Tweedledee : Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Adam Ickes

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Adam Ickes

“I told you not to badger Tweedledee.”

“But Susy – he was chewing off Grampa’s candy weeds!”

“And so you decided to catch him by the horn?”

“Noooooo..– I tried to pull him back by his tail – but he turned…”

“Thank God you ran fast – Tweedledee can surely chase the hell out of you.”

“Yeah I thought Grampa’s store room up the stairs would be safe.”


I smelled you from outside fella! They don’t call me master ram for nothing. I know my head is stuck till Grampa comes to rescue –till then I have enough Candy Weed to chew!


Am back after a week off.. back to my familiar groove of enjoying Friday Fictioneer’s with merry gang of fictioneers. Thanks to our host Rochelle, we have an excellent prompt from fellow fictioneer “Adam Ickes“.

you can catch the rest of the stories from the froggy link below:

17 responses to “Tweedledee : Friday Fictioneers

  1. Haha nice comeback from the ram. Good one.


  2. Loving the picture!!!


  3. I love that the ram gets his say too – but what’s candy weed?


    • Its the sweet weed Grampa and his family loves to chew.. Tweedledee also developed a great affinity to it.. you can see them around Tweedledee’s head in the pic 🙂


  4. Love the twist at the end, Horus. Well done.


  5. Dear Horus, good story! Tweedledee is a great name and I love the idea that they’re stealing all of grandpa’s candy weed! Thanks! Nan 🙂


  6. I smelled you from outside fella! Love this line. I’m sure he’ll be back to chase the hell out of someone else.


  7. Mwaha. This was too cute. Remember, kids, antagonizing animals with large horns is a bad idea.


  8. Candy weed – now legal in Colorado and six other states. Not recommended for pets or humans under the age of 18.


  9. Is candy weed what I think it is? Never heard that term before!


  10. Indrajit, Cute story. If that ram’s horn went through the door, it’s a good thing he didn’t ram one of them. Grandpa must get along with him. Well written. 🙂 —Susan


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