Missed… Just now

Just saw a kingfisher, sitting gracefully on the electrical wire in front of the office. I am really missing a good cam with telephoto / zoom. I keep on dreaming about it; but every-time I get money, I find so many others vying for priority. This time too the same happening, got stuff for parents, grandpa, brother, his fiancée, the two sis cum daughters I have, even the guards of our apartment. Then there is the cost of relocation, security deposit for the new house… the list goes on. I don’t think I can have it even this time around.


But the life moves on. So many beauties I have missed. I have missed the fight of two chameleons on our office lawn. Missed the Mynas bathing on the small fountain we had. Missed the Squirrels breaking nuts on my balcony. Missed the twister forming on the arid fields beside Aravalli. Missed the Bird of paradise in Jim Corbett, missed the Moonlit trees after the evening showers in Kumaon. Oh my god, missed so much…

2 responses to “Missed… Just now

  1. Man I steeled my heart and finally got my SLR in Jan this year.. cost a packet but worth every penny… tis amazing.cheersz


  2. Hmm felt the same at times… BUt hey all these are captured in your memory aint they?!! they\’ll live on in your memories depending upon the impact each one had! Though nothing like being able to capture it on a cam and sharing it with the ones around.


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