Do we really Know – What is Time?

This is one question that never leaves my mind; day in and day out, it keeps revolving. I read some, I thought some, I have even told about it to a number of people; but still there is no actual answer to it.


Last weekend I bought a load of DC and Marvel comics. Didn’t get enough time to read them during the weekend, so the reading continued during the week. Most of them was on the Zero hour and the legion of superheroes trying to reestablish the fabric of time and existence. May be this thing triggered the thoughts again. Though it was something I have been really immersed in since couple of months, somehow I was moving away. But the comics were able to turn the mood back, even after having one of the most rubbish nonsense dialogue with my Bro… I guess I will put that entry up sometime too! I guess Prof. Hawkins also had its role, putting those fantastic physicist’s and philosophical ideas into my mind…



So what is time? A scientific definition will look something like: “Time is a human perception defined as the length of an interval separating two points on a non-spatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.” The important words here are human perceptionand apparently irreversible”. It is also perceived as the fourth dimension. Now, now, a new angle – time is also a dimension, like length breadth and height. So it must also have a co-ordinate to show a particular object or events location in space. Whoa, another important word – so time is related to space.


Yes, it is more or less accepted now that time is a dimension and part of the space. But if it is a dimension, if it has a co-ordinate, then shouldn’t it also have a negative value? Or at least cant we move across the time just like we move from one point to another on a three dimensional plane? Wait, wait – aren’t we moving too fast? Even if we don’t, time is. So is it a constant flow as we measure with our watches? Same for every one? Again a fascinating fact – time is not constant, it is affected by gravitational force. Means the time for us is faster than a person sitting on top of a mountain. If we accept “black holes”  exists, then if we from here look at a person on the event horizon (black hole’s perimeter), to us it will seem like taking eternally long time to move, whereas for the person on the event horizon its an infinitesimally small time. And then? Inside the black hole (Gravity pull infinite) time and space merges – meaning the time does not exist at all!


Too much isn’t it? We see time as linear, physics tells it is curved! But effectively what physics accepts that in principle it can be reversed. On the other hand, there is a the "Big Bang" theory. The universe was born from a single point with the biggest bang possible and since then its scattering. The time of the big bang – is known as Time Zero – the beginning of time. But how can something keep on expanding without creating a void (space is not void – by the way). So it is believed that after a particular time the void being created at the center will start pulling everything back. So the nights will start becoming brighter and brighter – until we reach back to that single point – Time Zero – the next big bang and it will continue. Isn’t there a fallacy? How can we have multiple Time Zero? Either its not time zero or its time zero no. “something”. Ok accepted! But this means – the entire universe has born and collapsed again and again? Solar system –earth – life – you – me – all created and then destroyed! Again and again? Does this mean I have written this piece and will be writing this again and again? "Cycles of Time"? Some Physicists accepts this one too! Even going further – all these cycles coexists in a pool of n’th dimension, with small variations in each cycle.


Determinism” tells that whatever is going to happen is already decided, but some philosophers and physicists say whatever action by us is possible exists in some time cycle, and we move from one to another by the actions we chose to take. Only if we knew whats is going to be the future like in that different time cycles, then we could have made the decisions to move from one to another depending upon our free will. Amazingly, isn’t there something common between this line of thought and theology? Isn’t this the same that all religious books say? A cycle of time – the judgment day (end of time?), a new beginning (time Zero?), rebirths (existence on different time cycle?).


I know we all think about these stuff, and we know so little. Even the topmost scientist know so little. They know some things about space and time, and something about the particles that make this space (quark), but still not able to merge them together. I guess its still some distance to go before we are able to unravel the mystery of time. But – most of the physicist and theories had their womb in philosophy. First we need to think, dream and then only we can apply some math and observations to prove it. So for now all we can do is to think and dream – what is it? What is time? Can it be reversed? Can we move across it? What will happen if we move across and change it? Is everything pre-configured? Or can we change it? If we change something – wont it effect the rest of the world? Wont it create to much chaos? Will it destroy the fabric of time and space?


14 responses to “Do we really Know – What is Time?

  1. As far as out perception goes, time is nothing but a measurement of the increase in the entropy of the universe. Remember that since the Big Bang entropy is constantly increasing and is the one frame of reference for this notion.That\’s one of the reasons why time travel is not possible in the conventional sense, it is not possible to reverse entropy.
    However, if you accept the quantum physics notion of the multiverse then things get interesting as far as time is concerned.
    Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan, Stephen W Hawking explain it better.


  2. As J said, its what you want to believe or is it what is it? Whether time is an quantum unit or irreversible measure?
    I heard bout a theory, called navel theory or something of that effect. Its goes like: Memories are preset -> If Adam and Eve are first human beings, how did they had navel. So the theory goes like…memory is preset and programmed in to us. We all live in Matrix. Yeah, heard it in a pub alrite 🙂
    Interestingly, if we were able to time travel – wont a change in constant affect everything else in the world? Ripples the effect on every possible inter-related events?


  3. Read Stephen Hawking. Theres no one to explain it better….
    kemon aachho ?


  4. time…
    there can be a milion theories and scientifical calculation to prove what time is… the milky way as we know it might have been created from the big bang..which i personally believe in "and it was created from a common particle which we clove asunder" from our scriptures… on creatoin of the universe…
    when we talk bout time..usually people relalte it to the gmt… the 24 hours.. but that is to  look at time in the less say bottom rung of the chain…. as you said it has a co- ordinate with space..our journey throught the universe…and scientist based on a single journey around the sun have tried their best to divide time into standard numericals which we can live by…since one thing about humans we need to have something factual.. for eg when we say one,,, we have to be able to show a symbol for and exactly the amount..or otherwise the number one would have on value… i dont think  i can explain this properly…talk bout being inarticulate… what i am trying to say is when we say time…we need to say something more for eg 12:00 and add a pm or am to that and also the coordinates of the sun or moon…depending on what calendar you follow.. but when you say you didnt have enough time to read you even take into consideration these numbers?? isnt it more to do with your movement through spacee..and how much you can cover?? hmmm i think i should stop now..i wont make head or tail of it right now…
    take care..and a great topic….


  5. where am i?
    i see words related to science, studies, out of that zome now
    will be back to read it with more concentration!
    lolz ur waiting for happy-sad-problems??
    i wish i never had them 😦
    but yeah if somebody could help me concentrate i\’d be REALLY greatful


  6. Time is evrlasting and yet not infinite ….
    So much for my theory and take on it…sometimes when u need it the most,it\’s never available and other times when u dont want it, it\’s always by ur side, somewhat like a friend 😛
    Nice research work monseiur.
    Take care:)


  7. time….
    something I am always short off…
    with so much to do…
    so much to see..
    so many places to visit..
    so many emotions to be experienced..
    so many relations to be lived…
    so many books to be read
    I am critically short of time…


  8. In my opinion, something as basic as time can be fully explained not through physics, but through philosophy.
    No negative value for time has yet been obtained, but you must be knowing that an object moving at the speed of light is able to stop time.
    Physics says it\’s not possible to reach the velocity of light, but I know another secret little way in which I can stop time. It will become known to all someday, even to you, but by then you would be grown up enough not to want to use it to get back to the good old school days. You\’ll also forget by then that I ever said this.
    All this makes no sense to you, because I am not talking science. I\’m talking philosophy. If you can get your hands on Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach, do it. It may be able to solve your problems. There\’s a quote in it: " conquer time, and all you have left is now". I understand what it means. That\’s why I know how to stop time. Hope you\’ll find out the meanings for yourself.
    There are very few decisions we consciously make in our lives except for these crossroads where we are to choose between time-cycles. That is all our role in life and universe, that is all our significance. That is us. The rest is a controlling system. You believe you are making your own decisions, but you are not. It\’s your conventions and ideas and experience that influence it, not a totally newborn decision out of the core of your soul at that very moment.
    You are gifted. Keep thinking. Don\’t lose it. Contact me in my space.


  9. New years, holidays, festivals…all the same for everyone but humans. Time bound, we.


  10. Pre configured? To me Space is #$%#$ up. BY whom? By people in my sector of the galaxy. But whats important is eventually i"ll come tops. And da people who are now on da dark side will be non existant. Time to me is change. Change to me is LIFE. I hate this change. But i can\’t escape it and nor can my ship. Time and Space wait for no one.


  11. DeGrinningGranny

    hey no probs horus…even m not too gud wid keepin track of the blogs that i used to visit..been busy n all!
    hmm..thought provokin post! deep thinkin.. interestin yet complicated! wish i had done is soo interestin..n this is quite informative also..but i think i need a re-read of this post! shall come back again…tomm! cya till thn…


  12. peye gacho  paints gulo…
    are koyekta to…..choto…
    ami to shop ala ke bollam eituku te ki hobe…
    aro lagle bole dio…
    and you don\’t have to say thanks…
    amar boi??
    hugs & tc.


  13. too many questions…but time is unpredictable..
    dont know if its all preconceieved, don\’t know if there\’s any way we can find out what will happen…really dont know who to blame, all we can do is deal with it.


  14. Wht fascinates me is Gravity…..which i believe is the singe most important key to the entire mytery of space, time and any other dimensions tht there might be……I saw a documentry on the science channel once which explained tht gravity is curves, tht the paths on which the panets and the solar system is based is kinf of like a wire grid where things happen in ripples, its all one big ripple effect, gravitation and such. Alsoi about Singularity, all theories. physics, math and otherwise fail at singulatiry…..Time Zero as u call it. It really is one of the biggest mysteries, where we came from, wht we are, how it all began, buti also believe tht teory about time cycles. Th its all one big create and re-creation process……there have been many like us before, and there will be many more still!
    Physics,,,,,,,,is awesome! Try and read…..\’A short history of nearly everything\’ by Bill Bryson……it explores a lot of corners in this regard…..
    Was a wave of remeniscence, i think am over it now……back to the present, eh? ; ) Thanks for your comments……much appreciated = )
    Music is bringing me good, good feeling
    Loving is bringing me blessing of angles
    Will write abt this myself, it certainly is food for thought….
    munching, ; )


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