Phoenix’s Flight


They used to say, Laugh, and the world will laugh with you; cry and you will cry alone. Then someone also said, Laugh and the world will laugh with you, cry and the only one listening is the bartender, but only if you are a good tipper. And I say, Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and only your best friend will always listens to you. It’s a boon to have a good friend.


The year that passed was a year of many firsts, many beginnings. Many never before-s, and many germination of new dreams. I started with my walk even before the year started, not knowing my destination. It was a journey for the sake of journey, to keep moving with the motion; moving ahead. Slowly the era of shoulder bearer looking back at the past started finding new ground, the whirlwind that took Dorothy to the magical land, came visiting; and the sceneries started changing fast. He who kept saying “Jaldi ka kaam shaitan ka hota hey” was helplessly looking at event zipping past like it was a view from a super-fast train. Kept trying to slow it down, and trying and trying, and then realizing its not in our hand to maneuver the speed of life and destiny but to flow with it and move to the best possible direction.


And the life started flying, to distant lands, in dreams and in reality. The life started giving the glimpse of future that was just beyond the horizon. The fragrance and colorful glimpses told me, its there- just beyond the reach and I knew which direction to move. The dream turned into hope and hope turned into faith; keeping the faith burning bright, I move ahead.


The phoenix has risen from the ashes. It has not only risen but also spread its wings high and wide, its sight fixed on its destination. The bird knows, as always it has to fly to its destination again, hoping that this time the journey is to its final destination, never to fly alone again. Finding a best friend to laugh and cry with – can there be a better achievement in a year?



10 responses to “Phoenix’s Flight

  1. horuss
    happpy new yeaaar!
    rising up up up…not away i hope?
    lucky you..some of us never seem to realise when we rise and when we fall!


  2. Hugs… ICY ..
    da wind is icy-chillin… 😀 ..
    so m sendin dese warm hugs…4 u!
    thankz 4 ur wishes,
    i jst believ in God…
    n hop he givs me strength n determination to achieve wat my heart longs for!..
    wish u lots f happiness n peace f mind too..!!
    Happy New Year!..


  3. yes one more thing-
    da second stanza of da post is really beautiful!..
    "many beginnings…n not-befores…"..
    n yes thr cant b a better achievement i BET!!… 🙂


  4. nah there cant be a better achievement than this…keep the flames burning bright Horus..rise on!
    Have a Great 2007 and the whole life ahead full of happy moments, reflections, friendships, laughter..
    cheers Horus


  5. Amen!
    One more prayer added to yours…..


  6. My sister used to tell me : Smile and the world with laugh at you.


  7. No there isn\’t.


  8. hmmmm my 180 degree turns are like spring..they spring back to the old state!!


  9. k fine..i admit scared…hve always been like this..probably never realised my own potential…and always underestimated myself…im scared to spring as well…


  10. i know…the gone year was quite eventful for u.
    wishing the best for u in the days to come…good luck 😀
    p.s. i had gur sandesh yesterday from calcutta. have a bengali colleague here 😀


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