The Annals of a Droplet

The droplet- tiny drop of watery strife
Clinging to the dust, She came to life
On the higher echelons of life
Floating, Gliding, Absorbing

In her childish dance, searched her identity
Am I cloud, or am I rain?
No, a simple droplet, that’s me!

She blooms to a dark cloud, opulent
Mingling with other droplets, no restraint,
Feels close to knowing her goal with gaiety
Playing with all her mates, savoring amity
She begins her earth bound fall
Landing on the eyelid waiting since age primal
Trickling down the cheek, with the teardrop she merge
Wondering who she is now? Is she on end’s verge?
Rain or tear? What’s her goal?
Quench the earth or soothe the soul?

Once more she seeks her identity –
Rain – tear? For earth or for soul?
No, just a droplet that’s me!

Hard rocks on her stride she takes
Suddenly marvels the snowflake
It too is from the same heights she ponders,
Why is she not like it, she wonders!
And before she moves to meet the rest
She finds the snowflake joins her, earnest-
Just as another droplet, ending her moments of pride;
She surges ahead, hopscotch on the gushy slide
Wondering if she is destined to be the watery flow?
To shape the world and make life grow-

She misses her step seeking her identity
Trickle, stream or river?
Or, just a droplet that’s me?

Adding another drop to the ocean
She finds her belittled,
Is she nobody? Everybody? Does she belong?
Riding the waves she flies, catching the surf’s song
Nestling on the curly locks of the sole sailor
Breeze blowing against the face of valor
Trembling for her existence she holds on;
The gliding droplet of perspiration
Manifesting the purpose on his shoulder
He rides alone, sight on his shore along her,
Hands shielding the grim glares, sun god sends
Or is it to protect her from smoldering ends

Her final ponder for her identity?
Rain, tear, sweat or sea bubbles,
Nay, the same droplet is she.

She recalls her dream
When she reached out with a scream
Was it the same hands that shields now
Did she rest on the same shoulders somehow?
Is it the same face that smiled back on her win
Must be the same eyes, wet to see her suffering
The friend who never left now shows her
What she gave and what world has to offer
She belongs to all, and all were her goal
Without her its dry world and parched soul
She smiles as she prepares for her ascension
With knowledge and poise, ready for redemption

She now is sure of her identity
Derelict she is not, she belongs
The all-important droplet is she!


43 responses to “The Annals of a Droplet

  1. Let me be the first to tell you that the poems beautiful !!You really take your time and observe, don\’t you ?Me ? I hardly notice ! And thats whats wrong with everyone today…i think im going crazy now.

  2. awesome da … why … i wish i could write such a beauty! 

  3. Hello!!
    long time since I came here visiting…missed badly…musta say all words are so beautiful here!! I updated myself with all that I missed ..loved the rain rthythms..the Holi memoirs were fragrant…& farzaan..such a beautiful word! is it Kesar? coz that grows in abundance in J&K…
    Horus! you are raining rhymes!! Beautiful ones & I second subrosa here…wish mine sounded as good!
    & raining successes tooo…congrats rainmate!
    take care
    Yes, I m thoroughly enjoying my teaching…& Princy too said that children are loving me…& some teachers said today I am really teaching well & I am surely very serious about my job!! rest I dont know if it is as groovy as it appears on face!!

  4. errrrr…did I wrote Zafraan…typing error surely…
    take care

  5. A very deep poem…can be applied to us mortals as well. The search for one\’s true identity is the ultimate goal for most people. Peace, tranquility and a sense of being one with the elements at the end…life does seem so temporary. The worries and anxieties we give so much precious time and energy to seem to fade away in importance when we look at life from this perspective.
    Good poetry…great thoughts…wonderful stringing of words.

  6. greetings,
    well i really enjoyed your poem. each one of your writings has a child-like innocence, and the evil\’s of this life haven\’t been able to leave their unerasable impression on that innocence.
    and yet you see life like one whose experienced a lot.
    i find the combination fascinating.
    any way, about the comment you left me, i didn\’t understand it.

  7. Totally unrelated to what you have written……… Have you read how Horus conquered Set to gain mastery over Egypt???? fascinating tale of sex and violence…. Coming back to what you have…babadhon shabdhaane…. maalta kaamray….majhe modheii khek kore…… Be advised to keep rabies shots handy…Tachhara…guru somoy pao kothay????

  8. really beautiful words… man how can u write such an awesome peice of thing…. u have the heart of a writer…
    acha woh place..its near by banaglore it took us less than 1.5 hrs to reach i dont think if its too far… some place near by benergutta…lol…
  how the things are going at your end… hope life is treating you well… saurabh

  9. U Know horus, i came here twice yesterday..saw the length of the poetry, read a bit and escaped..and now i have finally read it…its actually quite deep and by the end i wasn\’t even thinking of rain and droplets..i was thniking about the human comparison….i could so relate to its was almost as if  a woman\’s feelings have been etched in poetry!
    *mouth hanging open, head shaking*
    this was really hardly into poetry but all u people on spaces sometimes make me want to read more 🙂
    Oh and if i were writing about fortune tellers at 1.22 a.m what were youu doing at 2.47 a.m explaining it??!! LOL 😛

  10. you mean about leaving people midway?
    I do that all the time.
    I cant change that now 🙂
    Got ur mail…wil try that over the weekend!

  11. i\’ve never thought of time as circular. i guess it does. even if we don\’t want. thanks. it\’s really interesting..time does come back.


    and rain..she\’s beautiful. each droplet is perfect.

  12. 1-step-at-a-time

    bhai, ye to bahut too much hai re. kaun hai ye kanya. pesh kiya jae.

  13. 1-step-at-a-time

    arrey bhai my butt muscles dont need toning up – what i mean is that they are badly bruised… so i cant start training yet. if i start doing the stairs i\’ll cause an injury. unless you haven\’t guessed already, the training is for a quarter marathon (next year)!

  14. me? is this for me?

  15. i know it is. like you HAD to make me happy. appreciate me. like i DO have a very high opinion about myself. :p
    leaving people midway is now a habit. i do it all the time. i cant be with a person for too long. even the one i love. including my parents. you dont know how i\’m waiting to get out of this place. not cuz "everybody wants to"..its cuz i cant see someone loving me. i hate the guilt. but i somehow feel like (??) being in it. i\’m sure i\’m alone this crazy. i tried changing  myself. dont say…"but not hard enough A…". still trying horus. still not working. I have taken too many "breaks". many more than what i deserved. this ramble is getting too personal here.
    i stop.

  16. … because water collects in the air as moisture and when it gets big enough to be called a "drop" it does.

  17. reread it … awed yet again

  18. hmmmmm. so this after that.only if and when?

  19. also are we having some sort of poetry comp here , i write one and u leave another in my comment box. lets be non poetic and see where it leads us.
    ps; so this one was written for an orphan droplet??? thinking. me saying -wat my father goes.,it was not mentioned was it now ?

  20. update regularly na holey getting bored to death. paleye baras na,thik somoy thik mey khunje pabi.
      i m hoping this comment pisses u off. feeling real wicked today. heeeee heeeee heeee hw hwww hwwww haaaa hooo .

  21. ohh this is not a rabbit, its a donkey from the winnie the pooh family.
    the rabbit is coming soon..even i don\’t know

  22. the droplet found herself…what about the trail she left behind?? pieces of her…and those pieces tht got lost in the ocean… did she really become whole??…. or did she just try to save what was left of her???
    beautiful poem….

  23. Dude,where's my space?

    Whoaaaa..*clap clap* thats amazing!

  24. 😀

  25. Thank you thank you. You are gifted to write wonderful things as above. I am gifted to leave comments that make people wonder… what IS it with this chap 😛

  26. i was on your space for a long time never actually left… maybe thts why you saw me on your stats but no comments… cuz when i left i did leave one behind… and then i saw your comments on my space…. and thts the reason…;)
    the droplet is indeed lucky to have tht sailor…. if we all found one on the ship it would be nice…sighhhhhhh

  27. reminds me of one thing… LIFE!

    our own lives…

  28. hi there…
    oh my… wat a great poem.. you actually brought a droplet to life for me…. hoe do u do it… you just give a new perspective to everything..
    as for ur comment on my blog… don\’t worry i wasn\’t thinking of u as an agony aunt or  peter preacher… infact its sumthng i have always thought… but i have also realised that it isn\’t possible…
    we can delude ourselves into believing that we love widout expectations… but it never is so… love and heartbreaks go hand in hand… evn the most unselfish love has a teeny weeny hope that it\’ll be returned in sum measure… dats an expectation too…
    take care

  29. lol.. oh yeah..:p
    ummm i read ur poem.. lol this lookd like those v read in da books hehe .. acha hai:)

  30. wen one is too engrossed in the annals of a droplets one tends to drown in it , beware.
    habu -dabu khacho na to thakur .?

  31. yup, totally the studies. coming down to the end here, crunch time with projects and what not and at least one test a week. ill be back, eventually 😉
    i came here just to stop by and say hi, but i cant help but get sucked in by your writing *sigh* not that there\’s anything wrong with that but you know, just addicted i guess 😉
    loves and canadian hugs,

  32. for me, nothing has ever had a meaning. i love to be in the confusion i live in. Atleast i\’m alone in  that. makes me feel special. ha ha!
    check out my peter pan fan. now who can ever get bored with pple like these around?

  33. Arcopol Chaudhuri

    Hey I\’m back from Kolkata. Had loochi-torkari at Kharagpur station too! And then there were the meals every time at everyhousehold. Of course, when you visit after 4 years, every meal is a grand invitation to some relative or the other.:)Lovely poem, by the way!Cheers!

  34. DeGrinningGranny

    ohh..honestly speakin..this is one of those extremely rare poems that i actually understud at one go..n i luved it! its beautiful..i dunno if m wrong or right..but this "droplet" seems to remind u of yrself..mayb ebody felt the same..i did! dunno..but a luvly poem..
    i guess this goes as my 3rd fav entry in my treasure box if u allow that is :o)

  35. eeeeh whats up doc???
    its the bunny fever….yayyyyyyyyyyyy i got myself a bunch of loony tunes and they wont leave me….actually i wont let them go…..
    and thats all folks….
    happy happy happy…..
    raindrops are falling on my head…tra la la

  36. oops i didn uncderstand a thing…im too occupied with my dooooooooooooogggggggggggg……..wwwwwwwweeeeeeelllllllllllllllllll   ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh        im crazy as ever

  37. it s so strange how most of us look at kites and think how to make it  soar or just be sad  that it might fall ,or worse still empathize on itz transactional abode. maybe the kite sees or knows somthing that we dont ,afterall the lite is higher up than we are and can grasp more perceptual area than we on the ground.
    but then man by nature must comment to prove ignorance , as i do here.

  38. those who are afraid/hate adieus often hide behind close doors ,lest someone bid them goodbye.
    that way they can safely say they never did bid adieu.

  39. awww geeez…….how beautiful is this poem??? The droplets geting their due……am sure some of em r belling u for recognising their multi-faceted use…..and existance……
    its amazing though isnt it Horus,,,,,tht we shed them same drops for joy and pain? Tht fact gets me every time……its fabulous!!
    Wonderful wordplay…..

  40. Hi and thanks for dropping by,
    If you live life with such awareness that this poem conveys ,Theres always hope for relations.That was incredible insight and senstivity and a beautiful mind.

  41. Ha Ha ha ha ha !!!! Ami shob shomaye posto bete rakhi! have u tried making potol posto, shim posto and bhindi posto???? I have! YUUUUMMMMMM!!!!
    BTW- Annals…… brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful ! Still haven\’t gone thru everything u\’ve written but am looking forward to doing the same. about hey! hold it! we just won this contest…. 4 nites and 4 days on this star cruise ship.. all expenses paid! Gawd!!!! Kinda still reeling. got to know a few hours back. so the poem…. We always said… koto jon year long supply of maggi, ariel paye… amra keno kono contest jitina?? The BOSS has surprised us!!!! Khuuuuub excited tai eto likhchi…
    anyways mate
    u take care
    have fun with the posto.

  42. Speechless at how beautifully you express. The water cycle…in the most lyrical form. The allegory to life is also amazing. Almost like its waiting to be discovered underground to gush up in a well and refresh us with meaning!!get me?Love,
    Do visit my blog too!

  43. woah! u hv a way with words..i\’m intrigued,very intrigued..u did write this rite??…
    P.S i\’m from mumbai… 

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