Home Sweet Home : Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright-Björn Rudberg

“So far away, are you sure you want the same old one?”
“Yup, it’s too much of work to put up the interior again. ”
“But, why on this steep slope?”
“The hill will keep away prying eyes from earth.”
“We are alone here – so why the roads?”
“So that our kids can name it on us.”
“Isn’t it supposed to go up from the road level?”
“I thought, it’s you who love upside down cakes!”

Without further argument, Buzz lowers the box on the ledge and presses the remote button. Their three-storied cliff house comes up on the hill-side of Kepler-186f.


Written for “Friday Fictioneer’s Weekly Challenge” hosted by Rochelle !

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32 responses to “Home Sweet Home : Friday Fictioneers

  1. Imagine that – a house at the push of the button. Very imaginative story.


  2. Dear Indrajit,

    Would that house building were so simple. 😉 Nicely done.




  3. Yes indeed – why not .. you could add that it’s better to enter directly to the room with a view.


  4. Dear Indrajit,

    That’s how it’s going to be done here soon. You can’t stop progress. Well told.




  5. Great idea. Well done.


  6. Love that last line! Well done.


  7. Sure I could talk my husband into moving if it was this easy!


  8. Do let me have the name of your architect.


  9. Imaginative and funny, well done!


  10. I want one of those remotessssssssssssssss


  11. Sounds like we had the same idea for a title. I swear I didn’t steal it. 🙂 Nice story. If only it were that easy, as others have said.


  12. Indrajit, Creative and imaginative story. How great to just set it up like a tent, only easier. Sounds like it comes furnished as well. Well written. 🙂 —Susan


  13. “Are you sure you want the same old one?” followed by “It’s too much work to put up the interior again.” add some excellent intrigue to this story before the final line. Interesting take on the prompt, Horus.



  14. Makes me think . . . Well played!


  15. Slides back up the hill, huh? How cool is that?


  16. great imaginative tale 🙂 well done


  17. Dear Horus, Once again, you did a wonderful job with the prompt. You have a great imagination! Nan 🙂


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