Spring Mushrooms : Friday Fictioneers 6 march 2015

PHOTO PROMPT – © Erin Leary

PHOTO PROMPT – © Erin Leary

The pinewood beyond the fences or her village home was the place she loved most; it was a place she could find herself back, no matter how tough the day was.

The winter snow thaws to wet
The bed of cones and needles of pine;
A mushroom joins the family.

Every year she sees a new mushroom added as winter makes way for spring.

But for her, spring is yet to come, as she waits for the trial to get over, and see the four animals punished; animals that raped and left her brutally devastated by the roadside to die.


This week, I thought a lot to write something sweet, fairy or sci-fi, but the recent uproar since last two days on the Delhi rape accused interview, I couldn’t shake off the thought – why those four barbarians are still alive, while the innocent girl’s soul still waits for justice.

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30 responses to “Spring Mushrooms : Friday Fictioneers 6 march 2015

  1. Man, everywhere in this prompt is rape, murder and suicide. I am amazed at how dark this image is for all of us.


  2. I totally understand. That story has stuck with me for days.


  3. Dear JHC,

    A dark tale, fitting for the prompt and the growth of mushrooms. Well done.




  4. Powerfully done.


  5. I was thinking the same. Once India was a faraway land full of promising adventures. Lately full of horror stories. What a tragic way to paint an entire nation. Very powerful story, glad you penned it.


  6. I can but echo the comments that were written before mine. Thanks for reminding us.



  7. Well done. Stories like yours need to be told to remind people that all is not right with this world.


  8. another grim story,


  9. Dear Horus,

    We both went for the jugular this week. Well done.




  10. Powerful story to match the horror of that girl’s fate.


  11. Thank you for speaking out for that poor girl. We need more outrage!


  12. A dark sad tale. Hopefully with punishment the girl can again experience Spring.


  13. I see the BBC film India’s Daughter has raised eyebrows in India. Hopefully there’ll be more reaction than that. There are enough good people living there.


  14. I have to say mushrooms never led me to think about how often young women are victimized, but the stories are heartfelt and intense. This was another great addition to this week’s fold. I have a 17 year old daughter and it is always in my mind especially when she leaves the high school after dark following football, basketball or another school event.


  15. I’m not sure I see the world the same as other people, because mushrooms seem to bring out so many sad stories, and I see them as fascinating living beings… but never mind, excellent story, sad. They need to be told.


  16. Another very dark tale from this week’s prompt! Nicely done.


  17. Powerful story. I hope they get their due. It’s such a horrific thing to think about.


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