Dhing potat tak! Dhing pota tak! Dhing pota tak!


Tinga na na, tinga na na!


Tralaaaaa la la laaaa!


My Lappu is back! Back to my abode, the companion by my side. All my old files, activities, games are back with me. Touching those soft keys, moving fingers on the touch pad, looking at the wide bright screen – mmmwah!


So I start with the last entry that I wrote waiting for my flight at New Delhi Airport:


Wifi @ IG Airport, Delhi



Sitting on the Indira Gandhi Airport waiting for a delayed flight to reach back home after a session of presentations and searching for that useful insider in the clients gang. My faithful laptop discovered Wifi Internet connectivity available from Tata Indicom aka VSNL. So thought, let try to find out how I can make this wait a bit more meaningful. So I embarked upon a quest, searched the entire lounge, asked every possible counter, even called up Tata Indicom help desk on the number give. All I came to know after listening to jarring Tata Indicom music for about 3 minutes 42 second the guy could only tell me that there is no such specific counter but the card can be bought from the reception. They are supposed to have a “Cyber Butler” available somewhere! May be the butler got lost in the cyber world. Anyway, after scanning the entire lounge, from one end to another I managed to locate one chap, manning one of the Tata Indicom call booths, thankfully sporting a Tata Indicom jacket, to announce. I was sure that the person could never be “The Butler”. So I only enquired if he can help me! But I forgot, Tata Indicom bought VSNL and how can they erase the “sarkari” flavor. So the reply was, that its Sunday – a holiday, so the card can not be available. Woo, thank god they don’t stop the entire Internet because it’s a Sunday. So the airport at the national capital is not supposed to use the Internet on Sundays. But why did they put on the Wifi device on, they could have saved some electricity there. And that reminded me that back home, I have a Tata Indicom connection at home to. Though the bill for the telephone attached to it can be paid online through a internet enabled bank account or a credit card, the bill for the Internet connectivity can not be paid online, and I have visit their office somewhere in Koramangala and stand in the queue to pay it. Just imagine, me using the net to pay for everything from the insurance to electricity bill, even the telephone attached, but the payment for the same service I am using to pay all these can not be made online. VSNL’s ‘sarkari’ flavor?


 And then when I decided to us the laptop to key in this entry, at least save it on my machine so that I can upload as soon as I am back online, a guy comes, sit besides me, literally gawking at what I am doing. I stared at him, no reaction! I tried to ignore and continue typing, and was having a suspicion! Bang came the question – as I suspected! “What’s the price of this machine?” the accent further proved my guess – a bong! I have no problem in declaring that this can only be done by a bong!! First intruding, then poking your nose and asking the silliest of question in such non-challant way, it’s only possible by a bong. However I replied and went back to my ferocious speed of typing, and in 3 mins 19 secs (I was watching the clock at the bottom right hand corner of my screen!) the intrusion was removed. Finishing my entry at peace. I was planning to write something that was moving in my head while coming to airport on time, fate and belief, instead this came out. Hope to write about it sometimes again.


So finally the King has returned to his abode, relaxed till 3 AM over a cup of coffee and chocolates gifted during the brief meetings to a few known faces on Sunday, ready to hit the B’lore roads on the morrow.



– Little did I knew that the morrow is gonna present me with a situation where I wont be even a position to leave my normal life – that is life without my Lappu! 

9 responses to “Yippeeeeeeeee

  1. Ppl say i whinge but customer service is shit in our desh. I guess its coz we have more 0\’s after 1 – they can replace one so easily. I had the same prob couple of months back – not wifi but just try to get online in B\’lore and met with this \’why-shud-i-care\’ person!!
    Intruding!! Tell me bout it mate. It takes lot of self control and sometimes i wonder whether i can too 😛


  2. Live love laugh…Ur quote….3 L\’s  great
    Hi U know i read on my blog ur proud of ur mom  welll should we  all be? ..She gave u life   U know .Some ppl do forget that imporant event.
    Glad for u …   ur  comp.pal is back under ur hands
    Greetz from Belgium and hope to see u back soon on my blog
    Thx for ur swet comment


  3. arre chappat means..slap :d
    and no my dell is not back yet :((


  4. Glad you got ur lappie; not updates will be regular doses
    chocolates!! I love that fridge of yours Horus!!


  5. DeGrinningGranny

    ohh…gud to know yr lappy..oops i mean yr lappu is back..heee..
    i can understand how that feels..gettin yr old stuff back..woah! and i feel bad for those whose comps crash and they never get their stuff back! okay i shud shut up..cud happen to me also! neway..
    and thanx a lot for yr wishes..u dont need to b sorry.. its alrite! if u knew u wud hav..wud u hav? lol just kiddin..
    hav a nice day…tk cr… :o)


  6. New Delhi airport? Were u in Delhi 🙂
    So lappu is back. lol
    Thanks a lot for the encouraging words on my last blog. I shall never forget them.


  7. daaamn you lucky horus you…. when my lap top crashed it took everything with it……
    use blue tooth from reliance or airtel its pretty ok…
    your right bout the mush factor…am a total failure!!!
    but never say die…i will yet try again… at least try to keep the bloody love theme going on till the 14th and make my frend eat his words….
    i get three favours from him if i succeed..think about the possibilities….;)
    i did like jerry maguire…but im no good at reviews..probably could tell the story word for word with all sound effects included… but not on paper..or should i say the www???
    anyways now your back in business hoping to get more updates or rambles or doodles…anything…as long no mush is invovled…;p
    nea its your abode you do whtever … and we shall oblige by reading…
    your humble servant…;p


  8. duh!! chapat-type entry means sad entry…just for the heck of it..
    and dont tease me…i ll get my dell soon…dell hi to hai


  9. welcome back to your lappu…
    so you are united again…..but my pc crashed….it just switched itself off…and just did not start again…even after a lot of pushing buttons…I swear the beast has a mind of its own…and is always up to its tricks..just to annoy me.
    are we bongs just like that…totally insensitive??..or are we by nature curious??


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