This one for my Bro

This one goes for mah bro. When I was just eight, I came to know that we are gonna get one more baby at home. I had two cousin sisters who were very near my age, and was always fighting with them. I hated them at that time. So I told god to give me a Bro, and I prayed prayed and prayed, and was filled with utmost joy when I saw him first – my bro. He shares first part of my name, as tradition at my family, he shares the same birthday – 16th, and we two make the beginning and end of rainy season.


Since he was one year old, we two bonded; I was given his responsibility; We two slept in the same bed, I changed his nappies, I used to feed him, tell him story to make him sleep – in short enjoyed the full taste of raising a child. I enjoyed those moments when I thought her to walk, to play and to ride, my bicycle. Initially he just used to run with it, then one day I taught him the same way, dad taught me.


Remember those moment he came back crying after getting bullied by someone, and I used to take him back, stand guard and ask him to get even with whosoever e got beaten by. I remember how he used learn from him, get my thought embedded in his mind. I remember how he used to come back to me to ask if whatever ammi has explained from the text is right. Also his entire psyche started getting molded on mine.


My parents never went to his school; it was me who always used to be his official guardian all through his school days. I remembered due to some reason, he failed in one class; parents were furious; I knew it was more than him the fault of the school, so we changed the school and he came through with flying colors. He did what I failed to be – he completed his engineering degree.


Even now, we two feel from heart what’s happening to the other. With him I rarely felt the absence of a sister; god gave me that too, in numbers. But somehow I have just one regret. I guess in-between his growing days, I missed his teen years. I was distracted by some emotional attraction; I was entirely immersed in my love life, may be oblivious to what was going through my bros tender heart. I really feel sorry from my heart for those missed years. It seems that in my memoir those years have been strangely missing. One thing is for sure, I only I used to get another chance… may be it will come with my child; and I will not miss those years for anything in the entire world.


Bro – I love you more than any living male, and I know u know that too!




20 responses to “This one for my Bro

  1. aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwyour a nice guy…if you want you can take my younger bro tooo …;)but real nice… really nice…me leaving for a while…so you take care ok??

  2. wonderful…even i luv my sis a lot.. n lot.. n lot…she\’s elder to me…we both very close…..but we had sibling fights too in our childhood… u ve children….?u ll b very loving dad then…y dont all dads feel same for their child…!!!

  3. DeGrinningGranny

    ohh..thats so nice of u to think like that! lucky is yr bro! :o) that reminds me of my sisters..elder one was someone like u..and the younger one is like yr younger bro! lol so i had all sorts of fun..even though i miss havin a bro!ohh..but dint u guys ever fight? we used to fight like 3 of us r at diff cant afford to fight as of but we fight like nuthin else..i dont get serious so easily..hee..not my way of livin..i do get bugged sometimes though..release my anger..n m the same again :o) toy? is that wat u told me hih?

  4. awww younger brothers are the best..cant say the same for younger sisters though! :/ (unless she bribes me or smthin..or maybe does everything expected frm her for the next ten year)that was a great dedication…

  5. O Brother Where Art Thou!!!cheersz

  6. I agree with you, younger brothers rock!!!

  7. well time pass snack sounds yum..might try it but we got no milk powder at home–any alternative..i used to mix bournvita, drinking chocolate…:) used to add coffee, milk and water to it oh the weird know i kinda thing irrfan has been wasted in that ad–i mean he is such a brilliant actor..and anti marie beureau have u seen that!!!!!today we had another session with the ad-guy…saw some BRILLIANT commercials…im so full of advertising today! 🙂

  8. HIvery nice blogs. the paintings/ilustrations are awesum.very entertaing blogs too. Dun hav a sbling so cant comment.Nice workDo visit my space too.ByeSushank

  9. i cannot stand that commercial..AT ALL! i don\’t know why kajol who is such a brilliant actress is doing such doing mass communication..yeah well we were discussing today–there are so so many products & campaigns that clients want their products to stand out…but thats not it? .its not about only getting reactions is it? and that too showing just about anything bizarre to get a reaction..!! i seriously wonder if the anti marie sequel will be anymore interesting.(seems like i disagree with everyone i discuss advertising with 🙂

  10. oh how i love my brother..three cheers to all the older brother is just 2 yrs younger so we r almost like a kid i was very possesive about him, and i remember slapping a guy who was like 10 times heavier than me for me brother…and i never let anyone scold him forget about hitting and all but now he is a Boss..and like i said bosses are always right..he has become my older brother now..and btw did u see titan ka new ad \’MBA degree\’?

  11. well not for me this! *sigh* have a brother who is so older than me that it was more like Father syndrome but now much better..but then brothers are cherished – younger or older…In BTW i have an older sis my age so I m youngest and always apple of everyone\’s eyes..Hmm..But I never saw in same direction with my sis – poles apart we two!Nice sweet one Horus!Dont worry Rainmate is always there ; a companion; nothing in life can ever browbeat this icy…just some pangs..haha

  12. Oh wowie,an ode to ur brother[only ish i had a sibling]Very nice and touching!:)Seems like I\’ve missed out on a lot too.would definately like to come back and catch up when time allows me too.I agree that candlelit dinners cant be everyday but if only eh…the thing is that along with the form of dinners,the emotions seem to shift too and that is when it gets confusing! 🙂

  13. Oh, I was going to add Floccinaucinihilipilification earlier! :PBtw,I really like the Femina ad "I believe in me" wala ad.its very inspiring!

  14. will ur bro read this?? how wud he react???

  15. Spoken like a true marketing guy! :)(well-ok lets see how the anti marie ad sequel comes across..)btw forgot to mention earlier–great end of day pics–really liked all of them esp the sunset wala.

  16. and my heart sinks down to the ground…I Love me bro too…..Man….heart warming…truely…sniff..sniff

  17. Hi…Must say ur brother is lucky to have a sibling like u! Needay u wan, i wud love to lend u ma brother…..he\’s a brat, but u knw wht? I wudnt trade da world for nee otha kind…….I love ma stupid, doofus brother, perhaps not as much as u though! : )And me… tryin to be patient, and am absolutely not grumbling! how rude of u 2 say dat! = |….ekta.

  18. I was not sarcastic!!!!…:(

  19. hey, seriously,brothers r sisters r da truest of all:) they kn u head to toe, well de only thing is u even needn\’t say a wrd to them, they jus understand ur looks an everything:)regards, Gunveen

  20. loved reading ur stuff especially this one….thanks fo ur words ….will write more wen i m able to settle myself…time …haaaah!!.u r ridht

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