Was lately pondering upon couple of words, “khushi” and “sukh". And the sate we attain on getting them are “khush” and “sukhi”. And suddenly I noticed its just an I that separates them. Any indication? If we find “khushi” the I is already included; while the sukh is not so. And only if we associate an I with it, it becomes sukhi – the state to attain. Does this mean that we just search for “khushi” we keep inventing ourselves? While we can only become sukhi once we find sukh and associate it with ourselves?


Hmmm! Some will say perspective… from the negative perspective it can also be said the other way round, until and unless we remove I from khushi, we can not be khush, and a sukhi can have sukh only when the I is removed from it. My take? It is exactly that! Only thing is the interpretation. When I am not there in my khusi, I am khush; so it has to be for someone else. And when I have lots of those khusi, I get the sukh from someone else, and as the sukh gets associated with I, we become sukhi.. crazy thought of idle mind? May be!


Similar thoughts were coming for motion and rest. Lots of us, fear the change and prefer to keep standing at one place. Even when we summon some courage to move, we see its taking huge effort to move. While those already moving keep saying its so easy to keep moving. For some of them it even be tougher to stop moving and come to rest.


We learnt something in the school called inertia? It’s that crazy force that keeps the stationary things stationary and moving things on its path? So to change from one state to another we do need to overcome that inertia, and we need some extra effort and energy to pass that. Once we cross that inertia of rest, moving is easy. And movement is life. I started moving a long time back, knowing that I have a destination; and on my way I kept collecting those khushi’s believing that one day I will also find sukh. Along the journey, some people joined, some took energy from my motion and also started moving along. After sometime some found their own way and some reached their destination and stopped. Some still walk with me, a bit unsure if they should walk with me? I say, isn’t it preferable to move than stay stagnated? Walk and see if you can find a new road to your goal? Collect some additional fuel in form of khushi on the way?


Let move, even if we are not sure if its taking us somewhere near the goal, it is better than standing at one place? If not anything we will increase our chances of discovering our route? And the joy of the walk will be free!!!


7 responses to “Walk

  1. walk
    and rearrange
    the dust on roads
    stride through
    wind and rain
    stroll through
    find your peace
    as you walk


  2. well mr horus. Happy new year !


  3. Yeah..changing your current state and at times kicking the dust off yourself is great… but maybe many people aren\’t really comfortable with changing what they already are comfortable with.. its some primal fear… wat if it doesnt work, for most of us, familiarity is a cucoon we never wanna shed. It\’s stupid yes, co if man explored all that he could, the notion of super-heroes would finally come true… But then again..we like to live like ants… blind and clueless…


  4. guess we think alike..I am all for the process of walking..my last entry kinda dwelles on same things u say here!
    hw have u been?
    smiles & walk on because only that matters


  5. I have a friend named Sukhi. He has nice biceps.Oh well. I don\’t mind movement, but I had rather not walk ALL the way 🙂


  6. everybody walking towards sukh and khushi?
    reminds of these words i read at the rear of a lorry- \’ab to kush hain?\’ caught me completely unguarded ! I realized we just keep setting higher goals and ways to attain kushi rather than cherish kushi in the moment. are we mad?


  7. hmm, inertia is such a god word…
    your flight-mate pic, she is adorable for sure.
    so how was your trip? i made a quick scroll down but didnt see a blog about it, of course i could have missed it.
    i hope the new year is treating you well.
    hugs and cheers,


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