The King Who set out to be a Pauper

The oaken glow of the morning sun told the king that it was a special day. The king chose to inspect his treasury, to find out how much wealth he has stored over the years. The heavy iron vault unwontedly gave way to his push and revealed itself to his owner. The king was in for a surprise. The valuables he thought to be his treasures were all absent. All he found were pieces of blood stained pieces of relationships, old parched scrolls holding some strands of memories, some broken handshakes, some cold hugs, and ruins of his past. The king felt like a pauper. Is this all he has treasured? Are these all he felt proud of?


He searched frantically through his ruins. And then he notices the black sooty box sitting atop the farthest corner. With pain and despair in mind, he opened the box. He was in for a surprised. It had a heart inside. It was a pulsating, vibrant, alive. He gently took it out in his palm. The room filled in its warm glow. The king realized it was love, his last treasure. The last piece of wealth he had. He had a plan; he decided to barter it with one who required it most and get what he needs, his treasures.


He went out, searched for the needy soul, and as an expert salesman, he handed it out. He was waiting for his reward, but the only thing he was offered a real smile of content. Is this what he wanted? Is it worth taking? He thought of throwing it off. He gave his last love, and had nothing now; he thought “the king is finally a pauper now!” The he noticed the golden lace the smile had, he found he was also getting a few diamond teardrops, and a piece of heart made of ruby. He was thrilled. He didn’t get his love back, but what he got was more than he bargained. He opened the box to store them, and was more surprised to see another piece of heart has taken its place. He realized he has the boon of endless love. He realized, as many times he chooses to give out his love, he will have more.


He started his journey back to his treasury to store his newfound wealth, and on his way back, gifted his love a few time more. Every time collecting the invaluable pieces of faith, wishes, smiles, tear drops of joy and innocence. But he never noticed that with every step the trail he left were garlanded with life, with green, red and blue, with laughter, joy and passion. When he returned, his memories were back alive; the parchments were singing their merry melodies. The relationships were blooming red petals of affection; the hugs and handshakes were waiting for him, to rid him of all his tiredness.


He now knew how he could be an emperor without a single battle. As long as he has his love, as long as there is a soul who needs love, as long as there is a blood stained heart he ca win his treasure and his empire. With every tired head he supports, with every wandering raft he steers out of raging storm, with every blind hand he holds he knew he is expanding his kingdom. He might look pauper to all, but deep in his heart, he knew what he stores in his treasury. Have you noticed the mischievous confident smile he carries now days?

6 responses to “The King Who set out to be a Pauper

  1. that was very good again…. endless bounty…. the goose which laid the golden egg came to mind.. people seldom treasure what they have instead they lust after things they want to have… if everyone behaved like the emporer then the world would be a better place.cheersz


  2. Emperor without a single battle…yes indeed. If all counted their blessings and set out as the king to become a pauper:)


  3. just one word … Beautiful!!


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  5. hey ya…its nt tht all of this is fake or unreal….its jz tht…yes he is a wonderful guy but he has his cons too….he\’s jz a normal human being jz like me…none of us is perfect n he aint perfect too…bt yea he\’s perfect fr me n thts all i knw…i dint undrstnd wht did u exctly mean by "Till that time you can understand and protect him like this, I am sure u will keep on winning!"…???cheers xxx


  6. i am ……… speechless.  its beautiful.


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