Thats What Simon Says

Some move with the world as it moves,

Some always steady even when the whole world sways;

Some change with the changing seasons,

Some with their believe and faith stays;

And that’s what Simon says!


It’s our choice that with the shining sun,

We gather all we can make all our hays;

We can run through path made by others,

Or cut through the forest to make our own ways;

And that’s what Simon says!


One can sit back lost and tired,

Or run to life in blinding haze;

One can curse his luck and cry alone,

Or keep trying with heart n soul unfazed;

And that’s what Simon says!


One can play into the hands of life,

Or defy the game that life plays;

One can try to just live off the moments,

Or live all the moments those make your days;

And that’s what Simon says!


14 responses to “Thats What Simon Says

  1. Simon says one should try and be merry in life and live it nicely like good people…ok that was five year old me talking..apologies for subjecting you to her…
    About Love me two times..arrey its tht song na…was goin on in my head…so put that as a title..

  2. hey…so wich part of simon\’s advice do u follow? movin as the world moves or being steady in ur rhythm or changing wid the seasons…
    i like curiosity kills the cat wala…cool…but for mouseless piting device (laptop i assume), the headline cudhave been better…like \’ i ate ur mate!\’..or watever…jus came to my mind…
    n the mouse one..welll..ur guessa int correct…try again..n try the bill one too…
    btw..u into advtg?? jus wondering

  3. dhaara jalebi wala ad…i simply luv it man….especially that famous line..\’haa..magar bees pachees saal baad…\’jus too gud..i too use it sumtimes 😉

  4. u doin…
    well v can run thru paths made frm others OR IF U WANT 2 MAKE UR DREAMZ COME TRUE,
    keep smilin:-)

  5. Well! Simon is reiterating the things v already know but when facing a
    crisis these things slip out of our mind! So all we need to do is
    implement these when required….and keep up our spirits even when we
    are beset by setbacks…As they say, "Happiness is not the absence of
    problems". So just got to keep our chin up and smile thru the
    trials….and not an artificial one….but the kind of smile Smita
    has….genuine..rite from the heart … dil se!

  6. hi…
    well i liked da spellin pujaaa more than puja…itz jst in da space else itz puja only officially..
    keep smilin!!!

  7. wow…a channel dedicated to ads…i wud surely be a guaranteed viewer…coz the only time i watch tv, i swap the channels wen the program starts;) are more interesting!!!

  8. umm i want to do ALL of this!

  9. i hav been 2 bangalore once bt nvr had da taste of itz rain..heard itz awesome wen it rainz in bangalore it???
    hey do u knw how 2 cook or wat, jst inquistive 2 knw ….and ya biryani was delicious..hmmmm mouth waterin…
    merko toh chicken biryani jada pasand hai, guess u like mor of mutton huh….
    keep smilin 🙂

  10. nice space !!

  11. great stuff. simon is a genius.hehe.

  12. hi…how r u …. so r u enjoyin bangalore\’s rain…. the weather is no doubt gud but i think still the only gud thing in banaglor is me…:P….lol……. anyways… so hows life..and hope things r goin gud at u r side….

  13. one can live life as it comes
    or try and pave a new way
    one can embrace the litle joys
    or let the very spirit ebb away
    its all in the the hands,to go or to to stay…….

  14. kaash aur hamesha ke beech
    kashmash ki deewar hai
    jisko paar karna kya dil bequarkaar hai?
    jo hua woh beeti lambi kali raat ai
    jo shayad karvat le chuki hai kabhi
    laana chhahati hee hai ek subah nayee
    baarish ki boondo ne bhi nayi zindagi jagayee
    jeevan ke shabdkosh mein ek naya matlab dikhyaee?…

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