The Idiot Ear

I know there’s no point to wait

Soul knows it’s a losing bet

The crazy heart still hopes to found

The ear still wants to hear the husky sound

“Indra, are you ok?”


The lone bench besides amidst overgrowth

Walk on the riverbank, Beethoven’s 4th 

Joginder bhai’s snack setting the souls free,

Soggy afternoon in roadside stall, lemon tea

The bike ride on desolate roads leading nowhere

Lost; groping; searching way back to nowhere;

Ears still straining to be tingled with

“Indra, are you ok?”


The eyes that never stopped to speak

Even after the mouth stopped to seek;

Looking through the silky black veil of delight

Black veil that you severed over the fight

Scarf that was part of your dupatta

Perfumed complement when work separated the bodies.

Scattered existence, nowhere – yet everywhere


Mom called, I told her I am fine

Bro wants to know, told him, chill yaar

I tell world I can look after

Nothing has changed, normalcy prevailing

But don’t come looking,

As you will discover, the bedside pile of books 

The clock that stopped still on the hook

The dust on my paintings

All screaming, nothing is ok

In the deafening silence of the night

The idiot ear still strains to listen the husky voice

“Indra are you ok?”


23 responses to “The Idiot Ear

  1. just loved itwish I could write like you..cheers!!


  2. hi.. 10x 4 ur comment.. i just had some synus or whatever.. yes.. I did all those things.. not all of them.. but I wasn\’t sad bcos I was sick.. newayz.. gr8 space.. keep up d gd work!! xxxx Maria xxxx


  3. indra are you ok ???i am sure dost u r doin ok … so how the things are goin at ur end …??looks like u r missin some1… r u ??well dost as a reply for the msg on my blog..i wud say that i am from delhi however working in banglore .. and goin back to delhi on a vacation to visit my family…:)saurabh


  4. glad to know u liked the tin tin comics…i have harry putter\’s books as well if u need it … ??i\’ll c if i can get some more comics for u…saurabh


  5. indra are you ok?reminds me of some odd song that was all the rage when i was sixteen. i\’m quite sure it was \’punk\’ cover of Jackson\’s Smooth Criminal.and, we all live a scattered existence, don\’t you believe?


  6. there\’s always a first time for everything Horus…or are you Indra..even for breaking bones…I also broke mine for the first time…you badly want broken bones?? Invite me to BLR, I will come and gladly break all those which you want broken.:-)thanks for your wishesdo updatecheers!!


  7. The last para was my personal fav!
    This was very nice and touching in asort of way…so who\’s husky voice r ur ears straining to hear? nd the pile of books,the clock that stopped but stil on the hooks,really nice lines!
    Whats up?Indira are u okay?:D
    Nice,Take care:)


  8. Horus I loved the Times of India..mirajkar ad. thought will let you know since you have this ad space in your blog.


  9. UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!
    indra are you ok ??? i am sure dost u r doin ok … so how the things are goin at ur end …?? looks like u r missin some1… r u ?? well dost as a reply for the msg on my blog..i wud say that i am from delhi however working in banglore .. and goin back to delhi on a vacation to visit my family… 🙂 saurabh


  10. is indira ok???

    loved your previous post:)


  11. Just amazing n touching.Beautiful the last 4 lines r just now carved on my heart..truly the heart waits , the ears strain n the eyes keep wide open..
    Wish u love dearie.
    Mayu hear the husky voice soon.


  12. Who is Indira???
    Khuljli ho rahi hai !


  13. umm you are definitely not ok..
    missing someone i guess..
    well i gtg back to books..
    i like the painting..


  14. yeah I am updating regularly…what to do? with all my broken bones except lazying around…trying to write lefthanded is the only diversion allowed to me now a days.
    "Indra are you o.k?"
    Let Go..the memories..its easier that way.


  15. Indra are you ok??
    This was beautiful; sort of melancholic verse.. that sense of not being ok and wanting to be ok..
    nice one
    So indra be ok.


  16. UPDATE!


  17. very b\’ful….
    hidden pain has come obvious…every now n then v answer .. m fine.. but the heart cries…no m nt fine…but……
    hi.. how u doing….i like all such entries of urs…very intense feeling within…
    bbye, tc


  18. off course it is difficult…to let go…
    even the memories…and fifteen years is a very long time…in terms of memories..
    I\’ve not been able to forget just 2 yrs.
    but you are trying…that\’s the main thing….
    and you will succeed…keep faith.


  19. oh i get it…abhi chamka!


  20. hi …
    beautifully wriiten….
    someone could use a hug perhaps???
    was in bglore till now actually…
    got a cold..tired sleepy will be back to write more
    until then
    take cares…


  21. Pune is no where close to Madras. For me madras is home and pune i am staying in only cause i have to study here, if i had a choice i would most certainly be in Madras..

    Cheers 🙂


  22. nice, haunting…


  23. Kewl stuff, keep it up…


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