Disappearing Gold : Friday Fictioneers!

FF:7th march – Copyright – Danny Bowman

Twenty more cauldrons of gold coins got delivered today. McWhiskey counted them, added to his tally and told Paikei and Tazingo to put them in the vault.

The world gold market was spooked. The prices skyrocketed, as gold from the safest vaults kept on disappearing. Only clue was a ten feet wide patch of loose earth replacing the strongest of floors.

McWhiskey rose to his watch tower and peered with satisfaction to the new extended vault that has taken shape of a mini hill. The leprechaun gold vault guarded by trolls looked safe from his watch tower next to it.


Written for the Friday Fictioneer’s Challenge – get the details at Rochelle’s blog !

27 responses to “Disappearing Gold : Friday Fictioneers!

  1. Different take on the prompt. Liked it.


  2. That’s a huge treasure trove of gold he has collected! Like your imagination, Indrajit.


  3. I have a bit of a soft spot for trolls, so I enjoyed this very much. Well done.


  4. very imaginative. this fantasy piece made me smile 🙂


  5. I enjoy fantastic stories.


  6. Yay for the little people. McWhiskey? Love it.


  7. Ha! One day all the rainbows will end above that hill and he’ll be discovered! Then trolls beware!!



  8. brilliant story Indrajit. FB is pretty boring, is not it? I am not going to get addicted to it for sure…


  9. Dear Indrajit,

    Aye, ’tis the little people, I shoulda known. 😉 An enjoyable little fantasy here.




  10. Ah,now if only one of those cauldrons could be stolen from McWhiskey!(Giggle) cute take on the prompt-enjoyed it-reminded me of McScrooge 😉


  11. creative scene in just 100 words. love it!


  12. Well-written story and creative use of the prompt. Those little people can sometimes spell trouble.


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