Root Cause : Friday Fictioneers 19 December 2014

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

“I thought I was hacking into Taliban network – but they were alien.”
“And they have hacked the world?”
“Yup – the entire network – computers and mobile. Using them to send hidden brainwaves”
“That’s turning us into savages”
“And that’s the reason behind all the terrorism and massacres?”
“Doesn’t that make sense? They have turned us against ourselves”
“And you have no proof!”
“All of them lost – even mentions of them in the forums all over the net”

In the meantime the alien super-bug systematically moves around the globe – deleting all reference to aliens and brainwaves, pointing the discussions to Justin Bieber Forums.


100 word flash fiction written for the “Friday Fictioneers” challenge managed by “Rochelle Wisoff-Fields“. For rest of the fellow fictioneer’s stories use the froggy link below.

25 responses to “Root Cause : Friday Fictioneers 19 December 2014

  1. Dear Horus,

    The bugs don’t scare me nearly as much as the Justin Bieber forums. Creepy!




  2. Dear Horace,

    I always wondered what was really in charge of auto-correct.

    Well done story. Now excuse me while I find my foil hat.




  3. Hah – a great idea from the prompt! (V. minor – but could you swap one of the forums at the end of the last line for another word? It’s a great last line, but that duplication made a bit of a clunk when I read it.)


  4. I think there is a grand plan to send us into Justin Bieber lethargy and maybe even jihad on his behalf


  5. Justin Bieber … ugh! Good idea for the prompt – nicely done.


  6. Clever and entertaining.
    AnElephant enjoys.


  7. OMG…it was so serious and then.,…badump dump! lol


  8. Ah, if only there were an alien race to blame for the mess we have created. Good take on the prompt, Horus.
    All my best,
    Marie Gail


  9. The Justin Bieber forums are the worst! Randy


  10. Oh, my, thanks for making me laugh!!!! Well done!


  11. Directing our links to Bieber forums… I think I prefer the aliens that just eat us, or burst through our chests.
    A terrifying (and enjoyable) tale 🙂


  12. Of course it’s all the fault of aliens. We couldn’t possibly just be savages by nature, could we? Clever story.


  13. Lovely. I see they got into the Sony Corp systems. Who is


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