Druks : Friday Fictioneers 24 April 2015

PHOTO PROMPT – © Douglas M. MacIlroy

PHOTO PROMPT – © Douglas M. MacIlroy

“Sire, Moriyan invaders have already breached southern border, we need the Druks fast”, pleaded the worried general.

King Gyalpo has his eyes fixed at the series of buildings standing in the snow covered valley. In his usual calm voice he asks, “How much longer Magister?”

“Not much O-Savior! We are waiting for the dawn” confirms his magister.

The red-golden rays of the spring new-moon day move swiftly across the snow and touch the buildings one by one. The domes crack, breaking down the egg shells the new generation of Druks spring to life.

Now the Moriyan invaders have to face the wrath of the Druk Yul’s thunder dragons.


Bhutan – our neighbor is one of only a few countries which have been independent throughout their history, never conquered, occupied, or governed by an outside power. They are also known as Druk Yul  – “Land of Druk”, and in native language Dzongkha – Druk is “Thunder Dragon” their protectors.

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39 responses to “Druks : Friday Fictioneers 24 April 2015

  1. Sounds like the start of a fantasy epic.
    Good piece.

  2. I like the idea that these things are eggs with the Druks inside. Nice story!

  3. This is great, especially that bit about Bhutan. Nice way to incorporate the facts into the fiction.

  4. Great fantasy piece made even better with the knowledge you shared about Bhutan. Yes they do look like dragon eggs.

  5. Wonderful! There could be a bigger story here.

  6. That was really interesting. I love the explanation at the end.

  7. Good stuff and a little anthropology lesson thrown in too.

  8. Never knew all that about Bhutan. Enjoyed reading this.

  9. Great story! Thank you for the backgound on Bhutan and their legendary thunder dragons. This is the wonderful thing anout Friday Fictioneers: I always learn something 😀

  10. Wow! So much mythology packed into such a small space. Well done.

  11. Nice way to incorporate the myth in the story. Works well.

  12. Nice job weaving a fantasy take into an actual historical piece.

  13. Francesca Smith

    Great opening for a story and very imaginative too!

  14. Such an exotic feeling to this. Fascinating background information, too.

  15. Excellent- the piece reads like an exciting fantasy story, the historical tie in was fascinating too.

  16. I admire people who can create new, exotic worlds.

  17. Excellent piece Horus. I liked the idea of those domes cracking up like eggs. Wondering what will happen next. 🙂

  18. I so love this. The eggs of the thunder dragons, what a great take on the prompt.

  19. The red-golden rays of the spring new-moon day moves swiftly across the snow and touches the buildings one by one.
    Incorrect plural form on the verbs, I believe?
    Very correct story though, 😀

    Feel free to discard this comment after correction or in any case
    and a great day on top of the world to you, Tay.

  20. Dear Horus, I don’t think I’ve ever seen dragon eggs. Creepy and they probably can cook themselves. Great story! Really good! Nan

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