Escape / Atl+F4 / Ctrl+Alt+Del


I dunno if I shud write this blog, have never written these things over here. But its a bit tooo much…


Its baaaad day! A Bad bad day at work. Got the whiff yesterday, confirmed it today! The company is not sending me on the trip I was expecting this month; instead sending the production head! A production head going on the first marketing trip instead of the marketing head??? And why ? Coz, I am a Bong (WTF?), and another Bong (my CEO) brought me in, and sending me so early and giving so much, so early will send a negative signal to the rest of the company? That’s what my MD thinks.


Whooo… so I am sitting here, doing all the hard work, preparing all the plans. And that’s not all, my boss is gonna use all the email copies that I prepared to initiate the marketing dialogue to the clients(!!!), and I have to get some new leads, running a new campaign with nearly “Zero” budget. Can it be any worse??


Oh hell; just today morning I commented on someone’s blog how life is like a game of soccer, where he have sooooo many hurdles, and opponents going for those nasty tackles… That too without any referee or umpire, whom you can appeal for a foul. The only one sitting up there, doesn’t listen to you; or rather doesn’t listen when I ask something for me, even if it is just (amazingly she gives in whenever I ask something for someone else, a little strongly from heart!!)


So? Took a walk, took coupe of fags, I guess will also take couple of pegs at night! And then back to work! All in a days work, – the name of the game is soccer, or football or hockey or hurdle race for that matter. Keep dribbling, keep waiting for that pass, be in position to move ahead, dodge those defenders and shoot for the goal. I am sure I will score, coz I have to. I have so many promises to keep, so many faces to make happy. They all believe I can, can’t shatter their belief. Just would have loved to fall back, rest my head for a while, which is not to be. No problemo – Horus can’t die, he dies only once and that’s ages away! Come on life I am waiting!


19 responses to “Escape / Atl+F4 / Ctrl+Alt+Del

  1. ummm.. office rants.. heard quite a few nasty things happening to them.. be careful though..keep up the spirit!

  2. yeah there was a ceremony for the upgrade ….lol wouldnt you like to know??? this is the final installement i guess…. you know you write a post on how work troubles you and by the ending of kinda pull through…wow !! i wish i had your attitude…. marketing…i looooove marketing but i haaaaate targets… im taking a break from it now..want to get into ads somehow so doing all that i can now to get me prepared for tht…..but still sigh your bglore and a job… i will be there hunting for a new job soon… double sigh…. hunts are so sad when it doesnt involve guns…;)take care!! and hope you win the game called life!!

  3. DeGrinningGranny

    amazin entry! i mean..1st u ask a question…think abt it yrself…reason it out and answer yrself..gr8! thats the way it shud be,,i really like it! u shudnt really b waitin for others to come n tell u how to tackle it! i think u gonna do well in a phase called "life" ! *its applaudable* :o)n infact i got my answer too..sth that i\’ve been lookin for..i went thru the same once! neway..come back to my space..those colors r esp to make eone happy :o) i like happy ppl..or rather ppl who r happy! :o)ohh n i forgot to write abt one more crush..wud come b/w ant size n elephant size crush..i liked him..n thot he\’s too gud for me..but 3 years after leavin skool..i got to know from this other guy..that he liked me too..grr..wat a waste! n m almost 24! lol n hoping to remain the same thruout my life.. :o)

  4. "I am sure I will score, coz I have to. I have so many promises to keep, so many faces to make happy. They all believe I can, cant shatter their belief. "thts the spirit……yea such things hurt a lot…but ve to bear,keep going…

  5. DeGrinningGranny

    thanx for yr wishes dude :o) so nice of ya.. havent peekd into yr phot album;s..lemme see ..

  6. DeGrinningGranny

    hmm…nice collection of pics i must say..and that *me* by that actually u? hee..self-portrait? wonder how ppl do that idea :o)and i see a lot of water n rains n stuff..guess u like that too .. :o)

  7. oh by the way did i tell i like your flirting with colors??? hmmmm if i didnt…i just did…lolah the colors of life sometimes fading to gray and then it appears all of a sudden a myriad of colors… doesnt it??take cares and update….

  8. Hi:)thanks for your words! I\’ll be around often… take care!

  9. No problemo – Horus can’t die, he dies only once and that’s ages away! Come on life I am waiting!daz what i have known u as 🙂

  10. Thanks for commenting on my space…you have a nice space too! Ahh I see you have different views.."Different strokes for different folks" ^_^ Well have fun..!

  11. DeGrinningGranny

    hmm..yeah that ofcourse! seein yrself the way others see u mayb?? that\’d b so so interestin..i like the way u\’ve written it though.. :o)"I wish one day I can get out of my body and look at me… how do I look and behave!!"gives me enuf thots to ponder upon for a that topic.. :o)surely wud go thru yr other posts..n now u mentioned also..whenevr i hav time will do that :o)

  12. Beautiful! go on dribbling , make the right moves and the right passes and the score will be in ur kitty.Nice …very nice ..Horus. And yes these days words are raining from my fingers…have to as we received no winter someone has to rain to fight the drought! hahatake careicy

  13. Exactly my feelings couple of days back. I made the design and worked so hard getting the process correct but someone project manages it and fucks it up. I will have to clear his fuck ups but at the end it was his project. He never did acknowledged my design. And to top it all, i gave him the project coz i had too many projects to roll!!But its life. Tomorrow is a new day.

  14. office politicss..absolutely hate it,..but its a bane which is slung across our necks no matter where we gocheersz

  15. There is some serious hatred or should I say feeling of being betrayed by someone who should give 200% to you (or that is what you think is due to you)… I don\’t know what the issues are so it would be presemptious of me to comment, the only thing I CAN AND WILL say is that you should try airing these issues otherwise they will remain inside you, becoming sores and septic sores on your physche… Try to talk it over…

  16. ouch. thats real world i guess!

  17. although would like to add–that really sucks –ur boss is a bong so what thats like stupid!!i hate such things…your hard work being passed on as someone else\’s..n being taken advantage of..sick.

  18. blog. its so encouraging. hmm..i saw a serial long back..about bosses..that boss is always matter what he do ..he is always right…and without any exceptions..

  19. Office politics! Sheez!! Its always so unfair!

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