A Mess Called India


Even since AAP came into existence and especially after it’s historic win and meteoric rise to power, I have been listening people and their aspirations. As if they have voted in power some Messiahs who will do magic and turn India into US or London, while they keep on with their usual life; “Usual Life” – with all its mess and madness. We still remain the same; same uncivil, intolerant, insensitive near barbarians who let others rule us. Yet we are not ready to accept that the mess we are in is not become of politicians, Babu’s or police – as they are also part of the same society that we have made. To put in short – will AAP coming to power make us not break the queue? Will the AAP government stop us from crossing the road on foot from wherever we want and not using the over-bridge or underpass? Will AK come down and see that all cars are not driving with “High Beams” and breakings lanes in the madness of going ahead of everyone? Will AAP ministers see that we care for elders and women in busses and metros by giving them our seat? I have serious doubt.

We will keep doing all the things wrong with the “excuse” that everyone does it. We will complain that the roads are dirty; but won’t think that it is dirty not because someone failed to clean it, but because someone dirtied it in the first place. We will keep throwing our extra food in the waste bin, and complain that so many people go hungry every day.  We will keep killing the female foetuses and glorify the male child, and then cry hoarse that our society – law and police are insensitive to females. For every law mad to help us or get us a better life, we will try to first find a loophole in it to bypass or exploit it.

All these because, we have degraded as a society. We have lost our sense of dignity and morale. We have lost the sense of right and wrong. If something we see others doing, we get encouraged in doing the same, irrespective of our own senses telling us that it is wrong to do so. If something does not affect us directly, we will always turn away saying that not my responsibility. If we find something affecting us is wrong we will always put the blame on “someone else”.

One AK or even a AAP can’t change anything, unless we start accepting our own faults. The goal needs to be accepting our faults, analyze where we have done wrong and then change it. But for now at least we can start by owning our own faults. We need to remember  – “you cannot change anyone else but yourself”. So to change this society, country and life we live, we need to change ourselves. These changes in us will help motivate our kids to change themselves. And it is our only hope for a better future for all of us. Till then we can only vote – hope and denounce governments after governments.

16 responses to “A Mess Called India

  1. hello kindred soul! I though i was the only one who is absolutely **** at these suited booted gutka spitting things (forget about worse specimens).


  2. these creatures made me stop wearing saris (my all time favorite dress)


    • Stopped wearing Saris’s for them??? how?


      • well, ami sari porte sanghatik bhalobashi, and bangali hisabe tumi nishchoi jaano je sab somoye eta kheyal rakha sambhab noy je tomar sari matite thekchhe kina, now, protyek din office theke phire ese ami ekta sari kachte parina, photur hoye jetam. aar tumi jodi ajkalkar kolkatate rastay hanto tahale bujhte parbe, ei ajkei amader ultodike ekta biye aachhe, sekhankar janaiky briddhya bangali babu, amader gate theke du pa dure danriye spitting cobrar moto thutu phele jachchhilen- sorry aami shuchibayugrasta noi kintu ghrinabodh aachhe! what would have i done with the sari (suspicious case for sure) after returning from office every day? keep it hanging from some rope at a place where its lower portion wont touch anybody while walking around the house? quite tough game, so i started wearing salwar suits totally.

        People of Kolkata are really dirty now! really! yucky!


  3. not fully back, are you?


    • just going through a bad spell of writers block I guess !


    • Hmmmm.. you have a point there.. unless you have an option of not walking – it is difficult ! On the lighter side… you could only wash the lower 4 inch of the sari ! 😉


      • sekhaneo problem aacche, ami bhayankar roga, so i used to wear only cotton or taant sari, and after starching them, now, you can guess ami jodi neecher 4 inches dhue otake porer din porar cheshta kori 🙂

        thanks for the laughter!

        oh yeah, amader ultodike biyebari noy paitebari chhilo, sakal sat-tar somoy sanai bajachchhilo are poune chhatar somoy jal saite giyechhilo bole aami bhebechhilam je biyebari. 🙂

        tomaro nishchoy paite hoyechhe, sakal bela chaan korte jete hoy paiter somoyeo? eta aami jantamna. asale kayasthakanya, brahmaner der byapare oto expert noi.


  4. Hmmm.. kichhuta kore starch nijeo kheye newa koro.. then onno sario porte parbe !

    Brahmon sontan ebong barite nityo puja hoy.. so obviously poite achhe.. sokale chan korte jabar goppota thik mone porchhe na.. se pray 3 doshok agekar Benaraser goppo.. but gaye holud-er por chan hoy ar nera hobarporeo arek prostho chan hoy eta mone ache !


  5. amra dujanei bharatiya hoyeo, bharatke bhalobesheo satti katha bolte bhoy paina, sei jonnei bodh hoy bandhutta ta tikechhe.

    amra khabar dustbin e phelbo kintu jodi dekhi je keu nijer udbritta khabar rastar khudharto kukurke khaoachhe sange sange amader gaye agun dhore jabe.

    bharatiyara sahebder nokol kore prakashye prem na kare oder kachh theke charity sikhte pare. bharatiyader nijeder swarthaparata ar parashreekatarata ke door korte hobe, manush habar age. taar songe hypocrisy takeo- jetake amra bangalira antlami boli. mukhe ek kaaje ek!


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