Thundering start and an end without climax

Another weekend came and gone; already in the mid week though. But it was a weekend that started with a bang and then slipped off without even letting you feel it. Saturday evening was my niece Honey’s b’day. I missed her sister Tia’s b’day too a few weeks back. So she was already angry, had to appease her too. A good sixty minutes of search at Crossword, picked couple of books for each of them and reached RSI. And then fun – my another niece Panna was also there; we played and played and had fun; first we played house-house, then shop-shop and robber-robber. We had a mock food fight, robbed all the banks in the country – even Richi Rich; had three pit full of treasures. One filled with money, one gold and the last one with diamonds. We had an automatic warning system that not only alerts us about approaching policemen but traps them and puts them in the prison too! It was FUN with not only a capital F but a capital U and capital N too!


Came back late at night and then before I realized it was Sunday afternoon… slept blissfully. I was badly hoping to put the blames of all the unfinished chores on someone else. Pffffzzzt!  No one turned up, so went into a audit to find out the absolute essential chores, reviewed the refrigerated stockpile – enough to make me survive till mid week (oh its already here!). Cleanup – not absolute essential, can still find out my limbs! Washing – uh oh! Crisis – so the only work left was that, after four rounds of the machine the ordeal ended. Chose some food from the stock – TV on, games on, comics on, and I switched off – when I don’t know.



Oh, btw! She came! With smiles ripping the sky, twirling sandy skirts, she came dancing. I walked in the evening, hand in hand, inhaling the smell that announces her arrival. I listened while she kept on chattering, soothing me with her kiss and love. I knew the weekend can not be bad!




15 responses to “Thundering start and an end without climax

  1. that little kid gabdu (hope i spelt it right) is such a darling… U sure had a good weekend 🙂

  2. this Tia is sho shweet..
    Lucky Horus! She came visiting you..
    In BTW I still would like to know things from you as how can I freelance? Do I have the reqd talent Horus? I aint really sure .
    take care
    P.S. The students are real devils but innocent; getting attached to me & I try to tell them so many things beyond books & encourage them surpass themselves..hope I make difference to their lives.

  3. ya my head is fine now..thank  you 🙂

  4. lovely kids….wonderful..nieces…..
    so you had FUN….
    Chores and clean ups??? what\’s that?
    It is going to get as back in the same position within a short span….so why bother?
    and got a visit from rain too…bliss…

  5. So much funnnn..I love playing with kids…I\’m sure I\’ll have mine soon (despite of what that astrologer said) And who is SHE??? That was a rhetoric ok, so dont get offended and all..I jus couldn resist the temptation of askin that corny question… BTW, I saw Walk the Line today, hated it..Whats with all the oscar movies this year!!! And do u think Joaquin Phoenix looks like shammi kapoor??

  6. KIDS!

  7. Dont you just the rain ?? People around me grumble… I cant understand why ? They seemed to have lost connection to the good earth… Your nieces are very sweet…. kemon aachho ??

  8. Thanks Horus! It\’s gladdening to know that the world is FULL of anti-terrorism supporters, and I\’m sure we\’ll wipe out these demons (the terrorists)one day, by sheer peace and goodwill.
    You seem to be a very family kind of person, who cares for all his near and dear ones. It\’s wonderful to know that there are people like you still who take time out to celebrate their nieces\’ b\’days.
    The Human Touch is what the world is lacking.
    Take care and keep blogging!

  9. aaaah house-house, robber-robber and more fantasy land adventures….to go back in time once more….
    i am right now re-enacting lord of the rings with my 3 yr old niece who is a huge fan of the movie…the only problem is she wants me to be an orc…grrrr or if we re-enact chronicles of narnia she wants me to the white witch..which is better than the orcs but why why why am i cast as the bad person??
    i am deeply intrested in your well stocked fridge..;p
    the comment was beautiful..deserves to be published… the phoenix may arise but it is the ashes that there is tranquility…. the curse and maybe boon of a phoenix is it will never die… i shed tears at the thought…
    it is better to be unknown and remain yourself than be known and become someone else….

  10. The rains were such a pleasant suprise!! Loved the thunder and yes the smell of earth!! Heavenly!!

  11. Wow, another cartoon addict!! I love watching Disney and Pogo too!! I watch Just for laughs with my mum and we laugh our hearts out!!

  12. wow and you read that behind a bus???….interesting….
    i guess along with the sudden showers of mother nature another self also let loose the torrents ….hopefully at the end we do get to see the rainbow… and life begins again…

  13. oh and the kids are adorable!!! you can see the word naughty written across their face…..!!!
    the papaya looks like gruyere cheese lol

  14. i am J and not just J in caps but J.E.A.L.O.U.S  all in caps..
    i want to play with!!!

  15. loved the poetry you left on mystical night pixie\’s space.

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