Peter – The Bestest Pan

I do believe in fairies, I do, I do
I do believe in fairies, I do, I do
I do believe in fairies, I do, I do

You can never make me a man
I will always be a boy!

Wendy: Will you forget me?
Peter: Me? Forget? – Never!

Wendy: Will you come back?
Peter: in your stories (n dreams) about me!


22 responses to “Peter – The Bestest Pan

  1. dada,
    is it self-assurance? jst got me wondering once again, like i always do…

  2. ur entry reminded me of my frnd…who too jus doesnt wanna grow up!!;) its so fun not being a \’grown up\’ na??
    n ya…i too wait for teh close frnds calls on bdays…but the frnds who arely call n who rarley meet up,…well anyway…it all depends on the MOOD!!

  3. hi,guess so do many of us i guess!starlight star bright,the first star……i wish my wish would come true tonite!!!!

  4. Hi! Sometimes I too dream I am in Neverland like Peter Pan. The bad part of childhood is that one doesn\’t understand it\’s worth at that time. But since time is the reckoner, it is foolish to believe we can be part of the past again…however, there\’s no harm in fantasising once in a while.
    Loved your poem "That\’s What Simon Says". It is the attitude of winners.
    Thanks for dropping by…and I fully agree that football without friends and "adda" is quite "pheeka".
    Have fun too…I think I\’ll be supporting Argentina too!

  5. Window Shopper

    hi brother, belated wishes to you as well. Apparently we share the same day n month.
    But neither did i celebrate nor i could wish you, inspite of remembering your bday.
    on 15th late evening, we go the news that my 14yr old cousin got drowned in the pool.(his family very recently moved to USA, with usual hopes n dreams). I\’d not go into detailsbut then he is critical and on life support even after 4 days of the incident, on a practical notei am prepared for the worse. Hence post 15th evening, everyone in the family has been in thestate of shock and best wishes are somehow just not working right this time.

  6. I guess simon is right!
    Only its not easy to follow what he says 🙂
    ahh peter pan..reminded me of a book i was once was long and thick with the most wonderful illustrations…guess its lost somewhere with the passage of time..

  7. aww u cant wear metals? i think \\metal looks classy…
    not at all..the 3-6-9-12 is what i found most amazing…i prefer watches with numbers instead of those plain ones…loved this one cuz its classy yet stands out..numbers are totally like me..confused and jumbled up ;):)

  8. hey horus..thnks 4 visitin ma page
    well she is recovering, n i do know tht it hurts…
    i couldnt sit next to only for this reason tht her eyes spoke!! n i cud understand tht she was in pain!
    tkcr, will visit ur space soon

  9. hmmmm so u like mor of mutton huh..i go 4 chicken mate..
    so howz life in bangalore…itz rainin here in delhi…pleasant weather!!!
    i hav lived my childhood 2 da fairy plz show me all da phases of life …haha..
    keep smilin 🙂

  10. hey ..
    peter pan has always been one of my fav stories..i even saw da movie again that day…
    wish  i cud go wid peter to neverland *sigh*
    neway…seeing movies like these always makes u wish that u never grow and remain a 8yr old kid forever…
    keep bloggin

  11. Hello Horus, how are you
    hey I too I believe in fairies but the prob is that there\’s none in my blog hehe!!! ah yes yes thee\’s a poem lol
    anyway i like the way you write thingsss dear yes it\’s true as always i\’ve missed many entries fioouuu as i\’m in hollidays waiting foer exams results i think instead of bying books i\’ll come here to read!!!
    take care

  12. belief is very important da.  as someone said … belief strengthens faith and faith strengthens belief …

  13. oh god , whenever i go to kolkatta by train … we always reach in early morn rite? so the night be4 in da train, wen were passing thru tha rural parts of bengal, ekhunobdi ami fireflies gulo dekhle hi bhabhi that one of them just might b peters litlle fairy  who will probably gve me some PIXIE DUST !!!
    u were right, however annoying mothers can be, nothin can comapre to the satisfaction u get wen u fall asleep on her lap at the end of the day!
    anyway … thnx for droppin by..
    good to knw u dont believe in growing up..NEITHER DO I…
    anyway… any specific reason y u names urself horus?? how old r u neway??
    keep droppin by my blog wenevr u free
    ami aschi

  14. this messy mess
    this hellish hell
    these teary tears
    this hurting heart.
    where did i go so wrong?
    i need to stand in front of the mirror more often

  15. well…
    thats nice that u love all these… new… but yes.. interesting!!!
    well, yes, that happned in real and i\’m glad that u feel proud …
    c ya!!

  16. woh hansi jo motio ke haar se saji
    lag rahi thi kuch dabi dabi
    motio se chamakte nayan
    chuppa rahe the gehre raaz sabhi…
    woh khwaish bhari nighayien
    shayad badalna chhahe
    ki sapane bane haqueekat
    aur tanha no ho lambhi rahien..
    yeh mushkil hain
    pur namumkin nahin
    pakad mein hai
    pahunch ke bahaar nahi…
    hi horus,how are you doing? the rain gods have visited the capital finally :-)!!and we have got some rain.
    i enjoy the depth and pure feelings in your writings
    tc and happiness always

  17. tantalizing-teen

    I guess growing old or not is only a state of mind….
    One will always  grow old …physically…dats unavoidable…
    But mentally one can always preserve d \’kid\’ part all along….

    D Neverland is rightly…. ur mindset….
    N ya…I do believe in fairies, I do, I do…
    p.s:Drop by my blog sumtime…

  18. Helloo horus do u know wht? i\’ve stolen one of ur pics lol and see wht i\’ve done clik here
     hope you\’ll like it…
    Bye bye ^^

  19. Peter Pan!! My favouritest guy ever! I\’m makin my guy get hair like his (and thts not kinky ok)…But it would eb soooo much funn na to have a personal very own neverland!!! sigh (looks on into space with loony dreamy look)
    Hee Hee

  20. Horus?
    thank You.

  21. aab ess nayee baarish mein
    lekar dekho sans
    enn se samet lo abhi
    zindagi ki nayee aas
    subah ab doorr nahi
    jab takk hai uski kashish
    har hoti nahin
    jab tak burquaar hai koshish……
    tc and happiness always,looking forward to your updates

  22. and da … I am enjoying reading it 🙂

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