Waaaaaaahh !!!

First msn was not letting me update, and then poof! My Laptop went blank while I was typing the Executive Committee Report! Called the supplier, sent it to service center and now they tell me the mother board has gone? Whoa? So quickly? I mean I don’t take it to swim, neither do I use it as a dinner plate! So how can it konk off so fast?


Neways its gonna take at least 3 –4 days. I wrote an entry while waiting for a delayed flight at Delhi airport, its their in the lap top! I guess its useless now (out dated). All my resources are in there. Bought one CD online, cant see it – its one of my favorite, “Those magnificent men with their flying machines”. So I guess I have to unpack my old faithful PC today once I am back home and see if its still working. Meanwhile I guess if someone wants to have an update from me – this is it!


Hey come on, this IS an update isn’t it?


21 responses to “Waaaaaaahh !!!

  1. Hi there…visted ur space.like ur blog quite a lot.Enjoyed going thru them.Hope ur laptop recovers soon.my best wishes r with him.

  2. poor poor you…i totally understand how you feel…my bloody lap tops been in and out of service centers… i lost count…. and they told me its due to rough usage!!! maybe i should take it bungee jumping after all…better yet use it as a paper weight…..
    yes u did update…who said all updates have to be meaningful topics..what are ramblings for then???
    my mush attempt did turn out realistic ah well im not good at the mills and boon kinds…. you wont see me with red roses at your door step…probably a big choclate cake and a great cd would be more like me…. anyways u take cares….
    and i firmly believe in bear hugs too… i was wondering if i would bump into you in bglore..but then i dont how you look do i??? hmmmmm

  3. oh! what a shame….
    just because of a non functioning …."lappu"…
    a great mind like you is unable to blog….poor you…and even more poor lappu…it must have missed your touch….the gentle touch which has sent it to the service center…:-)
    Yeah..it is an update…something is better than nothing…
    no Indra, wallowing in nostalgia..and what iff\’s is bad..bad for self…..pain is not to be enjoyed..it is a reminder to never make the same mistakes ever again..(u can offcourse make new ones)

  4. hmmmmm true u do know what i look like dont u… anyways  sunday nights i am mostly in barista mg road or java city church street… next time i come to bglore hope to bump into a stranger..your not exactly a stranger now are you???
    anyways just say hi will you??? although i may be beating the person with me im pretty tame…;) so dont get scared… all it takes is a smile

  5. Laptops suck.

  6. tumio Bangali ! Oshadharon !
    You could have hit the service centre guys on their heads with the laptop before handing it over – it will be refurbished all the same…
    Ei ghotona ta shuney amaro laptop ta dhortey bhoy korey.. on korey dekhlaam cholchhey na tokhon.. 😛
    No offence there ! Just Kiddin !
    Take care ! best wishes for your laptop.

  7. uh oh!!! another victim!!!

  8. Hi there…
    No, my lappu is working fine. Its a new one hence it should. :-P.
    The problem with laptops is that they\’re very fragile. And also upgrade is limited.

  9. I also like the cadbury\’s ads.

  10. he he he …nopes not a gemini like u.Missed being one by a few weeks …

  11. lol an i thought it was only me who was having da page white troubles thru hotmail an msn………….my own mail was not opening, all it said was "search for da damn web" .. lol….. well nothing doing for da V day as u said :p… North an South- big difference….. tc,.. cyaa

  12. NO WAY!!!
    u cant do that!!

  13. i\’ve updated my nickname see:D:D:D
    not totally jobless my blog

  14. i\’ve updated my nickname see:D:D:D
    not totally jobless my blog

  15. ok that was me!

  16. hmm well cadbury bourneville hmm now tht u mentioned have to try…–although good old dairy milk, nutties and crackle n also fruit n nut i like…!  and these days my senses are too filled with after eight, lindt orange , hershey\’s choc syrup and normal dark chocolate melted (try it–u get those slabs melt them at home nothing like it) and nowdays moms started picking up home made chocolates etc. they come in the most amazing fillings–truffle, orange etc. and errr lol ive named too many chocolates..damn all am doing is sitting at home n licking chocolate!!!!!!
    and not to forget gaining weight…:/
    naah am tryin not to come online at night..lolol (night begins after 10 o clock hehehehe)
    and the skull wont scare me 😉

  17. sobai mile best wishes diye tomar laptop ke bhalo kore diyeche asha kori…
    smoking or that glass of scotch or for that matter falling in love…is not mistakes in my books..
    but repeating old mistakes are boring…there is such a huge variety of mistakes available…why stick to the old ones…making new mistakes is fun…i.e. till the time you realize that you have made a mistake:-)
    bongo lolona ra ache bolei to banglay golpo kkora jacche..ki moja..

  18. glad to be back
    tis a pity what these damn machines do to our lives, and yet they\’re so bl**dy essential.
    caio until next time

  19. Sighhhh, I understand, my brand new Sony digicam, I paid a truckloads
    for it, @$#%@@**,  is currently indisposed, waahhhhhhhh!! I still
    hve to take it to the service centre, how could Sony do this to me
    *sniff sniff*…:((

  20. i solemnl promise not to feel aghast at witnessing some junior artiste smiling at me…;p
    duuuuuuuuude what do you take me for ??? scouring the local population to make frenz of only beauty pageants…. 😉
    me not bothered by looks one bit…just bothered by wht the ppl got between their two ears… err im talking bout the brain….
    as long as u can talk thats fine with me…..

  21. Sheesh!!! this is such a chappat-type uptade!!

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