In the Haystack : Friday Fictioneers!

Copyright -Sandra Crook

Professor Bhaskar was shouting on his wife – “Famous scientist Aryabhatta found the truth of the twelve famous Shiva temples in India. The dome-shaped idols were God’s power generators, kept dormant by an invisible connecting fiber plasma cable. He replaced a decayed connector about to break, unleashing twelve mini Suns on earth.

The connector having life of 1.5 millennia is about to break in a day, and I had the replacement he left on my table. And yes that is why I am leaving tomorrow.”

“You mean the needle inside the glass bottle? I dropped it while using it in the balcony; that tractor carrying the haystacks was passing below. “


Written for Friday Fictioneers! Challange 28 February 2014

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20 responses to “In the Haystack : Friday Fictioneers!

  1. Helena Hann-Basquiat

    Love the needle in a haystack punchline, darling. Brilliant.


  2. I’m just shaking my head and marveling. 🙂



  3. Really good story, with a sharp punchline 🙂


  4. Uh oh poor Prof! This is a well constructed story and funny too 🙂


  5. oops! amazing story! where will she go btw? twelve mini suns and one full sized one will instantly destroy the planet i presume!


  6. And so the proverbial search begins! Nice take on the prompt


  7. Dear Indrajit,

    Now there’s a tale that gives new meaning to “needle in the haystack.” Entertaining.




  8. Good story and well written. The old “needle in the haystack” problem.


  9. uh-oh! What was she using it out there for?!


  10. Oh dear! Great punchline there!


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