The lonely train moves ahead

Just found this one written by me on a railway trip nearly a year back. Another example of my love with metaphors –



Through the days and night

Raring the heat of anger

And the rainy kiss of love

Crossing the sadness of barren lands

And the happiness of green fresh lands

No time to stop, no time to enjoy

As it has responsibilities & commitments

Only the occasional unscheduled stop

To cherish the life around, and then

The lonely train moves ahead alone.


The open sky above, and the strength of earth below

Are the only witnesses to all his emotions

The flash of lightning smile at night

The first ray of hope cheering in the morn

The moonlit passions under the dark

And all the sweats he shed throughout the day

All sees them – but none feels, and then

The lonely train moves ahead, Alone!


Who cares where he goes, except

The stations he is destined to reach;

Who cares the scars he gets, given by

The responsibilities he has to carry without a glitch.

Who cares how many rivers he crosses and the miles

Except the men shooting reports and queries;

Who asks about the wheels that squeak, not even

The train that was with him and went away;

The lonely train has to move ahead, Alone!



2 responses to “The lonely train moves ahead

  1. Very nice. I never though of the train as lonely.I mean, it\’s always brimming with all the people shuffling around.And it\’s got the driver by it\’s side, caressing the wheel(or whatever you drive the train with) and all it\’s myriad buttons and levers and other thingies.What a boring life though…back and forth, back and forth…


  2. strange how things inspire us to write such poems… thanx for the link.. we all r trains in our right… right now i must be a passenger express connecting sleepy towns. less ppl… chugging at my own speed…

    i did promise not to post stupid comments… but i really dunno which one is stupid.. the comment ot my act of posting one.


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