Hot Spice : Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford


The city was up in arms against the hot sauce factory. The smell of hot spices hung heavy over the town and burned the eyes and lungs, specially the kids.

“Councilors – please do something – we know they can’t buy you”

The council met closed-door and came out unanimous – “Shur-Ah-Chuh Sauce will make the city world-famous. They will filter the air in 15 days.”

The night before as the Council members’ had dinner together, they found the secret of Chinese “Shur-Ah-Chuh” sauce on city’s famous Jamaican Cow Cod Soup. Never in life would they spend a penny on Viagra.


This week, I chose to move to a different zone. Tried something new. To better understand the premises you might find these two links useful –

Jamaican Cow Cod Soup

Huff Post News

This was for Friday Fictioneers hosted by ever gracious – Rochelle. Have a look at other great stories through the froggy link below:



37 responses to “Hot Spice : Friday Fictioneers

  1. Last line had me laughing so hard. Pun intended. People are so easily bought. Good one.


  2. Indrajit, That sounds very familiar. I wouldn’t bet on the decisions of any official. Money talks loud and clear. Well written with a touch of dark humor. 🙂 —Susan


  3. A delightfully funny ending. Thanks for the morning smile.


  4. Great ending. I guess everyone has their price. 🙂


  5. I suppose the Council was more than, “up in arms.” So sorry I couldn’t help it. I giggled way too hard at this. Excellent!


  6. Ummm, can I order out from there? Will they deliver? Now that’s the kind of economic progress I like to hear about!


    • I guess you can always order the – Shur-Ah-Chuh sauce from them.. and the recipe for Cow Cod Soup is available – you may try it out sometimes… 🙂


  7. Dear Indrajit,

    Certainly an uplifting story. Guess the sauce rose to the occasion, or should I say made them rise to the occasion. Clever story.




  8. Dear Indrajit,

    I can almost see the aroma rising. Very good sauce..I mean story.




  9. Excellent take. Thanks for the link. Interesting news. You used them brilliantly.


  10. very enjoyable happy ending:)


  11. Haha, that was funny and well written.


  12. 🙂 Amusing and clever take.



  13. My grandfather used to say feeding a sow hot pepper would make her come in heat. Well, it may work on swine, but so far it’s had no effect on my wife 🙂


  14. So it’s always in the sauce! Great information to pass along! You are very clever. I agree with Russell’s experiment – I eat hot jalapenos all the time and it hasn’t helped me yet. Oh well – good story! Nan 🙂


  15. Very clever! I almost went with the crazy fumes issue too. A great angle!


  16. Unique and imaginative, Horus. I hope the villagers are well compensated for their discomfort.



  17. Ha! Ha! The photo of my favourite sauce had me almost going with the Siricha news too. But the Jamaican Cow Cod Soup was an inspired touch here.


  18. Intriguing story. Years ago, I used to live near the Worcestershire Sauce factory so I understand.


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