Flirting with Colors

Its been a amazing weekend. Much better than what the doc ordered. Doc asked for a five-day bed rest. Bed rest? That too for 5 long days? I would have definitely blown my head off. I took the easy way out. Decided 3 days is the max I can afford or manage. So three days it was. In the bed, with my Lappu and then some flirt with colors. Its been ages since I took colors. Whenever I used to put my imaginations on paper, it was either with pencils or with the keyboards.


2005 have brought amazing changes I guess. With 2006 beginning it has given back my colors. I guess, it will take time to settle, but the colors are coming back! Does it symbolize something? Or is it just my creative mind on the overdrive? Is the winter giving way to the spring again? Or is it just a disturbance? Do I see a mirage? An abberation? If not then why the image breaks as soon as starts coming to life? 


Life is amazing, it never ceases to move ahead, never ceases to amaze, – it never ceases. Every corner brings out new surprises, new adventure, a totally new meaning to what we call life!

10 responses to “Flirting with Colors

  1. Hey how are you? thanks for stopping by my space, sorry I didnt reply earlier.I am surprised you are from Bangalore, a city I really love and where I use to go very often because I am Sathya Sai Baba devotee…have you seen the India photos in my site?Yes, I would love to upload some good argentine music for you…may be some Tango? I also collect indiann and pakistani music.And no, I am not married!…..funny.Keep in touchNora


  2. If not then why the image breaks as soon as starts coming to life? its jus da way u look at things, so b optimistic an things will turn out gr8:)


  3. he… how\’z ur health now… bedrest for wht…?images of ganesha as unique as alws…started wid colors… gud omen…yea life\’s amazing as well a riddle…in ur painted room.. green walls…fallen time…no one to gain the warmth of fire…wht all it symbolizes in ur mind..but we really need this fire n warmth here in this killing cold….:)


  4. gee tanks for da compliment:D


  5. ne time lol :p


  6. i\’ve been taking painting classes, my teacher thinks my paintings are a joke. i\’ve learned not to take offence and just smile with him. but learning technique and then improvising is going to be worth all this. well we all have our creative seasons (as the byrds said, turn turn turn….)you\’re welcome et, merci beaucoup to you to.\\|/p.s. not planning on having grandchildren.


  7. hey..thx… i am pretty ok now… evr since i took such a decision …ppl are actually nicer….!!!wierd…anyways anything to get them off my back…besides…im not really getting into anything new…he was my best fren for 5 yrs…and my boyfren for 2 suuu its ok i guess…and as you said…its nice to have someone tofall back on sometimes…isnt it….your drawings are great!!!…i need to paint tooo i have so many colors in my head right now…. all shades of black…;p


  8. hey.. take proper care n precautions for back…n get well soon…y think so.. colors ll def. stay… frozen ice alws melts… and spring spreads its beauty…and time never stops.. its us who only who think time\’s stopped at the moment from where we dont want to move ahead….but slowly we also outgrow of these memories and starts moving wid time…can memories give warmth… me they r cold shivers…i think me too getting philosophical…hmm.. cold can b gud.. but i don like.. as no one tocuddle up n share blanket…:)


  9. DeGrinningGranny

    yup…"Daag ache hain" i luv that Ad..havent seen the original one though..i quite enjoy this one for sure..but woowww! u flirt wid colors too…i like it :o) i luv colors..beautiful thing to flirt arnd wid :op i can see some art on top of this page…i quite like the "monochrome theme" in one of yr paintings(is wat u call em?) ..really nice..and the multicolored thing is nice too..dunno wat u hav named em..havent seen as yet..*n m really bad at guessin wat the paintings mean* :-Ihey btw..wat was that rest doc prescribed u for?? and wat do u do/?


  10. oh cool cool, you flirt with colours too! I always wanted to go out with a moody swirling kaleidoscope like purple…Now THAT would be cool!Love your space.


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