Data Specialist : Friday Fictioneers 30 JANUARY 2015

PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright Ted Strutz

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright Ted Strutz

“So you are the guy who got transferred last week!”
“That’s right ma’am. I am your Data Specialist”
“So how do you like our small town?”
“Well, it’s quite rustic”
“Not very used to clean air and open meadows- are you?”
“It’s not that – I like it outside. It’s just my food and supply”
“What’s with them?”
“Well the electricity smells of diesel fume, and my data stream tastes quite tangy”
“Well we don’t have the fancy nuke or solar – have to rely on old Dizzy; and the Tamarind orchards are everywhere around; so they get into all the data we collect here!”


Sorry for being a bit late this week – crazy work ! This is for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Madam Rochelle !

The rest of the fictioneer works are at the Froggy link below !

9 responses to “Data Specialist : Friday Fictioneers 30 JANUARY 2015

  1. You’re not late. Nice take on the prompt.


  2. Interesting take on the prompt. Is it the plug that’s speaking? Alicia


  3. Diesel-smelling electricity and tangy-tasting data.  A bit synesthetic; interesting, to say the least. 🙂

    You weren’t late, by the way.  The objective’s to do it by Friday, and this was posted Thursday, according to WordPress.


  4. A humanoid! I like it. A nice contrast between the natural old world of fields, fruit trees and clean air, and the electronic reality of the humanoid. I’m intrigued as to how the two are co-existing, assuming the other speaker isn’t a humanoid. Fascinating.


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