Its time to move…

Every change has its pain and the pleasure of adventure. Am in the same process that I was in six years back, moving my base. Six years back I moved from the cozy nook of my home in Kolkata to harsh yet opportunity breeding land of Delhi with eyes full of dream. Realized some of those, lost some, went through some nightmares and now dreaming again.


Yesterday my landing in Bangalore was greeted with a heavy spell of shower; as if to wash off all the dirt I was carrying, as if to sooth and clean my road ahead. Today again it has started to rain now, as if she cant stop gushing at my new venture and prospect. As always I welcome everything new with open arms and hope.


I am determined and know in my heart that I will do well. Whatever happens I can not do anything wrong, she wont let me do it.


15 responses to “Its time to move…

  1. Hey horusHow are you? So you are meeting rain? Send some my way too.. Who is she Horus? I like your optimism, Its great that you welcome everything with open arms and hope. Not all ppl have such ability and bravado.Take care and enjoy the RainNidhi

  2. Well in a way I am sad that you have left Delhi (I am a total Dilli Ka Billa) but then one has to earn the moolah and go whereever the prospects are better, and Bangalore is a good place… so enjoy the garden city hope u find new mates and see the new places which the city has to offer…. and of course like the work there…. Everywhere you go always take the weather with you…cheersz

  3. ya i totally undrstnd wht u sayin…bt u knw wht…u can actually only think tht ways whn u hv actually fallen in love with someone…thts when u can ignore the -ve qualities abt ur guy/girl…its such a wonderful feelin…!!!!okay now i guess i\’m gettin all carried away…so i\’m gonna shut up…!!!cheers xxx

  4. I thought it was Seth (The God of Rain & Clouds and brother of Horus. who killed Horus and flung his dismembered body pieces in the different realms and ISIS who collected them and got Horus back to life….cheersz

  5. I think there is a bit f confusion. Seth was uncle of Horus, son of Osiris and Isis. It was Osiris who was slain and whose body parts were scattered across Nile. Isis collected them and bound them with help of Anubis, and after resurrection they had their son Horus, who avenged his fathers death.

  6. thats me with my foot in my mouth,..

  7. Good luck, Horus.

  8. thank you for your uplifting comment on my site. for your info i am much better now, i don\’t know what happened to me then… 😦 thanks!

  9. Gud luck dude!Wahoo

  10. hey … moved to b\’lore, eh? me likes that city .. all the best to ya! also, you got a nice space! Peace …

  11. time to move to a blog update 🙂

  12. Hey mate thanks for the comment… well I\’m sorta in that stage where the pain has become so normal that I am comfortably numb to it… that has what has happened and from here I don\’t know where to go… I can\’t seem to go back or can\’t seem to move along … I\’m stuck in a bubble… waiting for someone to come burst it… but thats wishing thinking on my part.. well isn\’t that what we call hope… wishful thinkingcheersz

  13. that sounds excitin n plus ure goin to the best cities i know its really hard to accept change we become so use to our lil comfort zone well wish u luck n hope u do well for urself~~~

  14. Enterthespacebar

    me too dilli ki billi 😉 thanks for those words man..they sure were comforting. hey sorry if i have been harsh or sumthn..but i couldnt help it at dat ime. everything pssed me off.. every word of consolation..every statement wch meant mocking..tormenting..or plain and simple concern.. i only realised it WAS concern..take care :)A.

  15. i like ur spirit..keep it up!! someone who says…i m not defeated..Good.

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