An Ode To… “what I love”


Rising snake,

Pony’s tail’

Lion’s mane!


Shines and softness

Glows and darkness

Mystic and the greater enigma it veils

While arrested and while it bounces out

It mesmerizes, captivates and drowses – no doubt.


Clouds and shadows

Aroma and whispers

Dreams, joy, resolve, anger, mischief and love

Inspirations and the emotions it encases

It intoxicates, seduces and enslaves – as it embraces.


Wet n divine

Dry to be merry

Wet n intimate

Dry to get a mystery

Manes and tresses

It always possesses

I try to break free from the lure

Only to get entangled more




15 responses to “An Ode To… “what I love”

  1. great sunset pic horusbtw have u seen the new fevicol ad..the one with the rajasthan setting!!its awesome!


  2. Whoa..!Words flow easily with u dnt they?:DNo i most definately wasnt talking abt u,y wud I?I liked wat u wrote abt ppl ot leaving comments in personals diaries!very nice!…wat in the world made u think i was referring to u as wel!? of course we dnt stop living..but such ppl sure make life difficult to live in! btw by \’few\’ I meant 1!:)hmm…someones getting entangled in tresses and manes:DDD*wonders*:PTake care :Ddimpled smile!


  3. nooo thats old the one with the mother and child..little child running off, each time his mother tries to make him sit next to her…its got an amazing background check it out!


  4. lovely one yaar but seriously i\’ve seen so many of u ppl writing such good poems then y don u tryin publishin \’em?? waise is this written by u?? :p


  5. sweet shitt!…oy me back in the scene…went away for a a sweet ass tattoo too lol…anyways happy new year !….shallow be they game…love peace empathysandy


  6. what a hairy one I say..but nice…made me smilecheersz


  7. hmmmmm and more hmmmm this is one time i think i shall also limit my comment…why does the poem give me goosebumps tho??…nice poem…gets into the blood like an aphrodisiac….remembers…afternoons, nights…fireplaces…entwined….leave the shoes out….come in….;)


  8. i hate civilization!!…lol…hmm yes a past maybe even a present was triggered…hmmmrooms…i need open rooms with big open windows and big doors that lead to the wild open and freedom….goping to sleep now…gnite horus …. queen moi has just left your abode…;)


  9. humm…. beautiful words there ! somehow reminded me of ode to my family by cranberries…err… even though they not related… umm… just the title maybe… ok forget it ! but liked the verses….


  10. you retirement home does sound nice…mine would be a log cabin in the alpines..but sigh i know thts not possible unless i make a million soon..dont see tht happening anywhere…sheeeeeeesh….anyways i plan to retire when im hmmm 60?? there is hope yet…wht do you do by the way in bglore??…or is tht too specific for metaphoric you??…;)


  11. once a friend of mine while admiring my hair went through it with his fingers, they got stuck between the curls and it took a short while before we could get his fingers out!we laughed hard after that.that\’s just one incident that came about with a connection to hair.\\|/


  12. Beautiful hairy rhyme… brought me smiles. sadly my hair so plain that no fingers can ever get entangled in them…lol!So Horus moon is melting and bubbles are glowing and Delhi has given way to Banglore….so many changes!cheers for entangled momentsmane & tresses ( nice one really!)icy


  13. hi…yea u r the 1st one to wish there.. thnx…now a days i dont login to spaces much as busy wid some work.. but i do chk ur n nidhi\’s space regularly….but some problem for comments in ur space… alws some error in retriving…i don know how it came 2day..liked "unpacking memories…." a lot, it touched my heart deeply.. and yeah requesting santa was also nice thought..hey how u shifted frm bubbles to melting…..!!!hairy ode gud to smile….


  14. Hi… i don\’t know how i came here.. but i like your space, especially the rain photos:) the city i live in, we have endless rain during all winter!!!!i\’ll come often to read if you don\’t mind!!!greetings from Turkey…


  15. i\’m prety sure if uv written this tht..ur definitely a fan of \’the romantic age\’ – shelley,keats,byron,coleridge…simply amazin..wel i am gonna keep myself updated on ur space..damn ur an did u come this close to perfectin the art of playing with words??


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