First Fire : Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Renee Heath

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Renee Heath


“Did he say how to light?”

“You are the witch, you should know”

“But I tried and tried; even waved my fingers like the wicked witch of the west.”

“Maybe you are trying too hard”

“May be you are right.” Lizzy closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and blew on the candle.

“You did it! You are now a fully capable Witch!”

“Let’s try it again.” Lizzy clapped, grinning ear to ear.

As the kids practiced, downstairs Mrs. Windwhisper was tying a bandage around her husband’s thumb.

“Was it absolutely essential? Flipping the fire-coin through the roof to light your daughter’s  first candle?”


This 100 word Flash Fiction written for Friday Fictioneers challenge dated 2 May 2014. It’s a weekly challenge organized by Rochelle Wisoff.

Initially I thought of posting a poem. But it was written quite sometime back – and a bit longer than 100 word – if you wish you may read it here

You can see the other Fictioneer’s take from the froggy link below –

32 responses to “First Fire : Friday Fictioneers

  1. That’s cute. 🙂 What a good dad.


  2. What a lovely ending, every witch needs a Dad like that 🙂


  3. Ah.. how nice.. giving a daughter the proper wikkah cred.


  4. That’s a happy ending, what a good dad or wizard or whatever the father of a witch is called.
    Well done


  5. A lovely story, what a great dad.


  6. Hah – great story. I think you might have an extra ‘with’ in here: ‘clapped with grinning’


  7. Horus, What a nice close family of witches. 🙂 Well done and humorous. XD



  8. So sweet..!! 🙂


  9. That was fun, Horus. But I can give you two extra words, as “maybe” is one word. 🙂



  10. Gosh! Everyone else has pretty much said it all! Thanks.


  11. Cute story; I love witches! But they must cause typos, here’s a few more:

    “even waved my fingers like (the) wicked witch of the west”
    “downstairs Mrs. Windwhisper was tying (a) bandage around his (her) husband’s thumb.”

    No charge for these!


  12. Dear Indrajit,

    Every father should want his child to succeed. 😉 I loved this one’s determination. Nice one.




  13. Oh, I love this! I suspected her ‘blow’ hadn’t been as effective as hoped. Great job! So far my favorite for the week.


  14. cute one Indrajit. 🙂


  15. What a sweet ending! I love it!:)


  16. 16 day break!!!!! were you on election duty?


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