Kitchen Garden

This one happened on last Sunday; excerpts of actual conversation, between me and Bro. I was not intoxicated, was simply just trying to do “nothing”. Couldn’t update earlier as was tied up with “Da Office Meetings”.

Bro: Hey Dadai, whassup

Me: Cant find Zafran in this f***ing city

Bro: Why do u need it? If u need coloring something, u have those poster colors

Me: Wanted to color rice for my Biriyani yaar

Bro: then it’s a prob

Me: Yaar I miss Delhi in these situations; imagine not a single major shop having them; Bro: food world ?

Me: – no, not even Big Bazar

Bro: Oopps

Me: Yeah; I remember last time I went to VaishnoDevi, saw them in huge quantities in Katra, and so cheap

Bro: Hey most them might be fake yaar

Me: I know – but Kashmir IS its largest producer na!

Bro: Yeah, I guess we should have stocked it; or may be we can farm it in the back yard

Me: Yeah, sort of kitchen garden, small amount.

Bro: Yeah small small sections of each item; rice wheat, veges

Me: spices, mutton, chicken

Bro: Hmm, lets plant some garam masala poweder plants too

Me: Oh you mean the ones which gives out shells like ground nuts filled with garam masala

Bro: Yeah, quite convenient; not much wasting you know – if you have the smaller variety

Me: Hmm, ….

Bro: And remember to leave good space for the chicken and mutton plants; they grow big.

Me: Yea – yeah! I know, with 250 gms one in the top and kilo ones hanging near the bottom. How about one for the kima too!

Bro: Then you should also have the boneless chickens too

Me: Rite rite; however we need to have a pond too –

Bro: To water the plants

Me: No silly  for the fish plants

Bro: Yeah yeah; we can get babai as the head of farm; after all he has been Dy. Dir of Agriculture…

Me: Hmm, but the farm has grown too large by now yaar, where do we get that space?

Bro: Take four poles with you when you go out tomorrow, lookput for any empty place while going to office and mark the space you need with the poles.

Me: Rite, but you too take four, what if someone has already got their garden up and running before us?

Bro: rite rite.. chal then; whosoever gets the space first calls the other

Me: Righto – take care!


40 responses to “Kitchen Garden

  1. monsoon by nature is orphan .and not all orphans want to be adopted .
    your bro seems to be nuttier than you and in case you both are indulging in these "intelligent emotional and veryvery brotherly chats often , may i inquire whether you  dad owns/runs/works for the telecom dept .
    haaaaaa.haaaaa.haaaa.doesnt it feel divine to laugh at others  at there expense.
    life has a very very ekghay bostapocha syllabus indro(thtz ur name right).so it goes on and on teaching the same lessons and we like most CU/JU students dont learn it until it hits us hard in the face and then we  take the day off and spend it writing blogs .

  2.  bristi porley shobar dekhte bhalo lagey .tar por the same drops are percieved as a mess ,unwanted .tai bristi anath
    this is becoming more of a chat ,so as you already know  i am smart tai bye bye. watch out for my blog 2mrw. u ll like it .
     lets see if you can find my name .dont worry  i m so sex maniac or desolate lost soul waiting to grab male attention, .i dont really know you only virtually.
    why was lifeline in quotes any special reason?

  3. simply hahahahaha!

  4. whatz up god of skies seems to have deserted this seem to be an ad world guy how come you go off net so early.some of your stuff is good  seriously.
    kaal dekha hobey . tomar boyosh koto chana 12 na 13.

  5. damn you made me hungry again…lol
    not a hard feat but stillllllll….
    friggin funny convo dude… ah one of those ones tht means absolutely nothing but is so much more than something…

  6. lolz faaltu faaltu!! 😀
    thnaks for all the suggestions, though SPA is definitely more than gaps without g and reveresed!
    alright am 20 now and too sleepy so i gtg

  7. bangaliana home delivery deye na keno ? typical bangali dekhchhi !! :-Pkemon aachho ??

  8. bangaliana home delivery deye na keno ? typical bangali dekhchhi !! :-Pkemon aachho ??

  9. wonder if it is wise to connect with someone who thinks he is god. as if male chauvenism was nt enough.that too a god  out to adopt orphans.
    bitter chocolates are my wweakness too but hard to get. fact remains chocolates are meant to be sweet and raindrops anath baunduley.

  10. ki bolbo … ki bolbo … chol see you later, i am late i am late i am late … absolutely no time to waste … have to lookout for the space … got my four pillars … and already there are two nuts loose on the streets … catch you later … gotta catch the space first :))

  11. chanar jilipeee dont reveal so much about yourself to strangers. you never know .teelll me wat is this rss feedback crap
    after long a sensible alien in space ,spacesuit tai intelligent na ki mogoz e kichu achey

  12. if i may – bittersweet already features in your weakneesss list i guess.

  13. I want a mmutton plant too…
    better yet a chocolate make it two..
    not asking for much na?
    shall I send some yellow poster colours?..the pulao will then have some lovely colours…

  14. ei na holey bangali . i am inviting comments about my blog and i get to here about myself not nice . blog somporke kichu bolley na  depon thakur.

  15. A garden in a kitchen. Wont that be a bit messy?

  16. still lost emercency didnt work . now wat .wat happened to indra deb adoption plans.

  17. Just a thought how High were both of you!!!!!!!!!!!! ore shob ee jodee gachhe hoi tahole to Maneka Gandhi lafabe. And frankly I dont see the logic why you want maneka gandhi to do anything?? I mean if someone has to win it should be priyanka…better looking…better assets…… cuter….. great ass….. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:))

  18. ahh not belated its today 🙂 thank uu!!

  19. oops todays over..on 23rd i mean

  20. ki holo update kothaye ? aajkal shobai aatkey jachhey keno update kortey kortey ?chat koro ? kokhon online thaako ?

  21. ROFWL!!:D
    Gee, i want chicken and mutton plants too…Yum!
    And also gathered tht you make biryani….double yum!!

  22. hey where have the gods gone 2day. emergency exit sucks ,faied again.

  23. teach me how to cook biryani! on my mail though :p

  24. i am perfectly ok….my left nostril is slightly longer than my right one tho..a recent think ayurvedic medicines do that???….;)
    anyways and how are you..on this particularly wonderful day..why cuz here in my place it rained!! sound effects and all…although im not too fond of the lighting aspect of it…i mean it looks amazing and all but i just would prefer it way up and not anywhere near me…if you know what i am saying..although u might not know what i am saying ..its ok….i do not expect to be understood always…comes with the self…;p
    toodles dear horus the borus…how are the gods?? faring well??

  25. abar kichu likhlam ai bar hoyto karur jonno

  26. if i am a bombshell can i be a particularly destrutive one that could destroy all the elemnts in one err bombing??
    me contemplating of closing not decided…come mid year i shall be moving….and i have noooo idea if i can continue with blogging and stuff so might as well stop when i am bored of it and not when i am at the peak of my bloginess…. hmm dunno….
    you know do a sonia ghandhi who by the way i think is classy…

  27. Ah ok. Behind the kitchen. In the back yard. Sort of like a home garden? Pardon me, I am all ignorance in these matters.

  28. DeGrinningGranny

    bhagna mausi is here…and clumbo is gettin boringer n more boringer edaay!! me not been keepin too well..just cuz i dont want  neway..maybe a chat like this wid someone might b of some help..but thn again..i do that eday..wid frnds..whn theres nuthin to do we ddo this..and we hav "nuthin" to do eday!! so u se.e.. it can b interesin as i can see wat u guys been upto!! fruits of boredom! :o) enjoy.. :o)

  29. hi, why is the nite so dark no starlit bubbles.i m still not one of ur galaxies .wud like ur comments on all my blogs for today ,.wanna chat sranger? ask the wanderer incase u r uncertain.

  30. It\’s not often that I actually laugh pon reading something. Usually I just have a bemused smile if I chance upon something amusing (or plain stupid!)
    However, your blog had me actually laughing. No uproarious guffaws, but still I was actually laughing.
    so yes, it was actually funny! Two crazy brothers!
    These are kind of conversations I sometimes have with my friends, and I thought I was the only one who hads fits of insanity.
    Oh well, you never are alone in the world, are you?

  31. thakur debota der eitai problem ,no time to comment on us mortels.jai hok .took time to read all ur blogs left quite a few comments . hoping u will answer. if u feel i m tresspassing then let me know i will  put up the fences correctly. hoping to chat

  32. oto exit entry buchi na baap.
    tried the id,send mail, sent comment , didnt work ,think u are likkeminded so read all ur blogs,think u r worth chatting . my email is
    if u feel u want to chat mail me . u need to have an hotmail id first,i guess,
    not interested in playing this silly comment writing games , want to chat if ur game please let me know by  today or else we are better as two galaxies that came near but took to thier own orbit. have askd some questions in ur old blogs ,wud be very kind of u to answer.

  33. guru tumi kothaye ?? dekha nei je ?

  34. i walked on. you\’re still stuck with your biryani. sigh.

  35. hey dost…
    how r u …?? and how the things r at ur end… well i was kinda off from the blogs coz i was out with my ofc ppl for an adventure was fun… i have added a few pictures chk it out… well zafran.. is it …saffron ..i mean kesar ..?? i remember when we went to kashmir we bought it..its was very expensive ..anyways … so finally is he able to manage it from some place or not..??

  36. Lost ? What happened ?

  37. the coconuts did it….lol
    they made me hate blogging…its always awesome to blame someone else or fruit in this case for your inadequacies…
    anyhuuu looks like you could do with a few bombing yourself mr…apparently you havent updated for quite sometime….planning to follow in my footsteps are we??? let me tell you they run helter skelter and never on one path…

  38. DeGrinningGranny

    not that i dont hav nethin to do..i hav loads of things to do..but i need my frnds 1st..thats all wat i meant..m alrite!! i have stopped complainin i think!! :o) dunno..i think i hav updates? kya hua

  39. err is this french?
    u know anything related to kitchen is alien for me 😦 (i mean still)

  40. 1-step-at-a-time

    i really like this exchange you\’ve jotted down. very cool. and very funny. i takl to my husband like this very often.

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