Leave Her Alone : Friday Fictioneers 26 December 2014

Copyright -Björn Rudberg

Copyright -Björn Rudberg

“So this is how it’s gonna look?”
“That is, if we leave now”
“You mean the “now” that’s 2 centuries ago”
“It’s the minimum that’s going to take her to heal”
“And there are no other alternatives than wandering in space?”
“I showed you the alternative”
“You mean that burning pit of hell we left 2 minutes back?”
“That’s another possible reality, its depends which one we choose”
“Let’s go back and tell rest of them”
“I knew you will see logic once I showed you the realities”
“Better for a few thousands left to become space nomads than being extinct from the rock we all call Earth”


Written for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle !

For rest of the Fictioneers visit the froggy link below !

16 responses to “Leave Her Alone : Friday Fictioneers 26 December 2014

  1. That’s a narrow road for just a few.. symbolism goes deep this week.


  2. Awesome on and superbly creative:)


  3. Interesting spin on the prompt, Horus.

    If I might mention this, a quick proofread would improve it. Fix things like this missing comma: “That is, if we leave now.” Perhaps change “that’s” to “it’s” in the fourth line for readability. Add an “s” to “alternative” in the fifth line.

    Sorry if I sound particular today. I liked your story and would love to see it polished to a brilliant shine.

    Keep writing, Horus. I’ll be reading.

    Have a beautiful holiday season and new year.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail


  4. Eerily possible. (Shutter)


  5. Dear Horus,

    An outside of the box take on the prompt, oft repeated, never heeded. We stumble onward and upward (or downward). Depends on which way we’re pointed. Well done.




  6. Alternatives and realities 😦 Slim choices.


  7. Choose well, Grasshopper.
    A very interesting and entertaining take on the prompt, Horus.


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