Victory : Friday Fictioneers – 11 April 2014


copyright – DLovering


Something is churning inside Miguel’s stomach. He is not sure if it is tension or hunger. He looks up at his baby sister in papi’s arms. Even she it seems is holding back her tears. Papi has not gone to work for nearly a month now, like most others in small town of Novelda. Yet they have all gathered in the town square for the only thing that gives them hope.

Will they – only time can tell; only a few minutes more.

“Gooooooooaaaal” – the tv commentator’s voice ruptured the entire crowd in the town square. Spain is world cup winner!


Spain won the world cup in July 2010 against the backdrop of growing economical and political unrest in most of it’s provinces, and football was definitely one thing that keeps them together.

100 word Flash Fiction written for Friday Fictioneers challenge dated 11 April 2014. It’s a weekly challenge organized by Rochelle Wisoff.

You can see the other Fictioneer’s take from the froggy link below –

27 responses to “Victory : Friday Fictioneers – 11 April 2014

  1. Oh yes – living in Tenerife I have heard that shout many times!


  2. I guess that’s something for the unemployed. Amazing how the spirit can stay alive in all sorts of adverse circumstances. Well pictured.


  3. Oh yes, I’ve lived in Spain – how I recognise that enthusiasm. ‘only time can tell’ – typo.


  4. Nice distraction from the hardships of life. Well done, especially with backdrop of Spain winning the real game in 2010.


  5. Sport–opiate of the masses. I am, however, a sport-lover myself. Well-done with the contrast between their reality and the fantasy that is a reality.

    A couple of typos if you want to clean them up: “Miguels stomach” needs an apostrophe (pesky things!!) and then right after that: “He is not sure if it was” should be “if it is.” 🙂



  6. Dear Indrajit,

    You led me in one direction and took me to an unexpected ending that made me smile.




  7. I like the happy ending 🙂


  8. Only joy that remains.. If just that hope could be used to form a new future.


  9. i was thinking that the story is grim… thanks for the cute ending!


  10. Hope can be found in so many places and is all the more powerful when it is collective. Now if only Ireland could win the World Cup .. but we didn’t qualify. Maybe next time!


    • yeah – that “Hope” talking.. in football we are way below there.. but I guess its cricket for us – and though we messed up with the recent T20 world-cup final – I guess Srilanka needed it more than us ! 🙂


  11. Good story with a sad beginning but a happy ending. I hope their father Well done.


  12. Good story – sad but true to life! Nan 🙂


  13. Nice twist in the tale at the end.


  14. Things that give us hope in dire times !An interesting take with a nice end Indrajit:-)


  15. NIce show of desparation being overcome by simple joy


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