer” host Rochelle is taking a much deserved break. Though its a repeat prompt from couple of years back, I haven’t written on this one earlier.

And I have taken the liberty of going back to genre am not seeing around for last couple of weeks.

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19 responses to “Broken Firewall : Friday Fictioneers

  1. I had some difficulty picturing this story. But it’s different, for sure…


  2. (all the disasters that has I think you mean have) I got a bit lost but loved the idea of Dimension 5


  3. Sounds like a Sci-Fi Salander doing her thing


  4. a surreal and edgy feel to this story


  5. Horus, Very imaginative story. I also had a bit of trouble following all that was happening, but there was a lot of action. Well done. 🙂 —Susan


    • The first free flow draft went up to 230+ and had to go through several clips and snips to bring it down.. I guess that has made it a bit obscure !

      thanks for still appreciating it Susan 🙂


  6. I think maybe Stephen Hawking had a hand in this story. It needs a bit of clarification but there’s a lot of promise here. And I want to meet Juno!


  7. Love it! Destroying a world by time-travelling all past disasters to the present! Cool little story that is crying out to be told in more words. I thought that name was so bizarre… But the password explained why. Of course everyone uses their name backwards for their firewalls! Great job.


    • Ooooh – at least one person got it all right !

      Thanks a ton Jessie – I was about to feel dejected with my writing this week, and you came as a life saver 🙂


  8. I got the story reading Jessie’s comment. I’m not too bright reading science fiction or fantasy but I appreciate the difference and challenge. I feel I am too down to earth, no imagination. I appreciate other people’s imagination.


    • I do agree that while editing to reduce size the meaning has got a bit obacure. Thanks for atill reading and thanks to Jessi for helping you catch the drift 🙂


  9. Dear Horus, I really like the science fiction story. You did a great job! Very interesting the Dimension 5. Nan 🙂


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