Eclipse! and its marketing in India

So even the Reuters bungles and that too about such a big event!! The article in Reuters about yesterdays solar eclipse, and its coverage in IBN Live states the next solar eclipse on July 22, 2009. However the solar eclipse calendars in BBC and NASA states otherwise; as per these two the next solar eclipse in on Jan 26, 2009. The fact is that the next total solar eclipse is on July 22, 2009 and the one on Jan 26, 2009 is a Annular Eclipse.It was fun watching its pre-event coverage on the Hindi news channels. They have this amazing control on the language, by which they can state the same statement and sentence in 20 different ways, and one after the another; and when they get something as interesting as solar eclipse, they go on overdrive to cover how its going to effect our lives. Amazingly watching all those channels covering a scientific – astronomical event, makes one wonder if they live in 21st century or mid of 16th! They state everything except the facts. The trick is to captivate unsuspecting Indian audience, and as always the weapon is terror. Marketing the woes and suffering, rather than anything remotely related to positivity.

On that note, did anyone note the next date with the sun and moons I-spy game? Yep, its the republic day, 26th January 2009. SO I am sure all of them will be licking their paws in anticipation. They must be already preparing their bytes and copies, how bad its going to be for India. Also note that it will be an election year. Wow! double whammy! and icing on the cake? Its a Annular Solar Eclipse. Long live India! Long live Indian television!! and longer live Hindi News Channels in them!!


On another note.. for all those who have written the obituary and engraved the tombstone of Horus.. the ERO can not die.. never ever. You can subdue, pin down or even make him buckle.. but Horus can not be killed. He lives and will live for his dream. Everyone dies, and I might die one day too – anyday (who knows about tomorrow? the crystal ball gazers has always gone wrong for me), but till then, its one battle after another. And the stakes are always – as ever –
“Double or Nothing”.


2 responses to “Eclipse! and its marketing in India

  1. Welcome back….from the break!
    The "another note" was not required. Whoever loves and knows Horus knows this already and those who are in other categories can take a walk for all I care 🙂 Still awaiting ur BBRR……


  2. i missed it!26th jan maybe..letsee..remind me ok?:)


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