To Be – From the Other Side


He was prepared for the snow and the blizzard and the icy winds. But it seems the heart that has started glowing is radiating its warmth. Can the warmth given by a single heart to another change the weather?


He started for the long journey; a journey where the journey was the only thing that mattered. Without a goal, just knowing that he needs to weather the typhoons and famine. Kept the belief on the rains and clouds and running from the cover of one shade of cloud to another. Sometime moving in circles sometime darting blindly. But knew he was doing it because that’s what he was supposed to do.


And the course changed, the storm moved the sand from the map, and the path came to view. The goal slowly lit itself on the horizon. The patchy armor clanked and tinkered, the tattered inner pieces soaked in hoped. A seed of dream germinated, a little plant woke its head in the stony, sandy, dry pastures. The winds of Whispering Shadows sighed; the house in the soothing darkness of the mango grove beside the green pond woke up to light the small oil lamp in its courtyard. It knew someone is about to come.


The wind kept circling, the giant wheel turning, the pendulum kept swinging, from hope to despair and back. He was lucky to have that dream of the goal he has seen. The faith and belief kept him alive as he walked. He knew he would be reaching there; not just because he craved for it, but he dreamt for it with all his life. Even 500 years or five lives is too less to offer. The space and time will give way, and it started giving.


He smelled and felt touched. He listened to the whispers, the warmth of another heart carried him forward. Even sitting halfway across the globe he knew he is moving towards it, right now. The warmth of a heart has changed the weather – its raining when it should have snowed; its warm when it should have been freezing.


Its just the craving that he needs to manage, turn them into dreams and beliefs, to match it with the passion on the other end of the wheel and it will fold. The circle turns into a spiral and it starts to shrink; he is reaching there – to be alive again, to make someone alive again. For the sound that makes one smile, for the touch that knows only to care, to love that only knows to give. Its no longer far but looks right across that border – ever nearing – just needs to reach out and be; its time to be – one.

12 responses to “To Be – From the Other Side

  1. Time for Horus to return!


  2. i guess the grass always seems greener on the other side
    i forgot to give u ur bear hug


  3. "Can the warmth given by a single heart to another change the weather?"
    well my ans is YES!!..
    Hugz ICY..
    The degree of ….feeling….in dis post is too Deep…
    n i mst say,
    though i\’m sensitiv!…but really whtevr is written is Heartfelt …n
    for sure knitten in da subconscious level of mind!..
    nice post!..
    warm Hugs!!..
    Megha.. =)


  4. I hope the lone warrior makes it and becomes one! 🙂
    Y dont u take up professional writing…its so awesome.
    Take care


  5. Inspiring.
    And no! I didn\’t forget!


  6. I have missed out on so much here! Seems long since rainmates connected.. I need time to read all of this.ta come back !
    How have u been Horus?


  7. to be one…in the end that is the ultimate need huh?
    lovely..i loved how you described everything…felt so calm but at the same time you could feel the faint breeze of a storm that may or may not happen..
    and what is horus doing in chicago?
    question: did you not just get back??
    another question: how do ig et your job..:p
    lucky you!!!
    hugs to let you know that there is a summer in winter..or a monsoon as you would prefer it…;)


  8. if warmth is all you feel, is it cold? so warmth can change the weather. \’it\’s all about perception\’


  9. i wait wid arms wide open—


  10. Hmm…i was hoping to read bindas best and really rottens.


  11. I came here. For the pictures. From now on my comments will be only on your pictures.
    I love them more than I like your blogs.
    Takes me to a better place.


  12. HAPPY NEW YR!!!!! 🙂
    Hope u celebrate it in style and have the best yr yet!


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